Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 10 Characters They Need, 10 They Should Cut, And 10 That Would Be Too Crazy

The hype leading up to a new Super Smash Bros. game is unlike anything else in gaming. Super Smash Bros. brings together multiple fanbases from many different series. Many of the wishes, speculations, and rumors regarding an upcoming Smash game is what characters will be featured as playable fighters. To have a playable character means some serious representation for the character and sometimes, for the entire franchise they come from. These often come in the form of special attacks, items from the same series, stages, music, and many more references that make fans jump for joy and pride for their favorite characters.

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed at E3 2018, it came with the major announcement that every fighter that has ever been playable will be in the roster. As of right now, the game has a whopping 67 unique fighters (excluding the six echo, or clone, fighters.) However, series Director Masahiro Sakurai has stated that this may be the only opportunity he has in accomplishing something like this. This means that in future Smash games, there will undoubtedly be characters that will be cut from the roster.

Additionally, with how popular of a multiplayer series Super Smash Bros. is, many fans can dream about their favorite characters appearing, even if they may have very little to no chance of making it.

With all that said, let’s dive in and check out what characters are realistically likely to be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, what fighters should be cut in the future, and what dream characters would be really cool to envision as a playable fighter even if they likely won’t ever appear in a Smash Bros. game.

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30 Need: Geno Makes A Comeback!

via gamebanana.com

It is looking more clear that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is catering most of its new character additions based off of high demand. Ridley, and the very recently announced Chrom, Dark Samus, and King K. Rool were among highly requested characters.

If this trend continues, the next likely character would be Geno from Super Mario RPG

Geno is a very popular and memorable character from the Square Enix-developed Super Mario RPG on the Super Nintendo. He has been a very highly requested character since Brawl and Masahiro Sakurai himself even stated his interest in wanting him playable.

29 Cut: Jigglypuff Will Sing It's Last Song

via vizzed.com

It is pretty hard to imagine any of the characters in the original Super Smash Bros. go, but if there is one, Jigglypuff would undoubtedly be the one to go. This is due to the lack of significance the Pokémon currently has in the series nowadays. Back when Super Smash Bros. was new, Jigglypuff was a common reoccurring character in the animated series and was one of the main Pokémon used to promote Pokémon Red and Blue.

Today, it hasn't shown up in an anime episode in years, and it isn't even one of the main first generation Pokémon used to promote the series. Other than becoming a fairy type, Jigglypuff and it's evolutionary family have largely been ignored.

28 Crazy Idea: Crash Bandicoot Crashes His Way In?

via: dontfeedthegamers.com

Out of all of the characters in this list of crazy character ideas, Crash is the only one who actually could end up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With the Crash Bandicoot Insane Trilogy release on Switch, gaming's classic marsupial has been receiving a lot of support for an appearance in Smash.

If Ultimate supports DLC, then this could very well happen.

It would be one of those internet breaking announcements if a former PlayStation exclusive character joins Smash. It would be pretty savage that Super Smash Bros. featured more classic and iconic PlayStation characters (Snake, Cloud, Crash if he is in) than Sony's very own crossover fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

27 Need: Shadow The Hedgehog Warps Into Battle!

via: light-rock.deviantart.com

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate officially acknowledged "clone characters" as Echo Fighters, it opened a door for many characters who otherwise may not have much of a chance. While Shadow certainly could have his own moveset, there isn't much justification to spend development time to build a new character out of him. Thus, being an echo of Sonic would make the most sense.

Additionally, there are some things we currently know about Ultimate that might hint at Shadow's inclusion.

Knuckles is now the Assist Trophy from the Sonic series, meaning Shadow will likely not appear in that form. Shadow could be the latest character to go from Assist Trophy to playable, following Little Mac and Dark Samus.

26 Cut: Corrin's Chosen Path Will End

via destructoid.com

One of the major complaints of the Super Smash Bros. roster is the lack of variety in it's Fire Emblem representatives. Every single character uses a sword in some capacity. Sure, Robin is more of a mage user, but it's disappointing that there aren't any lance, axe, or even mounted characters playable in Super Smash Bros.

Fire Emblem needs more weapon variety in the selection of its characters.

Yes, Corrin may change into part dragon for many of his/her moves, but the reason I believe he/she is more likely to be cut compared to someone like Ike is because of Corrin's likeness within his/her own series. Now that Fates isn't new anymore, I can see Corrin receiving the axe.

25 Crazy Idea: Banjo And Kazooie Returning To Nintendo?

via: youtube.com

Banjo and Kazooie are two of the most iconic characters from the Nintendo 64 days with two excellent platformers, Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. However, ever since the development studio behind those games, Rare, got bought out by Microsoft, the series hasn't come close to those great days.

