25 Most Powerful Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Attacks (And 5 That Are Totally Useless)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has quickly become one of the most commonly played games on Nintendo Switch. It has become the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game, selling millions within just a couple weeks. This has become the mainstream title on the system, a game that nearly every dedicated Switch player will have. As a result, many gamers will have experienced this wonderful game, learning so much about the game’s many characters.

A game with over 70 characters, there is a lot to take in on this competitive, yet also casually fun experience. A game like this is very difficult to maintain a good sense of balance. At some point you’re going to come across characters with moves that are very powerful. On the other hand, there are a few moves from certain characters that you struggle to find an effective use for.

Here we will go over some of the most powerful attacks in the game, moves that will be considered amazing for building up damage and for finishing off an opponent. Each entry will focus on a different character; otherwise we would have half the move-set from the strongest power hitters in the game. Additionally, we will give a look at a few moves that are just about pointless, moves that you should probably stay away from if you play as that character. So sit back, relax and let’s get ready to take a look at some of the moves coming from just a fraction of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s character roster.

30 Powerful: FALCON PUNCH!

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Admit it; at some point in time, if you played as Captain Falcon, you wanted to end a match by landing one of these beauties. It is one of the most satisfying moves to land in Super Smash Bros. history. Falcon Punch has remained as a fantastic move that has transcended into many memes. To this day, it still is one of the strongest launching attacks from any character. Falcon Punch can often knock out an opponent as low as the 70% range for the average weighted fighter.

29 Powerful: Flare Blitz Is Super Effective

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Charizard’s Flare Blitz attack is one of the strongest attacks in the game, but just like in its source games, it can also be a risky move. Every time Charizard uses it, it takes a decent amount of recoil damage. It is so powerful, and has such a great reach, that it is well worth the setback. It is best used when Charizard already has high damage, making the risk a pointless problem. What is really fun is if you have a match with friends all playing as Charizard and only using Flare Blitz, you’ll be seeing K.O.s by the second!

28 Useless: Can’t Attack In The Air Mac

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Little Mac is a character whose stats are a bit on the extreme on both ends. He is fantastic when he is on his feet, packing a ton of power and speed into his moves. His major drawback is that he isn’t a very good jumper, and his aerial moves are awful. Most of his attacks will do minimal damage and will have just about no launching power. It is best to play Little Mac on a flat stage that won’t require a lot of jumping.

27 Powerful: Mac Has That K.O. Punch, Though

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While he is very weak in the air, Little Mac is one of the best fighters when staying on land. He also has a special attack that will activate after Little Mac deals and takes a certain amount of damage. This is essentially an extra Final Smash for Little Mac. That attack is a powerful uppercut referencing the Star Punch he can use in Punch Out! games. This attack is strong enough to deliver a knockout blow at low percentages.

26 Powerful: Incineroar Is Out For Revenge!

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One of the new inclusions, Incineroar is a starter Pokémon evolution from Pokémon Sun and Moon. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it acts as a wrestling fighter. One of his special moves is Revenge. It acts as a counter to where if Incineroar gets attacked, he will block it and his next move will become twice as strong. With Revenge, Incineroar’s Smash attacks could do more than 40% damage. This makes Incineroar a major threat in multiplayer battles. It will be able to clean up crowds easily with buffed up Smash attacks.

25 Powerful: Piranha Plant Can Deal A Lot Of Damage

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Released into the fray a few months back, Piranha Plant is one of the most unusual character additions in Super Smash Bros. history. Its side special is a poison breath attack that can be charged. The poison breath can do up to 50% damage if you get caught in the middle of it. Additionally, its down special, Long Stem Strike is a strong move that is capable of knocking out opponents. What makes it deadly is the reach it has. The move can reach any upward angle longer than even the Belmont’s smash attack.

24 Useless: No Point In Firing Bayonetta’s Bullets

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Bayonetta can fire bullets from her magic guns after every attack she does if the button is held. While this is an accurate touch from the Bayonetta games, it serves no real purpose outside of stealing K.O.s in timed battles. Firing her bullets after every attack only disrupts your own combo, something that Bayonetta excels at in Smash Bros. The bullets do not cause any flinching just small amounts of damage. Additionally, it leaves her wide open for a counter attack, and with a character as light as Bayonetta, the risk is not worth dealing a few extra percent damage.

23 Powerful: Ness’ PK Flash

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Ness has one of the strongest special attacks available in his PK Flash move. PK Flash is a PSI attack where Ness focuses energy into a green light and bursts when the player lets go of the button. It is a very slow moving attack, but if it lands at full charge, it can often KO any opponent. This is an amazing move for Ness in crowded battles. it can clear out an entire crowd of fighters if it is fully charged.

22 Powerful: A Classic Ranged Attack Still One Of The Best

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Samus’ charged shot was one of the strongest moves in the original Super Smash Bros. and it is still one of the best in Ultimate. Her charged shot is the classic charging ranged attack that many characters like Mewtwo and Lucario have based their respective moves off of. While it has weakened a little bit over the games, it still packs a punch and can be used effectively against a recovering opponent. At fully charged it can do up to 28% damage and can K.O. as low as at 70%.

