Every Character In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Officially Ranked

There are 74 selectable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is one of the largest rosters in gaming, period. In fact, this may be the largest roster in a non-anime or licensed fighting game ever. This is a massive love letter to not only everything Nintendo, but everything video game. Naturally, the logical option would be to rank every single Spirit and Character together, but such a feat would take a lifetime. Fortunately for you, we’ve decided to simply rank all 74 characters in a succinct, easy to digest list. In a game with so many characters, it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly your main falls.

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So what makes a character high tier? Honestly, just how well they do in competitive play. This is just as much due to how the character is built as it is due to the person playing said character. Naturally, since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for only a few days now, this tier list absolutely will change with time. That said, maybe you can be the one to raise a low tier character to high tier. Or maybe you can drag a high tier to the lowest depths. Either way, it’s going to take time so get yourself buckled up for a long list ready to change at any given moment.

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74 Pichu

via shoryuken.com

It perhaps goes without saying, but a character who notoriously ranked last in Melee was never going to make much of a recovery three games later. Pichu is a fast and small target, but the mere fact that they damage themselves with their own attacks puts Pichu at an enormous disadvantage. That alone resigns the rat to a cycle of perpetual obscurity and insufferability.

73 Duck Hunt

Via: IGN

By all accounts, Duck Hunt is a character who should be good. With a personal arsenal of items, Duck Hunt can effectively weaponize multiple items at once in order to create a considerable amount of space. Unfortunately, Duck Hunt’s shockingly low speed makes it difficult to actually do any considerable amount of damage with Duck Hunt’s items, let alone survive long enough to do well.

72 Robin

via Know Your Meme

On paper, Robin is quite the overwhelming character to face off against. They hit fast, they can hit hard, and they have one of the more creative kits in the game. If nothing else, Robin is incredibly fun to play. Fun to play doesn’t equate to viable play, however, and a lack of reliable combo opportunities keep Robin from reaching their full potential. A fine character in theory, but held back by some unfortunate mechanics.

71 Little Mac

via youtube (Omega Tyrant)

In the hands of a competent player, Little Mac is an absolute beast on the battlefield. He hits hard, he hits fast, and his K.O. meter is basically a free Stock waiting to happen at any given moment. That said, even competence isn’t enough to make up for Little Mac’s inherent failings. Despite his high power and speed, his air game is the worst in the entire game. Once Little Mac is knocked off the stage, he isn’t coming back anytime soon.

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70 Pac-Man

via: smashbros.com

Although most of Pac-Man’s changes from the previous game do work to make him an overall better character, the other fighters simply pull harder and faster punches with better aerials all around. Pac-Man, while buffed, isn’t really worth the trouble. He’s a fun character to play as, but the sheer amount of effort required to use him anywhere near viably is perhaps too much for the average player.

69 Kirby

via nintendowire.com

Kirby is over fifty characters in one and maybe that in itself is why Kirby is never truly viable in competitive play. While he’s arguably better than he’s ever been- with a move set that really makes good use of his identity- Kirby is still basically stuck needing to abuse the powers of his opponents to fight on even grounds. As a result, Kirby is literally the definition of “more effort than is worth.”

68 Ridley

Via: GameTyrant

At first glance, Ridley is truly overwhelming. His Down B does an insane amount of damage, his Neutral B covers the stage in fire, and his Side B drags opponents across the stage in order to launch them off. Ridley can be punished, though, and easily at that. With some practice, it’s not too difficult to juggle Ridley and keep him pushed back. His incredibly high strength is still an issue, but that’s nothing smart play can’t get around.

67 Lucas

Via: kaiser-money.deviantart.com

When it comes down to it, Lucas is just a worse Ness. Granted, this doesn’t mean Lucas can’t be useful in his own right, but his floaty nature means you’ll be working quite hard to make up for his shortcomings. Are you noticing a pattern here? The more effort you need to put into a character- not to make them good, but to make them viable- tends to keep them near the bottom of any given tier list.