Phil Spencer, the EVP of Gaming at Microsoft tweeted that he is totally open to having Banjo and Kazooie in Super Smash Bros.

However, with Microsoft being competitors to Nintendo (albeit, rather friendly competitors nowadays) I would imagine that this could be difficult to pull off. If it were to happen, a lot of nostalgic happy moments will be felt by Nintendo fans.

24 Need: Elma Lands Into Smash!

via Pinterest

The timing of Xenoblade Chronicles X's release along with the positive reception it got leaves Elma as one of the most likely additions to the Smash roster.

Elma would also be a very unique character as her main arsenal consists of dual blades and dual guns. She also could utilize one of the coolest things in Xenoblade Chronicles X, flying mechs called Skells, potentially as her Final Smash.

23 Cut: Dr. Mario Hangs Up The Stethoscope

via nintendolife.com

When thinking about what characters could get cut in future Super Smash Bros. games, the "clone" characters, would likely be the first among to go. Surprisingly enough, Dr. Mario isn't considered an echo fighter, he does appear to have a few new moves in Ultimate.

With that being said, that doesn't change the aesthetics of Dr. Mario's character, he is simply Mario with doctor equipment. Also, Dr. Mario represents a really niche spinoff series in the Super Mario universe, whereas all the other Mario characters, save Rosalina, and Daisy, are reoccurring characters in the main games.

22 Crazy Idea: An Anime Character In Smash? That Is Crazy

via pinterest.com

In what is one of the more unusually popular requests, many people have wished for Goku from the Dragon Ball series. Goku has made many video game appearances, most notably the recent fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ.

However, because of Dragon Ball's origins as a manga and anime, Goku chances in any Smash Bros. are literally impossible.

Sakurai has stated that the characters that he chooses to be in Smash have to have originated as a video game series. As cool as it would be to go Super Saiyan in Smash Bros. (you could do something similar with Sonic anyways) the demand for his inclusion needs to end, it will never happen.

21 Need: Spring Man Springs Into Action!


ARMS is a unique fighting game that involves fighters with long stretchy arms, throwing punches at each other. Many of these ARMS have different effects in fights and could be well implemented in Spring Man's moveset.

With that said, it is a very new series that is only a year old, even the creator of the series doesn't think it should happen right away. However, if Smash Ultimate offers DLC, Spring Man could receive a lot of support and be included post-release.

20 Cut: Pichu Knocks Itself Out

via shoryuken.com

There is a real nostalgic joy in having characters return for the first time in a very long time, as is the case with Pichu, who is returning in Ultimate for the first time since Melee. But for Smash games after Ultimate? I doubt we will see Pichu stay around for long. Pichu is basically a more offensive-minded version of Pikachu, but because of the similarities to its evolution, I can see it getting cut for more diverse Pokémon (or any character for that matter) in the future.

19 Crazy Idea: Nintendo Labo-What?

via polygon.com

A few months ago Australian Youtuber, Javed L. Sterritt created a concept of how Nintendo Labo could be represented with a playable character in Super Smash Bros. This concept ended up going viral and it is dubbed as Nintendo LaboMan. The concept video features a carboard-made humanoid figure carrying a Switch Joy-Con and includes a special attack moveset that actually would make quite a bit of sense for a Smash character.

Super Smash Bros. has historically included a character straight out of left field in almost every game. Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., and Duck Hunt, are all good examples of crazy retro characters that found their way as playable characters.

18 Need: Bandana Waddle-Dee At Your Service!

via teepublic.com

With the Waddle-Dee characters having a perfect attendance record in the Kirby series, I think it's time that the 4th commonly reoccurring character in the series to get some love.

Bandana Waddle-Dee has appeared as a major ally to Kirby for multiple games including Kirby Return to Dream Land, Triple Deluxe, and recently Star Allies.

His use of a spear could make for a unique move-set, additionally, the structure of Smash gameplay comes from the Kirby series so it wouldn't be hard to develop. Finally, what makes this character a realistic possibility is his profile description in Star Allies that strongly suggests he has received a special invitation of some kind.

17 Cut: Roy Seals Himself Away

via polygon.com

Roy was originally a clone of Marth in Melee, and while he had some really nice adjustments in Smash for Wii U/3DS, he still has a similar playstyle to Marth. Furthermore, like Corrin, Roy was originally included for the purpose of promoting an upcoming game.

Theoretically, Roy could be in an upcoming Smash game in the future.

