What Super Smash Bros. Character Should You Play With Based On Your MBTI®

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has over 70 characters in its roster, making picking a main very difficult. Going to that select screen for the first time can be overwhelming, as there are so many characters with very different play styles. With so many characters, though, there is a playstyle for just about everyone.

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Finding one that's a great fit is nearly impossible, so we've got a helpful guide. After all, everyone is different, so it only makes sense that people would gravitate to other characters. Depending on your personality and Myers-Briggs type, we've got the perfect Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter for you.


ESTPs are people that love to live in the moment and have a lot of energy. That makes them a great fit for Joker, the newest fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. With Joker being so new, it's a great fit for people trying to game.

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They get the newest experience and get to actively learn how to play the character best. With Joker's changing forms thanks to Arsene, it can make it all the more exciting to play him for ESTPs. Joker's quick moves and sequential attacks make it easy to be spontaneous while fighting, as that character has a lot of options.


ISTJs are people who look at life through an organized lens. They see a way to succeed and they achieve it through the most logical means. This is why Snake from Metal Gear Solid would be an excellent character for them. With so many projectiles, Snake can easily give players control of a stage.

If someone is off the ledge, then it's easy to know how to respond with the remote missile. If a character is using the ground, then toss down a remote explosive to punish them for moving around. Snake works best with people who can plan ahead, which makes him a great fit for ISTJs.


ESFPs love life and enjoy working with others. They can be flexible problem solvers and change their methods on the fly to fit their new environments. If there's any Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter that works with this personality, it's Pokemon Trainer.

This character has three different fighters at his disposal, each with their own usefulness in battle. ESFPs could easily look at a match and decide when to swap out their characters depending on the situation. The thrill of learning three separate characters would also be a welcome addition for them and keep the game exciting each time they play.


There is a lot of connection between the Ice Climbers, Nana and Popo. It's that sort of meaning in a simple video game character that would make them appealing to INFJs. The Ice Climbers require a commitment to certain attacks while playing it safe. If one of the two climbers is knocked off the screen, then players are at an immediate disadvantage.

It's important to know what your options are when playing these characters and learning how to counter those that could potentially give Ice Climbers a hard time. Know a clear strategy in battle and execute it—that's how to play the Ice Climbers.


Life is full of possibilities, and there are so many opportunities in this world. At least, that's how ENFPs tend to view it. With this optimistic focus on life and spontaneous attitude, Kirby would be an excellent fighter to play.

Kirby's gimmick is that he can take an ability from any other fighter in the game. ENFPs would love to have a constantly changing character depending on who they're fighting. With a focus on improvisation, ENFPs would be the type of people who would make Kirby a viable character. As we all know, Kirby could use a boost in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


Responsibility, organization, and calmness. Those are the things that ISFJs stand for, and that personality is reflected in Isabelle. Isabelle was a secretary in Animal Crossing and joined the fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Isabelle herself is organized and seems often skittish when it comes to the battle, but she makes do regardless and does quite a good job.

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She also appeals to emotions by having those adorably pained expressions when she gets hit. ISFJs love organization and harmony. Because Isabelle is the only character who represents that in the Super Smash Bros franchise, she is the optimal pick for those types of people.


Changing things up constantly and being unpredictable are the things that reflect an ENTP. These go-getters like to constantly be on the move and march to the beat of their own drums. That means Pac-Man would be a great character choice for them.

With a host of different projectiles, a moving side special attack, and a fire hydrant that you can launch, Pac-Man is just as hard to predict as an ENTP. With the right amount of skill, Pac-Man can constantly mix up the battle and keep opponents on their toes the entire match. Good Pac-Man players determine the rules of the battle and keep them that way.


INTJs are great at coming up with ideas and implementing them well. They recognize patterns and see things in the big picture. Those people would do well using Simon (or Richter) in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Simon is a character who focuses on projectiles. Good players can even combo the projectiles together, which would be a great focus for an INTJ personality.

Simon players must also come up with new ideas if a fighter gets in close so they don't get juggled off the stage, which is something else that is well-suited to INTJs. Because those people only ask the best of themselves, they would be dangerous Simon players.


Cut out the fluff, look at the facts, and develop a plan of attack. That's what an ENTJ personality is like. There is no better fighter pick for them than Bowser. Bowser is fast and hits hard in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He has no gimmicks or special tricks up his sleeve. He's just a big fighter who deals a lot of damage.

ENTJs are also down to be natural leaders, which is reflected in Bowser's status as King of the Koopas. Assertive people work well with a character like Bowser, and that makes this Super Mario villain a great fit for ENTJs.


Do you sit in the sidelines until a crisis occurs? Do you know when an opportunity comes? Do you act when those opportunities happen? If so, you might be an ISTP. These types of people see an opening before they strike, which is exactly how to play the character Greninja.

This Pokemon doesn't hit hard, but its fast movements and high jump make it easy to punish opponents when they leave themselves open. Greninja also uses a counter that can easily punish opponents for being much too aggressive. Greninja is a character who counters mistakes, which is exactly why it'd be a great fit for ISTPs.

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