66 Ice Climbers

Via ssbwiki.com

The Ice Climbers aren’t in such a place, however. Like most characters who have been carried over from Melee, Ice Climbers play rather naturally with a kit that both makes sense for who they are as characters and what can be done on the controller. Unfortunately, as was the case with Robin, they’re held back by their gimmick. The moment Nana gets knocked off stage is the same moment you’ll be wishing you picked anyone else.

65 Toon Link

via GameSpot

Although Toon Link typically tends to be better than his adult counterpart, this trend seems to be finally done away with in the latest installment. For the first time in the series, Toon Link really doesn’t have much over the basic Link. He’s a far clunkier characters with an awkward height and attacks that don’t really benefit his style of play. Where the default Link underwent many changes to make him viable, Toon Link is still working with his consistent shortcomings.

64 Zelda

via: shacknews.com

Zelda’s never been as good as her Sheikah counterpart and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Where Sheik relies on quick moves to accumulate damage fast, Zelda’s attacks are far clunkier and awkwardly require far more precision. She can get some good hits in, and a great Zelda player will absolutely do damage, but the Princess of Hyrule really isn’t much to write home about on her own.

63 Wii Fit Trainer

via gamebanana.com

Which, funnily enough, is also the case for Wii Fit Trainer. Wii Fit Trainer should hit hard and fast, but a lack of natural precision keeps their moves from landing with as much impact as they should have. Wii Fit Trainer is incredibly fun to play as thanks to how unique their move pool is, but, like Zelda before them, they’re a bit too awkward to use for their own good. At least in regards to attacking reliably.

62 Wolf

Via: weasyl.com (Clipey)

Of the three space furries, Wolf is the only one who probably won’t be getting a considerable amount of play time at higher levels. Although he does hit harder, people don’t play as Fox or Falco because they hit hard. Rather, they play as them because they hit fast and can chain said hits into combos. Wolf can too, theoretically, but a lack of speed makes punishing Wolf far, far easier than Fox or Falco.

61 Corrin

via: theouterhaven.net

Despite featuring one of the cooler designs and kits in the game, Corrin’s move pool is one that essentially encourages a rather predictable style of play. Pretty much everything Corrin can do can be countered easy enough. The flashiness of their moves can be off-putting at first, but Corrin really isn’t too difficult to get a feel for given how their attacks chain into each naturally enough where the opponent can catch a combo before it even begins.

60 Bowser Junior

via cutybowsergrl.deviantart.com

Bowser Junior is manic. In the last game, his online presence was notoriously insufferable early on. Bowser Junior’s kit made him a pain to punish. That said, he could be punished quite easily with enough strategic play. Bowser Junior is the type of character who can overwhelm easily- kind of like Corrin- but whose skill set really only allows for a few styles of play- again, kind of like Corrin.

59 Mr. Game & Watch

via kotaku.com

Mr. Game & Watch has always been one of the more peculiar characters. On one hand, a good Game & Watch will be able to unload a lot of damage and fast. His smashes come out well and they come out almost impossibly hard. On the other hand, Game & Watch isn’t a difficult character to catch in a loop and knock off stage. With Mr. Game & Watch, it can really go either way- which makes it hard to tier him any higher.

58 King Dedede

via: polygon.com

King Dedede is an incredibly hard hitter. Don’t be surprised if the King manages to knock you off stage with next to no effort. His smashes are downright cruel, to the point where you’re forced to play smart in a match against him. At the same time, King Dedede telegraphs well enough where a quick player will be able to strategize around his movements and use Dedede’s very obvious tells to their advantage.

57 Jigglypuff

via: thegamehaus.com

Who doesn’t love a character with solid recovery? You can slap Jigglypuff around, but don’t expect her to go anywhere anytime soon. Should you let Jigglypuff put you to sleep, you can count on big trouble your way. Unfortunately, Jigglypuff isn’t the most reliable hitter and —like Dedede— is simple enough to punish with a bit of effort. In good hands, Jigglypuff can be dangerous. Otherwise? Eh.