If the Fire Emblem Echoes series, a sub-series of classic games remade to modern standards, were to feature a remake of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Roy could become relevant once again. Even if he does get cut, Roy is still our boy.

16 Crazy Idea: Sora Bringing The Keyblade To Smash?

Via khwiki.com

Many believed that if Square Enix were to ever get a character represented in Smash, that Sora from Kingdom Hearts might be that character. However, to many a surprise, Cloud became their rep. That didn't stop a lot of people from supporting the idea.

What makes Sora such a crazy idea is look who owns the character, Disney, not Square Enix (they just developed the games.) If Disney wouldn't allow Kingdom Hearts characters into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, there is even less likely of a chance they would be allowing representation in Smash.

15 Need: Decidueye Flies Through The Shadows!


The Pokémon series has always had a new fighter with each new Super Smash Bros. game. That likely won't change as Decidueye is a rather popular request. While Sakurai may not change the newcomer list much after it has been planned, he did acknowledge giving an exception to the Pokémon series. Greninja was added to the Smash for Wii U/3DS roster despite its debut coming only a year before Smash's release.

Decidueye could use a lot of archery based grass/ghost type moves that would make it a skilled range fighter. With how fast Pokémon introduces a new generation, it would be a shame if Ultimate misses out on one of the coolest starter Pokémon.

14 Cut: Dark Pit Flies Away

via nintendonewsfix.com

Dark Pit is confirmed to be an echo fighter of Pit, so the roster wouldn't miss out on much with him being removed. Also, there is no guarantee that there will be another Kid Icarus game anytime soon. If Sakurai is too busy with the Super Smash Bros. series, including future games, then I doubt he will find the time to develop a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising. Furthermore, Dark Pit is just a mirror of Pit, but with an attitude, even within the Kid Icarus universe, you can find more unique character possibilities like Medusa, Viridi, or even Hades.

13 Crazy Idea: Master Chief VS Samus Aran?

Via: bulletreaper117.deviantart.com

Mario can face off against Sonic, Link can battle Cloud, but what about Samus? It's pretty clear that during the early 2000s, there was a bit of a rivalry among fans between the Metroid franchise and the Halo franchise. Both series had multiple releases at the time and were incredible games, fans have argued which is the better series, even though they are completely different from each other.

Of course, much like Banjo and Kazooie, Master Chief is owned by a competing company, so it would be a difficult inclusion to ever pull off, it certainly would create shock waves throughout the industry. With that said, Master Chief did appear as Minecraft DLC on Switch so maybe it isn't all that impossible to dream about?

12 Need: Rex & Pyra Drives Into Battle!

via youtube.com (-Captain Frezhor-)

Rex & Pyra has the potential of being one of the most unique fighters in Smash Bros. bringing their Driver and Blade mechanic from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Drivers (Rex) are the fighters, while Blades (Pyra) stand in the distance supporting the driver. Rex could either switch to a different Blade, changing up his moveset and fighting style, or Pyra could change into Mythra in a pinch giving Rex more power in his attacks.

Rex & Pyra are in a similar situation as Spring Man. Having debut in 2017, but the commercial success and popularity leaves them as very likely DLC characters.

11 Cut: Lucina's Future Is Bleak

via shoryuken.com

Everything that was said about Corrin and Roy, can be said even further, for Lucina. Lucina is a true echo fighter of Marth. 99% of her character is exactly the same as Marth, the only difference is that one includes more power at the tip of the blade, while the other doesn't receive any bonus sweet spots.

Among all of the playable fighters, Lucina has the greatest chance of being cut in the future.

Fire Emblem Awakening already has the representation in the form of Robin, which makes Lucina's chances of staying around even slimmer.

10 Crazy Idea: The Ghost Of Sparta Would Be Too Crazy To Think About

via comicbook.com

While I mentioned one of the main mascots of the Xbox brand earlier, I think it would be fair to include one of the main mascots of the current Playstation brand, Kratos from God of War. His entire series has been about bashing enemies left and right and would have a powerfully brutal move-set.

Seeing Kratos in Smash could be a valuable learning opportunity for his boy too.

I bet it would lead to interesting matchups with characters like Bayonetta. Of course, this is all just a crazy unrealistic scenario that obviously has no chance of happening, but it's fun to think about every now and then.

9 Need: Isaac Joins The Party!

via deviantart.com/nibroc-rock

From the critically acclaimed Game Boy Advance classic, Golden Sun, Isaac has been one of the most requested characters since Super Smash Bros. Brawl. which he eventually made his appearance as an assist trophy. Oddly enough Isaac mysteriously disappeared in Smash for Wii U/3DS, not even appearing as a trophy or anything.

