Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The 10 Most Powerful Moves, Ranked

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may just be the most balanced game in the series. That said, there are still plenty of moves that prove problematic for a lot of characters. Many pro players have already discovered how effective these moves are, learning how to use those moves and counter them as well.

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Countering some of those strong moves can make it difficult when fighting other people at a high skill level. If you're a Smash Ultimate player, then you're probably familiar with the 10 most powerful moves in the game. We're ranking those top 10 moves, so you'll be prepared for the next match-up.

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Donkey Kong is far from the best character in the game, but he has one powerful move at his disposal, his cargo throw. Instead of tossing someone, as is the case with most grabs, Donkey Kong can haul other fighters over his shoulder.

At high percentages, it's nearly impossible to get out of that grab, which can lead Donkey Kong to carry them off stage or bounce them off the side. It's pretty rough considering that Donkey Kong can grab right after he lands his down tilt, making it a scary move. It can also combo into up air at low percentages.


King K. Rool's central gimmick is his super armor. Having essentially a stomach made of iron, this gives some of his attacks super armor, preventing him from flinching at incoming attacks. One of his best attacks is his down smash. King K. Rool leaps into the air then slams back down.

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Not only does it cover a lot of area, but it has super armor as well. People who are used to fighting characters who roll or dodge may have a bit of trouble countering the down smash. The attack also comes out quickly and combos out of his down throw.


Ivysaur is back in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, being part of the Pokemon Trainer's team. While the best of those three may be debatable, there's no denying how good Ivysaur's up aerial is. The Pokémon shoots a heavy spore out of its bulb, which deals a lot of damage and knockback.

The move is good because it has great range without extending Ivysaur's own hitbox, meaning he can use the attack to out-range most other fighters' options while in the air. Good players can also use this move sequentially to constantly apply pressure. The move also kills fairly early as well.


Piranha Plant was the first DLC character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While it's far from the top-tier nonsense that was Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros for Wii U, the potted plant does have some good moves at its disposal.

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Arguably, the best one is Ptooie. By pressing B, players can blow a spike ball in the air. The spike ball can be launched in either direction at various heights. The best part is that if someone rushes in for a close attack, the spike ball will drop, most likely punishing the opponent for rushing in. Ptooie is also a great ledge guarding tool.


Incineroar is a character who gets bullied quite easily in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His limited recovery potential and short range makes him a big target for characters with swords and projectiles. However, he still has one of the best attacks in the game: Revenge. Revenge is Incineroar's down special and functions like a counter.

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Instead of being a standard counter, though, Incineroar does minimal knockback and stores energy. The next attack he lands now gets an extra power boost which scales depending on the strength of the attack that hit him. This can lead Incineroar to get extremely early kills, which can win him a tough match.


While many of Pichu's attacks may have been nerfed in the most recent patch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there's no denying that its forward aerial (shared with Pikachu) is one of the best attacks in the game.

It's an easy multi-hit attack that can combo into itself, especially against heavier fighters. Often, Pikachu and Pichu players will use the forward aerial on the first jump only to use it again on the second jump. It does decent damage and is difficult to get out of. Going forward, we'll be probably see more Pikachu players using it, though.


Ganondorf may be one of the slowest fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but he's got more than enough power in his attacks to make up for it. Furthermore, Ganondorf does have a fast attack that causes problems for many players: his neutral aerial.

Not only is this attack quick, but it hits twice and covers a lot of range. Those trying to get in on Ganondorf can easily be spaced out with his neutral aerial. Couple that with the raw damage behind Ganondorf's attacks, and it quickly becomes one of the best moves in the game. It can easily be spammed for high damage.


There are a lot of projectiles in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but it's hard to argue that there are any better than Wolf's blaster. All of the Star Fox characters have blasters as their neutral special moves, but Wolf's trumps them all. It doesn't come out as fast as Fox's or Falco's, but it does a bit more damage and more knockback.

It can stop opponents in their tracks and give them hitstun long enough for Wolf to come in for a dangerous follow-up attack. It's also a nice ledge guarding tool against characters who recover horizontally rather than vertically.


Snake is a character who loves to remove options from an opponent. Whether it be tossing grenades around the map or leaving C4, Snake can rob an opponent of all their responses. No move showcases this better than his remote missile attack.

Snake shoots out a Nikita missile, which is then controlled by the player. Not only can it be used to attack at great distances, but it's one of the best ledge guarding tools in the game. It's extremely flexible and works as a kill option. Those who fight against Snake must be prepared to counter this attack, though it's quite a challenge to do so.


Ike is one of the strongest characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He is slow, but he has decent range and power behind his attacks to make him a real threat. His best attack, his neutral aerial, is arguably the best move in the game.

Ike swings his sword around him quickly, interrupting anyone who dares to get near him during the move. The neutral aerial is also a good combo option, allowing him to follow up with more attacks. It's moves like this that make people scared of playing against Ike. A good way to counter is to wait until the animation is done, then rush in.

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