56 R.O.B.

via wikipedia.org

R.O.B. is more of a toy than he is a video game, but he’s still a part of Nintendo’s pantheon. It’s a bit weird that he’s a member of the roster, but, honestly, who cares? He’s a fun character to play as even if he isn’t particularly useful. Zipping around with R.O.B. is a blast and his techniques chain well into each other. Granted, he’s not good enough to rank any higher, but sometimes fun is all you need.

55 Mega Man

Via: deviantart.com/joshsummana

On the subject of fun, who’s more fun than Mega Man? To be honest, the fact that he plays so similarly to how he does in his own game does keep him from reaching his full potential, but he wouldn’t be such an enjoyable character if he didn’t literally move like the Blue Bomber himself. Mega Man controls almost pixel perfect to his Famicom counterpart. Practical? Not in the slightest. Fun? Arguably the most in the entire game.

54 Samus

via deviantart.com (zgul-osr1113)

One of the original eight, Samus wasn’t particularly good in the first game, and while she isn’t much better here, she is usable for the most part. Samus has decent range, is a heavy hitter, and moves fast enough with good recovery. She’s basically the epitome of balance, existing in a void where she doesn’t excel at anything well enough to be ranked higher, but also isn’t bad enough to be ranked lower.

53 Mario

via: yousense

Which brings us to Mario who, like Samus, is the definition of balanced. With Mario, though, it makes sense. As the Nintendo mascot, almost every game he’s in strives to keep him balanced. He’s the obvious choice for newcomers so he’s easy to learn, but not especially difficult to master. For the most part, he’s a bland character to play as, but not so bland where he isn’t fun so there’s at least that.

52 Dark Samus


What do you get when you take Samus and remove gravity from the equation? Dark Samus, of course! Like Samus before her, Dark Samus more or less plays by the same rules. Balance rules above all, etc. That said, Dark Samus is a bit of a better hitter which gives her the edge needs to be ranked higher. Mind you, it’s not much higher, but it just goes to show that a character needs more than balance to tier well.

51 Incineroar

Via: Kasoman's Sea Of Thoughts

On the flip side of the balance argument, there’s Incineroar who isn’t balanced in the slightest. He takes an insane amount of damage to knock out and deals enough damage to knock out fighters at the lowest of percentages, but boy is he easy to punish. Incineroar desperately lacks in the speed he needs to stay alive in lengthy matches. With that in mind, though, be careful if you fight him. Incineroar will knock you out sooner rather than later if you let him.

50 Ganondorf

via: youtube.com (RelaxAlax)

Ganondorf stinks. Usually. He’s slow, heavy, and takes way too long to hit for his own. That was then, though, and this is now. Back then, Ganondorf was his ugly Twilight Princess self! Now, he’s his hot Ocarina of Time incarnation and he’s way faster to reflect the change in aesthetic. He packs a mean punch that’s fast enough to make you weep. Forget everything you knew about Ganondorf, because the Gerudo King is making one heck of a comeback.

49 Mii Fighter Swordsman

via Amazon

The Mii Fighters are such a great concept. Not only can you make your own character, you can customize their moves based on a single base model. Mii Fighter Swordsman is the worst of the Mii Fighter trio, but that doesn’t mean he’s outright bad. His moves have plenty variety to keep him viable in competitive play and his custom moves means no one strategy will be able to outdo him.

48 Mii Fighter Brawler

via TechnoBuffalo

Mii Fighter Brawler is Mii Fighter Swordsman with the ability to hit hard and hit often. At the expense of lessened range, Mii Fighter Brawler is who Little Mac wishes he could be. With a Mii Fighter Brawler, you’ll be decking out combos like crazy. Unfortunately, his custom moves aren’t that useful, but that’s a positive in terms of overall balancing. If the Brawler were any better, that’d put a serious strain on other characters.