21 Powerful: Corrin Using The Dragonstone

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Unlike any of the other Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Corrin has the ability to transform into a dragon. Most of Corrin’s attacks transforms some parts of the body into a dragon. When using the down throw or counter (down special) moves, the whole body will fully transform and will slam into the ground. Either way, the attack is relatively the same, and both can K.O. opponents. Because of this, Corrin has one of the strongest down throws and counters among any character.

20 Powerful: Shulk’s Back Slash

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Always watch your back when Shulk is around. As the name implies, his back slash attack is more powerful whenever the attack hits an opponent when they are facing the other way. Depending on the Monado Arts Shulk is using, back slash can deal more than 30% (Buster Arts) or K.O. in the low 70s (Smash Arts.) It can also cover quite a bit of space as well. Mastering back slash is one of the most important techniques for anyone looking to main Shulk.

19 Powerful: Bowser’s Drop Kick Is Crazy Strong

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Bowser is one of the strongest characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He has a lot of weight and loves to throw it around. Among his strong attacks is his forward smash, which was altered in the Wii U game. Bowser does an insane drop kick that can cover a bit of space in front of him. If it lands, it can deal a bit of damage and launch opponents very far. It is one of the strongest smash attacks any character will have.

18 Useless: Mega Man’s Leaf Shield

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Mega Man has a few moves that don’t help much. His Leaf Shield in particular is especially worthless in most situations. The Leaf Shield serves as a shield to block projectiles, but it doesn’t last long until he throws the Leaf Shield at an opponent, which does minimal damage. This move would have been much better if he could have it while doing other attacks. He can’t use any other attack while deploying the shield. Considering the slowdown you’ll have, you’re just better off using your regular shield or dodging.

17 Powerful: Dark Pit’s Shockingly Strong Weapon

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While Pit is a quicker, all around more balanced character, Dark Pit has a bit more power to boast. One move in particular is commonly used by many who play as him, his Electroshock Arm weapon. Pit’s Upperdash Arm sends opponents upwards, but Dark Pit’s side special will send fighters horizontally, making it easier to K.O. opponents away from the center. It covers a decent bit of range, and it can also deflect projectiles at an angle. Overall it serves as a great finishing move for Dark Pit.

16 Powerful: Mii Gunner Has A Strong Shot

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While each of the Mii characters main appeal is to play in costumes as characters who didn’t make it in the roster, they can actually hold up well as solid fighters. The Mii Gunner in particular has a few really strong moves that can catch unfamiliar players by surprise. Its forward smash attack is the best example for this. Mii Gunner’s forward smash is a rapid firing attack followed by a strong blast. This blast has enough to be a reliable finishing move for it. Additionally, the rapid firing shots can reach and bring in multiple fighters at once.

15 Powerful: TIMBERRR!

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The Villager from Animal Crossing has one of the more amusing move-sets among all the Super Smash Bros. fighters. But one of his moves is very dangerous if you aren’t careful. After planting a sprout and watering it, the tree that springs up is the most dangerous asset of the Villager. Additionally, once it is chopped down twice on one side, the tree will then take a fall, and anyone who is under the tree is going to have a big problem unless they could reflect it, but then Villager could just pocket it and it would become even stronger! A scary thought for sure.

14 Powerful: Diddy Kong’s Final Smash Is Too Easy

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In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, final smashes have changed to be more direct and to the point instead of having the player control for 30 seconds. A few characters now have stronger, more stable attacks. Diddy Kong in particular has gotten a major boost with his final smash.

When he uses his final smash, he jet-packs all around the stage hitting every fighter, then at the end he will hone in on one fighter and deliver a knockout blow. Even with the smash meter on (weaker final smashes,) it is strong enough to K.O. someone at a low percentage, with no skill required.

13 Useless: White Pikmin Doesn’t Help Olimar Much

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Captain Olimar (and his alternate, Alph) rely on his Pikmin for most of his moves. Each of the five different color Pikmin have different stats and abilities, Red does damage, Yellow has more reach, Blue can take more damage, and Purple can launch farther. But the White Pikmin doesn’t do Olimar that much good. In the Pikmin games, White Pikmin were fast and can resist poison. But in Smash Ultimate, these Pikmin can attack rapidly if they are latched on a character, but they’re very weak. They don’t cause a lot of damage, and they have very little launch power.

12 Powerful: Lucas Is Our Shining Star

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Lucas shares a lot of similarities to Ness, but with a few moves that are unique or different from each other. Lucas’ most powerful move is arguably the most powerful up smash in the game. Lucas’ up smash can potentially K.O. opponents as low as 54% when it is fully charged.

Lucas’ up smash has a long hit sequence and a wide hit box. Anyone who is close to Lucas for a few seconds is going to get hit and they will feel it. This is clearly one of the most dangerous moves from any character.

11 Powerful: Ike’s Ragnell Is Devastatingly Strong

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Not much has changed with Ike since his inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His Sword, the Ragnell is very powerful and the reason why he is one of the strongest fighters in the game. His forward and upward smash attacks are some of the best among any fighter.

