Super Smash Bros Will Be Playable At New York Nintendo Store During E3

If you're in New York City or planning to take a trip there, it could be worth going during the week of E3. Nintendo announced that its E3 presentation will be streamed at Nintendo NY, the famed store in Manhattan dedicated to Nintendo products. Arguably the primary reason why it's worth attending is that guests will have a chance to play the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Switch, as well as Mario Tennis Aces.

According to the schedule, on June 12th, Nintendo will stream its presentation live at 12pm EST. At 5pm, attendees at Nintendo NY will have a chance to play Super Smash Bros. Fans can begin lining up at 9am that day. After that, each remaining day from June 13th-15th, Super Smash Bros. (as well as Tennis) will be available to play. For the remaining three days, Smash Bros. will be available right when the store opens, at 9am. Nintendo says that fans can line up starting at 7am those days. The schedule doesn't say otherwise, so presumably Smash Bros. will run all day those three days. Of course, there will most likely be multitudes of people, especially during the first day. It should be a packed week for the store.

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This is substantial for fans living in/near the NYC area. Super Smash Bros. will be going on at E3 in Los Angeles, with an invitational tournament being a center focus. Now, players able to make it to Nintendo NY will have a chance to try the game out for themselves, rather than just watch the gameplay from a computer or smartphone screen. Although fans have already been able to demo Mario Tennis Aces, having the game at the store adds a unique opportunity. In the online demo, you are only able to battle others online. If the game at the store has local multiplayer, fans can play together in person for the first time with the game.

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Not much has been revealed about Nintendo's E3 presentation. Of course, Super Smash Bros. is enough to be excited. It's been said by Nintendo that it will only discuss games coming out this year, so we should theoretically at least be hearing about Yoshi and Fire Emblem for Switch. There is also the supposed leak from 4chan, showing that some third-party games, notable ones being Dragon Ball FighterZ and Fortnite, will be announced. We will know for sure on Tuesday. Smash Bros. will certainly be the highlight, and now players not attending E3 will have a chance to see how the gameplay compares to the previous games in the series.


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