47 Bayonetta

Via Nintendolife

Despite being comfortably mid tier, this isn’t the best of fates for someone like Bayonetta who absolutely dominated the last game’s meta. Her combos are still slick and she’s quite fast, but she’s nowhere near as broken as she once was. Bayonetta has been nerfed into oblivion, making her impressive showing last time around all the more alluring. If you’re a Bayonetta main, get ready to be immensely disappointed. If not, enjoy a marginally decent character who’s fun to play!

46 Dr. Mario


By sheer virtue of being heavier, Dr. Mario is already better than his blue collar compatriot. He’s nowhere near as balanced, but that’s not a bad thing. Rather, Dr. Mario is able to excel in terms of offense and defense. Where Mario excels nowhere, Dr. Mario has real vantage points at his disposal. Of course, his shortcomings do still exist (as he’s an Echo of Mario,) but he’s worth picking if you’re looking for a Mario to play as.

45 Greninja

Via smashbros.com

Greninja is another character who, while not as amazing as they perhaps could be, is incredibly fun to play. Mid tier as they come, Greninja can actually combo insanely well. His problem comes from a lack of power. That said, who needs power when the sheer act of combat with Greninja is a blast? When you can effortlessly jump around the stage and knock around your opponents, who cares if you win or lose?

44 Yoshi

via pinterest.com

Flutter kicks and eggs galore, Yoshi is the dinosaur you want in your corner if you’re looking to play a character with crazy good aerial and recoveries. Plain and simple, it’s going to take a bit to knock Yoshi out. Granted, he’s not too difficult to lock in a loop, but he can do the same just as well to any other fighter. With Yoshi, battles are a give and take. Treat him with respect, and he’ll show you the world.

43 Captain Falcon

Via: gmoder3000.deviantart.com

Douglas Jay Falcon, otherwise known by his stage name “Captain Falcon,” is a fast pilot with an even faster punch. One good hit from his signature Falcon Punch and you’ll go flying. One clean hit from his less signature Falcon Kick and you’ll be wishing he Falcon Punched you. One grab from his Up B and you’ll be wishing you were fighting a different character. On the flip side, Captain Falcon is punishable enough where you’ll make others wish they didn’t rely on ole Doug so often.

42 Bowser

via: abcnews.go.com

King Koopa is a heavy hitter who’ll give you plenty of trouble when push comes to shove, but his slow speed keeps him from being too much of an issue. Careful play can outmaneuver Bowser consistently when it comes down to it. This isn’t to say you should take a Bowser player lightly, though. Underestimate what the turtle is capable of and get ready for a slaughter like you’ve never seen before.

41 Donkey Kong

via mynintendonews.com

He’ll slap you hard and smash you even harder. Donkey Kong is one monkey you don’t want to get in a fist fight with. If you do, though, just remember to grab him and pummel him into oblivion. Be wary of that recovery, though. Despite his weight, Donkey Kong won’t have trouble getting back on stage. At the same time, a carefully timed attack will knock him straight down. He’s a fairly complicated monkey, but aren’t we all?

40 Villager

via: megamanmaker.com

A bit on the light side, but not light enough where he’ll get knocked around too easily, Villager’s usability comes primarily from his use of personal items and pocketing items. Throughout any given match, Villager can conjure up items from his series to create distance and do damage. He also has a knapsack that allows him to snag thrown trinkets away from their users. Theoretically, you could take Link’s bomb and keep it pocketed so he can never use another bomb!

39 Ike

via reddit.com

Ike marks a shift of sorts for this list. While we’ve gradually been seeing characters slowly improve, he’s the dividing line so to speak. From here on out, characters will be more good than bad. With that said, onto Ike. He hits stupidly hard and has surprisingly great recovery. It’s hard to smash him out, but not hard for him to smash you out. Of course, this does mean he’s very slow, but any more speed would make him too good.