Not only are they strong and can K.O. at early percentages, but they both have a wide range as well. One can only wonder how Ike is able to swing such a giant sword like that with only one hand.

10 Powerful: King Dedede’s Hammer Is A Shield Breaker

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King Dedede is all big and powerful as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Much like Ike, King Dedede has moves that pack a punch, but also have great range. His forward smash is his best move as King Dedede winds up his hammer for a giant vertical swing. The thing about this attack is that there are two hits from it. The first from the hammer and the second is from the impact on the ground. This makes it possible to completely break someone’s shield just from one attack.

9 Powerful: Roy’s Flare Blade At Full Charge

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As is in previous Super Smash Bros. games, Roy’s Flare Blade at its best is pretty much the strongest attack in all of Super Smash Bros. At full charge it will deal 50% of damage, but more importantly it has enough knock-back power to K.O. any opponent even at 0%. It will also deal 10% recoil damage to Roy when used at full power, but that is a small price to pay if you can land it. In Ultimate, Roy also has the ability to change directions when charging, making it a bit easier to try and land a blow.

8 Powerful: Cloud’s Extra Attack At Limit Break

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While Cloud’s triple slash forward smash is ridiculously powerful, that is not his strongest attack. His strongest attack is accessible when he has achieved Limit Break and can use the new down special, Finishing Touch. This attack has enough power to K.O. some fighters as low as 20%.

However, it only deals 1% damage so it won’t do much good to someone who is at 0%. The move is slightly weaker if used in the air, but with Cloud attacking both sides, it is best to try and position yourself between multiple fighters and knock them all away.

7 Powerful: Marth And Lucina’s Final Smash Is Still Broken

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Much like with what was mentioned about Diddy Kong earlier, Marth and Lucina’s final smash, the Critical Hit, didn’t get watered down with the smash meter at all. These final smashes are still practically one-hit-knockouts unless you are at 0%. Also, with the added presentation value to final smash attacks, the moment someone activates it the camera will slow and zoom in on the user, making it a little bit more difficult to dodge. You’ll have to anticipate your opponent's move in advance if you want to dodge it.

6 Powerful: Snake’s C4 Is For Real

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Those who were used to Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl would be pleasantly surprised to see how much he has improved with Ultimate’s engine. Snake has received buffs in almost every category, particularly his down special which has him planting C4 on the surface. The C4 explosives are very strong and can easily take out unsuspecting fighters.

What’s awesome is if you combo it with his down throw. You can place it right on someone after snake lays them down, then activate it whenever you want while it is attached to them.

5 Powerful: Donkey Kong’s Good Ole Fashion Giant Punch

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If Super Smash Bros. could be summed up in just one attack, Donkey Kong’s iconic Giant Punch attack is probably it. Giant Punch has been Donkey Kong’s strongest move since the original Super Smash Bros. That remains the same here in Ultimate.

Winding up his massive arm to send an opponent flying is iconic among fighters. This move is the close range version of Samus’ Charge Shot, dealing 28% damage fully charged and capable of knocking opponents out at 70%.

4 Powerful: Ganondorf Got A Major Improvement For One Move

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Ganondorf has been the strongest character overall in Super Smash Bros. ever since Melee. Many of his attacks like the Warlock Punch have been among the strongest ever. He also finally uses his sword as part of his move-set in his smash attacks. But the one move that truly improved is his up tilt attack. In the past, this attack would have a very long wind up before he strikes. Now, his attack only takes about a second, same time as the Warlock Punch, and it is just as strong. At least now this attack is actually useful.

3 Powerful: Don’t Underestimate The Belmonts’ Axe Throw

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Both Simon and Richter are pretty popular choices among newcomers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Both of these characters feature ranged attacks as their special moves, and with the whips dealing most damage at its tip, it is best to fight at a medium range. The special attacks help in creating distance, but one in particular is very powerful. The neutral special, the axe throw, is a strong attack that has a rainbow arcing trajectory, perfect for going after recovering opponents as well as characters who are moving above the Belmonts.

2 Powerful: Bowser Jr’s Drill Is Painful

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Bowser Jr’s forward smash attack is one of the more dangerous attacks of its kind. The Koopa Clown car takes out two drills and drills down anyone who is in the way. It has five smaller strikes followed by a sixth that is very powerful and capable of knocking out opponents easily. The additional attacks make this smash attack longer lasting, making it easier to get caught up in it. It can do a lot of damage to fighters shielding and could potentially break shields. This is no doubt Bowser Jr’s most dangerous attack.

1 Useless: Peach/Daisy Blossom

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Peach and Daisy’s final smash attacks could help give them a chance to either heal or get a free charged smash attack in, but it is also very easy to dodge. Their final smash has very limited range, and can be dodged by jumping away. Not only that, but if it is dodged, the opposing character can take advantage of the peaches or daisies that land on the stage. These items can heal great amount of damage, so if you don’t put your opponents to sleep with the move, it may go against you.

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