Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Already the Best-Selling Fighting Game In The History Of Fighting Games

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now the best-selling game of its genre, having sold more copies of any single fighting game ever.

The title, despite being just four months old, is already the most sold fighting game of all time - yes, all time (Kanye West voice). Nintendo recently released a list of their Top Selling Unit Sales as of March 31 and the ten best-selling games on the Switch were also disclosed, revealing that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has already 13.81 million copies worldwide.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl previously held the top spot but that pedestal is now occupied by Smash Ultimate, the game which has beaten all versions of Street Fighter II and Super Smash Bros. for the Wii and 3DS put together (13.30 units sold).

As mentioned before, the game has only been around for four months, which makes this feat all the more impressive. It's not that surprising given the unique mechanics it possesses and the ease of approach it hands players, compared to that of traditional fighting games. Yet the speed at which it has climbed to the top is still a bit shocking.

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As successful as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been, sales are poised to touch greater figures given the release of Persona 5's Joker as well as the continuous incorporation of more DLC characters.

It remains to be seen how much better things get for this game after all the DLC is released but, either way, it's set to be a magnificent year for Smash Ultimate.

The title is currently exclusively available on the Switch, which is doing very well itself. The handheld console has already outsold the Nintendo 64, which is no small achievement when we consider the wild popularity of the cartridge bearing console back in the day.

The classic machine sold 32.93 million hardware units and 224.97 software units in its lifetime but the Switch is already at 34.74 million hardware units in just two years, although it lags behind in software sales, with 187.52 units sold so far.

The latter figure, though, will definitely surpass the N64's record, possibly before the end of 2019.

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