38 Isabelle

via: ign.com

Isabelle may fall more on the clone side when it comes to being an Echo Fighter of Villager, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. For the most part, Isabelle is able to take everything Villager has at their disposal and improve upon them. She’s a quick character for quick players who know how to counter well. She’s a bit on the floaty side and easy to smash out, but that’s the price you pay for playing as someone who can pocket weapons.

37 Mii Fighter Gunner

via Nathaniel Richmond (Pinterest)

Who would have guessed that the Mii Fighter who specializes with range would end up the best of the bunch? Probably you considering the other two Mii Fighters have already been listed while Gunner hasn’t. Gunner isn’t as strong or fast, but the mere fact that they have range is a huge plus. Plus, the inclusion of custom moves means that players needs to come up with unique strategies around potential Gunners.

36 Pokemon Trainer

via nowcultured.com

In his debut appearance, Pokémon Trainer’s claim to fame was the fact that he was three characters in one: Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. With the next game, the former two were dropped for the latter. Coming into the supposedly “ultimate” installment of the series, however, and the gang’s back together. Once again, Pokémon Trainer is able to utilize speed, offense, and defense to their fullest abilities.

35 Sonic

via geeksundergrace.com

Sonic is the fastest character in the game which naturally means he’s insanely dangerous. Sonic is able to zip across the stage in no time flat, punching and kicking you into utter oblivion. He is a bit fragile to make up for this, of course, but the sheer speed at play is more than enough to make Sonic the Hedgehog one of the higher tiered characters in the game. Don't expect a nerf anytime soon.

34 Shulk

via pinterest.com

You probably didn’t see Shulk ranking so high tier, but he certainly foresaw it. With the power of the Monado at his disposal, Shulk is essentially five characters in one. Buster makes him an all around great hitter; Smash knocks those pesky stocks out of the way; Shield keeps him on stage; Speed makes it virtually impossible to hit him; and Jump ensures Shulk won’t be getting knocked out anytime soon. He’s a five-in-one fighter with a great counter.

33 Snake

via.YouTube (Nintendo)

If you’re looking for tactical espionage action, Snake might be the character for you. Although he plays nothing like how fans of Solid Snake would imagine him to play, that’s ultimately for the best as he comes out with one of the more unique ktis in the entire game. Snake has excellent long range, some great close quarters boxing, and is able to recover surprisingly well. His taunts even feature the Coded conversations from Brawl!

32 Fox

via wccftech.com

You can always count on Fox. From as early as the first game in the series, Fox solidified himself as a standout fighter. In many ways, he is the origin point of all the fast fighters in the series. He’s a quick character who intentionally plays off of any given players’ reflexes. With that in mind, he can be difficult to utilize properly, but that’s exactly what makes him such a dangerous opponent in the ring.

31 Falco

via CNET.com

Although the gap between Fox and Falco isn’t particularly large, it is still there. Echo Fighters either thrive or crash by their speed, and Falco is just a bit faster than Fox. As a result, Falco is the better bet for reliably juggling, chaining combos, and just wreaking havoc on the field. He has all the benefits of Fox without any of the downsides. This doesn’t mean Fox can’t defeat Falco, just that it would be a bit of an uphill battle.

30 Young Link

Via: ign.com

Keep in mind, even though Young Link is already fairly mid-high tier, he’s only going to get better. Young Link is a character with an incredible amount of potential. He’s a heavy hitter with fast speed who can actually zone comfortably thanks to his arrows, boomerang, and bomb. His Up B gives him incredible recovery and his Down A is a beast of an attack in the right hands. Sooner or later, he’s going to outpace his adult form.

29 Luigi

via: gamebanana.com

Luigi’s one of the wackier characters on this list due to the fact that he plays nothing like how you would imagine. He’s not quite a clone or Echo Fighter of Mario, he doesn’t use the Poltergust 3000, and all his moves seemed to be invented specifically for his move set. At the same time, this makes Luigi a wild character with plenty of weird techniques that make him difficult to counter reliably.