With Isaac's playable appearance in Smash Bros. perhaps the sun can rise again after a lengthy stretch of darkness.

Isaac may wield a sword, but in Golden Sun, he rarely uses it. Most of his attacks come in the form of earth-based Psynergy.

8 Cut: Young Link Won't Stay Young Forever

via zeldadungeon.net

Among all of the returning characters for Ultimate, Young Link may be the craziest comeback as he was basically replaced by Toon Link in Brawl. Now there are three Links in the playable roster. I can't see that holding up for very long, especially if the move-sets of all three are relatively similar.

Toon Link at least has the advantage of having a lot more personality than Young Link, and the cartoon styled Zelda games can bring about more potential for an updated move-set. The only way I could see Young Link staying after Ultimate is if they make a new move-set for him that is heavily based off of Majora's Mask.

7 Crazy Idea: Lara Croft Raids The Battle

via: gamerheadlines.com

One of gaming's classic female characters would be nice for Super Smash Bros. She could join alongside Snake as the only characters of a realistic design. Her adventures could help provide a quick and elusive move-set. Perhaps a hand-to-hand fighting style, but with a variety of equipment kind of like Link. Nevertheless, Lara Croft is still to this day one of the most popular names in gaming, but it's too bad the Tomb Raider series hasn't made much of a name on Nintendo systems lately.

6 Need: Shantae Is Ret-To-Go!

via pinterest.com

The Nintendo Switch has seen very good support from indie developers, and most indie games sell better on the Switch than any other system.

With the August Super Smash Bros. Direct, A significant moment happened where Yacht Club Games' iconic indie mascot Shovel Knight appeared as an Assist Trophy.

There could be more indie representative, among the plethora of indie characters, WayForward's Shantae can match Shovel Knight in terms of popularity. Her move-set potential can feature hair whips, dancing, and transforming into many different animals. 

5 Cut: Daisy Will Be One And Done

via distructoid.com

It seems a little unfair to call out a character to be removed later on if she hasn't even officially made her debut yet, but as an echo fighter, I can see Daisy having her moments of fame in this game and then we won't see her reappear again. Much like Waluigi, Daisy has been appearing as a filler character in spinoff games. With that said, it's cool to see her, but in the grand scope of Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo characters, don't expect her to stick around.

4 Crazy Idea: Crono From Chrono Trigger

Via: theflyingturnip.com

Another classic character from the good ol' Squaresoft days. Even to this day you have many fans still saying that Chrono Trigger is one of the best games ever made. It was one of the most iconic games ever on the SNES, and later ported on the Nintendo DS. Crono would utilize his skills with his katana for most of his move-set and could use Luminaire as his Final Smash.

Of course, Square would have to care about Crono in the first place, and with new Square Enix developed RPGs like Octopath Traveler, they may continue to turn a blind eye if they ever did get another character rep alongside Cloud.

3 Need: Rayman Winds Up!

via nintendoenthusiast.com

Ubisoft has been one of Nintendo's best 3rd party partners over the last few years. They have found a way to make an impression in the Nintendo market by crossing over their franchises with Nintendo's as seen in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Starlink: Battle for Atlas (where Fox McCloud will appear.)

Additionally, Rayman has found himself already recognized in Super Smash Bros. as a basic trophy. Why not go the extra mile and make him Ubisoft's playable representative? He is one of their most iconic characters and fits that Nintendo persona quite well.

2 Cut: Falco Leaves Fox, Again

via CNET.com

This one was a little tough to pick, but if there was another cut after all the previously mentioned ones, Falco might be it. His move-set, for the most part, has remained very similar to Fox.

Even Wolf has a more distinct move-set than Falco.

Also, Falco isn't the type of guy who likes to be overshadowed by someone else. I'm pretty sure at some point, he is going to get bored playing second fiddle to Fox, just like he did in the Star Fox series before Star Fox Adventures.

1 Crazy Idea: KOS-MOS Is Reawakened Again

via polycount.com

Monolith has had a crazy track record of great RPGs, back when they were with Squaresoft, they created Xenogears, then Xenosaga with Namco, and recently Xenoblade with Nintendo. Despite Xenosaga being a PlayStation RPG series with each of its three games, Monolith has brought a lot of love for KOS-MOS onto the Nintendo platforms. She appeared in both of the DS's Project X Zone games, and recently was a cameo blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

With KOS-MOS's arsenal, she would be one of the coolest characters to appear in Super Smash Bros. However, she may be too obscure of a Namco character to receive any serious consideration.

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