Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 10 Custom Game Modes To Play With Friends

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a ton of fun on its own, but as everyone knows, it's best played with friends.

There are all sorts of ways to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with friends. The game is built as a mainly multiplayer game, so the offerings to play with multiple people are plentiful.

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Today, we're going to be taking a look at ten different ways that you can play Ultimate with friends that aren't just the usual versus mode matches. There's lots of different ways to play, so let's get right on into it.

10 Smashdown

Smashdown is a fun side mode to play with friends. The mode has you playing through battles with the entire roster, and each time a character is played, it's eliminated. The player with the most wins in the end is the victor.

You can play with a high-level CPU to keep things interesting as well. While you can play any character that you choose, it adds to the excitement if you choose to make everyone choose the random option for each battle.

9 Sudden Death

As the most unnecessary game mode in all of Smash Ultimate, we have Sudden Death mode. Sudden Death puts every character at 300%, and pretty much one hit can take everyone out, so act quickly.

It's a pretty barebones mode, sure, but a little bit later we're going to go over a way to make things a bit more interesting. But, the regular mode is a fun way to get some quick matches in as a bit of a cooldown (or, perhaps, a heat-up?).

8 Squad Strike

Squad Strike is one of the best new additions to Smash Ultimate. The game mode allows you to play a 3 or 5 stock game against your opponent, with each stock being different characters of your choosing.

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This was something that was very needed, as the closest that we ever got to this in previous games was Smash Tour, so things are really looking up. This is a super fun mode that allows for a bit more variety than the usual Smash mode games, making it a good choice to play with friends.

7 Custom Stages

Custom stages are a fun way to add a little spice to your usual Smash Ultimate games. Most of them are complete and utter garbage, yes, but some of them can be cute.

Custom stages just help to break up the monotony of the regular batch of stages somewhat. You know, custom stages are really needed because there are so few to choose from in the base game. It would be nice if there were something like, over 100 instead of the 12 that we ended up with.

6 Tourneys

Tourneys are another way to spice things up a bit for your Smash games with friends. They're a fun way to throw everyone into a game, especially if you have more than the usual eight people that are allowed in one game.

Even if you don't have that many friends (who does?), you can still play a tourney to make things a little bit more interesting than the normal Smash mode. Maybe make it a drinking game or something, it certainly fits.

5 Mob Smash

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there are a few different variants of Mob Smash that you can try out. There's Century Smash, in which you can watch Captain Falcon kick a small sentient creature that looks like you and your family in the face.

There's All-Star Smash, in which Captain Falcon can similarly face-kick Princess Daisy of Sarasaland. And finally, there's Cruel Smash, in which a small sentient creature that looks like your neighbor that came over a year ago who you haven't seen since will kick Captain Falcon in the face before he even gets a chance. All of these modes can be played with a friend, take your pick.

4 Online

Of course, you can also play online with friends. In online co-op, you and your friend will take on another duo in the hopes of coming out on top. This can usually depend on if your preferred method of rules is chosen.

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If it isn't, and you're a filthy casual, you're going to have a rough go of it with no items or stage hazards. Either way, grab a friend and a Nintendo Switch Online voucher, and best of luck!

3 World Of Light

World of Light is meant to be played as a purely solo adventure, but why do things the way that the developers intended for? While World of Light doesn't come built-in with any sort of co-op mechanic, you can very easily pass the controller back and forth to play through it together.

The controller can be traded every turn, every time someone loses, or however else it might seem fun to play.

2 Classic Mode

Of course, another great way to play Ultimate with friends is clearing a Classic run together. The game actually sorts completed characters through solo and duo runs, meaning that there are two sets of completions to finish here.

Classic Mode also presents every single competitor with two or more teammates, so it really ups the ante. This is a stand-by, sure, but it's always a fun way to play with friends.

1 Sudden Death Showdown

Alright, follow me here. This is two-player only. You pick Sudden Death mode, and each player chooses a character that you will be representing. Then, you each get three of the same character as computers with the same or varying levels to compete with you. Start the game, whoever loses must forfeit one of their characters, and the winner will now have five players, while the loser has three.

Repeat this process until one winner comes out on top. This custom little mode can take either take five minutes or hours, so be prepared to be there all night. The best way to play this is with Peach and Daisy. If Daisy wins, you get the pleasure of hearing all eight of them scream in the final match once you've taken the win. It's truly one of the most manic things that you'll ever experience in your entire life.

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