28 Ness

Source: Usgamer.net

Ness is great, and he’s only getting better. In a game with so many large characters, someone small like Ness can really shine. His lighter build allows him to naturally dodge attacks while also inflicting a bit of punishment. He’s like Lucas, if Lucas were a far tighter character. Ness is heavier, hits hard, and his techniques land with far more impact than Lucas. A well trained Ness is someone worth fearing.

27 Link

via zeldadungeon.net

Pretty much every game in the series sees Link starting out rather high tier only for him to plummet as the better players familiarize themselves with new mechanics and characters. This time around, however, it seems as though Link will stay at least mid tier. He hits hard, he hits fast, and he zones incredibly well. Link has been fine tuned to near perfection. It’ll be hard to imagine him anywhere near the bottom.

26 Zero Suit Samus

Via deviantart.com/brokenteapot

Zero Suit Samus answers the age old question, “what if Samus were good?” Acrobatic, fast, and great at juggling, Zero Suit Samus is the queen of the air. She can launch right up, knock you back down, and side kick you back into the air in a matter of seconds. If you’re caught in a Zero Suit Samus combo, you better pray to the Chozo that they’re not looking down on her that day. Otherwise, you’re looking at a lifetime of lost stocks.

25 Dark Pit

Via: nintendonewsfix.com

Dark Pit is basically Pit, but just a bit worse. He can aim his arrows, he hits hard, and his recovery will keep him in-game far longer than he should be. Dark Pit is the kind of character who you don’t have to put too much effort into using, but doing so will reward you with someone who is both fun and useful on the battlefield. It’s just a shame that Dark Pit isn’t as cool as his light cloaked counterpart.

24 Pit

via: kidicarus.wikia.com

Pit is basically Dark Pit, but just a bit better. He can aim his arrows, he hits hard, and his recovery will keep him in-game far longer than he should be. Pit is the kind of character who you don’t have to put too much effort into using, but doing so well reward you with someone who is both fun and useful on the battlefield. It’s just a shame that Pit isn’t as cool as his dark cloaked counterpart.

23 Lucario

via: nintenderos.com

More or less Mewtwo’s replacement when he was nixed for Brawl, Lucario never quite filled the void, but he did act as a fantastic character in his own right. Lucario’s claim to fame is his Aura system. The more Lucario is damaged, the more damage he’ll do in return. A clever Lucario player will keep Lucario alive for as long as possible, but always in the fray of the action, so that he can unleash the revenge based beatdown of a lifetime.

22 Meta Knight

Via: smashbros.com

Meta Knight was so high tier at one point that he was actually banned for quite a while. Nobody wanted to play against him, and for good reason: Meta Knight was simply too good. Naturally, he’s been nerfed substantially since then, but a neutered Meta Knight is still a powerhouse. The best characters are always the ones with high speed and fast recovery which defines Meta Knight to a T. Thanks to those fast sword swipes, it’s not unusual to find yourself on the receiving end of a Meta Knight barrage in no time flat.

21 Cloud

via: gametyrant.com

Of all the additions to the series, Cloud is by far the most interesting and unique. The single most requested character in the franchise’s history, nobody expected him to be added and yet here we are. Naturally, such a high profile character requires a high level of play. While cloud is fast and strong on his own, his Limit Break is easily his standout technique, turning an already powerful character into an utter monster.

20 King K. Rool

via: newgrounds.com

You all wanted him and Sakurai finally listened. If you’re one of the brave few making immediate use of King K. Rool, we hope you’re happy. If you’re one of the many ignoring K. Rool’s existence, we’ve got terrible news for you. Not only does King K. Rool hit hard, he’s unusually fast with great recovery and a truly monstrous counter. The moment he throws that crown into the ring, you better run because K. Rool’s coming for you.

19 Rosalina & Luma

via amazon.com

In a few ways, Rosalina & Luma are a bit worse off than they were last time around, but they’re still good enough to be respectfully high tier. Thanks to the logistics behind Luma, players can realistically do damage from across the screen while Rosalina is safe and sheltered elsewhere. Granted, this is a difficult feat to pull off reliably, but those who can will ultimately be rewarded with a character with fantastic zoning abilities.

18 Ryu

via pinterest.com

If it weren’t for Cloud, Ryu would have been the craziest DLC character to ever grace the franchise. As is, he’s just one of the strongest fighters in the entire game. Pity, right? What makes Ryu so appealing isn’t his power, though. Rather, it’s the fact that you can play him as you would in his own series. Ryu has two play styles: one that emulates his Street Fighter button combinations and the simpler Smash style.

17 Diddy Kong

via: straybullet.deviantart.com

Diddy Kong is bananas in a way that Donkey Kong isn’t. He’s faster, stronger, and tougher, too. Diddy Kong can unleash an absolute rampage on anything and everything in his path. There’s a reason he’s been high tier for three games in a row. Inherently, Diddy Kong is a character who simply cannot be checked. Plus, he has a peanut gun and a jetpack with crazy air game. What’s not to love?

16 Ken

Via: Shoryuken

As is the case in their own series, Ken is a better playable character than Ryu. While the latter is canonically stronger (depending on how you interpret the lore,) Ken tends to be higher tier when it comes to gameplay if only due to how much faster he is. The two are virtually identical, so Ken inherits Ryu’s strengths, but his speed gives him a serious advantage over his rivalry, especially in a game that prioritizes good speed play above all else.

15 Roy

via reddit.com

With each game, Roy gradually gets better. His first outing wasn’t the best- especially since he was outclassed by Marth right out the gate — but his DLC appearance in the last game did wonders for his characters. Roy is someone with his own skill set now. While it isn’t the best of the swordsmen, it does allow him to pull off some truly impressive combos with a fire typing that adds on even more damage. He’s a bit weighty, but if he hits you, you’re going down.

14 Wario

Via GameSpot

Wario is back and better than ever. He’s a heavy hitter whose farts pack a mean whiff. Wario’s the kind of guy you don’t want biting down on you as there’s a guarantee you’ll come out of his mouth clean. This is to say nothing of his motorcycle, basically a free item he can conjure at will to decimate you with. Wario is truly the vilest high tier character in the entire franchise.

13 Lucina

via reddit.com

Lucina has always been a bit of a lesser Marth, (even in her own game,) but a lesser Marth is still someone worth playing. While she isn’t as good as the blue-haired prince himself, Lucina is able to pull off everything Marth can just as well. That alone keeps her higher tier than she would be if she were her own character. Maybe. Hypotheticals like that are always hard to judge and Marth is a good character to be a clone of.

12 Palutena

via pinterest.com

Palutena may as well be the poster girl for why we need less counters in the game. Without her counter, Palutena is a heavy hitter with great range and great recovery. With her counter, she’s an absolute beast. Thankfully, pulling off her counter does require a considerable amount of precision, but that isn’t enough of an offset to keep her away from the higher tiers. Be wary in a fight against Palutena.

11 Mewtwo

via: Nintendo-Insider

Mewtwo’s been a favorite for a few years now and not without good reason. Thanks to his psychic abilities and naturally high offense, Mewtwo is a character who can push back opponents from either far or close range. In a match against Mewtwo, there is a genuine sense of unpredictability. It certainly helps that Mewtwo is quite fast and agile, keeping him in the ring long enough to make any fight far tenser than it would be otherwise.

10 Inkling

via: artstation.com/tuchi

It’s always uplifting when a Newcomer is designed well enough for competitive play. Inkling is a wildly creative character whose ink can do a ton of damage while also serving as a means of avoiding damage on their part. Fast hits and reliable dodges make Inkling a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a deeper style of play. Moving forward, we’re more than likely going to see quite a few Inklings in the competitive scene.

9 Daisy

via geek.com

Of all the Echo Fighters, Daisy is the one who best fits the criteria of being a “clone,” but being a clone of Peach isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If anything, being a clone of Peach is the exact reason why Daisy is as good as she is. Like her princess before her, Daisy is fast, has great air recovery, and hits surprisingly hard all things considered. Don’t be surprised to see people using Daisy in competitive play if only due to how similar to Peach she is.

8 Simon

via youtube (Nintendo)

Whether or not Simon is an Echo Fighter of Richter or vice versa, one thing is certain: Simon isn’t as good as his descendant. While their attributes seem to be the exact same for the most part, there is absolutely a difference in control between the two with Simon being a bit slower. That said, he’s able to hit hard, zone properly, and pull off most of what Richter can accomplish. We’ll touch on that a bit later, though.

7 Peach

via: orochi-spawn.deviantart.com

A good air game is sometimes all a character needs to top the charts. Although Peach- like Daisy- is a heavy hitter in her own right, her ability to survive just about anything without getting smashed too far allows players the potential of air control. In the hands of a competent player, Peach can survive on stage while dodging a flurry of attacks with an alarming amount of consistency. Survival is a natural part of the game.

6 Olimar

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Pikmin are ferocious. If you let Olimar actually use his Pikmin in any capacity, count yourself in for an incredibly difficult match. This has been the case with him for a while, but he’s better than ever. Olimar is faster, hits harder, and plucks his Pikmin with greater speed than ever before. He can realistically rush in with freshly picked Pikmin and make quick work of whoever you’re playing as. If you’re fighting Olimar, make sure you fight smart.

5 Richter

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It’s highly unlikely Richter won’t enjoy a lifetime as a top tier fighter, but let’s enjoy his spotlight until then, shall we? A hard hitter with plenty of speed, Richter can make great use of his B based items to zone almost effortlessly. With the right combination of Holy Cross, the Cross, and the Axe, Richter can effectively edge guard and lock less than savvy players into a loop. This will only last until better players devise strategies around it, but Richter’s in an excellent spot for now.

4 Marth

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Marth is the type of character who often winds up high tier not because he’s inherently good, (he is,) but because the precision required to play him ensures that only the best players will put serious effort into taking Marth to a competitive scene. He’s fast, he hits hard so long as you fine tune that swordplay, and his Dolphin Slash is great for both recovery and damage. With fast enough play, Marth will be chaining sword strikes into smashes and knocking out Stocks faster than you can blink.

3 Sheik

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At this point, we should all just accept the fact that there will never be a game where Sheik isn’t at the very top of the tier list. Not only does Sheik hit incredibly fast, her damage output stacks quick enough to make up for her (comparative) lack of power while her special attacks can be used to create an insane amount of distance between her and the opponent. Sheik is a lightning fast beast who will take everything you have in store to keep up with.

2 Chrom

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Although Chrom is considered an Echo Fighter of Roy, he’s more accurately a blend of Marth, Roy, and Chrom. He has Marth’s build and speed; Roy’s side attacks and smashes; and Ike’s Up B. As a result, Chrom is able to inflict an incredible amount of damage incredibly fast while also finding an easy way back to the stage should he ever get knocked off by his opponents. He was expected to be one of the worse swordsmen in the game, but here he is nearing the top of the chart.

1 Pikachu

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Pikachu has never been better and although his reign may not last the rest of the year, his improved abilities make the rat quite the dangerous opponent. Pikachu is fast, can hit hard, can hit from far away, has a strong close-up game, and makes use of some of the best recovery in the game. It’s hard to knock Pikachu off stage, but it isn’t hard for Pikachu to knock you off. For the time being, Game Freak’s electric rodent is the best of the best. A far cry from Pichu.

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