Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 5 Guest Characters That Need To Be In The Game (& 5 Nintendo Ones)

Super Smash Bros. is known for always having incredible rosters that are jam-packed full of amazing characters from the Nintendo library, as well as bringing in guest characters from outside the Nintendo world.

The stacked roster is always one of the most exciting draws for people to purchase the game, getting to see different major video game characters competing against each other.

Even though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has an amazing amount of characters, there is always room for more, and within this article, we will rank five guest characters and five Nintendo characters fans would love to see in the game.

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10 Guest: Crash Bandicoot

He might be a PlayStation character but that doesn't mean it is impossible to believe that he could become a Super Smash Bros. character, as Nintendo knows how popular Crash is, with the N. Sane trilogy being available on Switch.

Crash could be tons of fun in the Super Smash world, especially with the move set he has, from his spinning attacks to using the Aku Aku masks for more power, perhaps also adding the wumpa fruit as another way of attacking people.

On top of that, a Crash stage would also be amazing, with tons of different locations that would provide great visuals and a fun soundtrack, while he would certainly help attract new gamers to buy.

9 Nintendo: Waluigi

It seems baffling that Waluigi, who has become an favorite on the internet in recent years, still hasn't been added to Smash but here we are.

Even though Wario has been a playable character in several games, Waluigi has been restricted to background appearances and never given a run-out as a playable character, despite calls from fans to make it happen.

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You have to think it is only a matter of time until Nintendo add him to the roster, especially since he is a well-known character and hopefully that is sooner than later.

8 Guest: Knuckles

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already features Sonic the Hedgehog, and therefore Nintendo and Sega clearly have a working relationship for this video game, so why not add Knuckles to the party?

Increasing the number of characters from the Sonic world is never a bad thing considering how popular it is, and given that Knuckles is the most aggressive, he seems like the natural fit.

Knuckles matching up with other characters would be a great idea for Nintendo, and hopefully, Nintendo can make this happen.

7 Nintendo: Bandana Waddle Dee

Kirby has been a mainstay for the Super Smash Bros. franchise for a long time, remaining one of the most important and popular characters to the series, but Kirby's world hasn't always been fully showcased.

While some characters such as Meta Knight have had the opportunity to be in the games, for the most part, it is usually just Kirby, flying the flag solo, which is a shame.

That is where Bandana Waddle Dee comes in, potentially being an ideal Nintendo DLC character. With Waddle Dee playing a major role in the later Kirby games, it makes sense for this to be the option, should Nintendo decide to.

6 Guest: James Bond

While adding James Bond to the game would be a big change from what people are used to, it would certainly be a welcome addition of a live-action star to the video game franchise.

Bond's clinical actions and deadly ability with a gun would be perfect in this game as well as the fact he is more than proficient at close combat, and with a slightly more serious approach than other characters he would be a smart addition.

James Bond has such as big fanbase that as a DLC, he would work in terms of drawing an audience and more money, and ultimately, that is the whole purpose.

5 Nintendo: Dixie Kong

When bringing in a DLC, it is important to add characters that people are aware of, and ones that add something to the game, and Dixie Kong could certainly do that to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Dixie has been involved in Super Smash Bros. before, so adding her once again would make sense and given that there are already characters from that world in the game she would be a smart fit into this franchise.

4 Guest: A Fortnite Character

Right now, there is no gaming franchise more popular than Fortnite, which is why it really would make sense to add a character, or perhaps multiple characters from that world into Super Smash Bros.

Perhaps with a stage built around the Fortnite bus or one particular area of the map, using a Fortnite character is bound to get tons of attention to the game, making it perfect as a DLC.

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Epic Games are always welcome to crossovers, and this would be a great one to do, with tons of different possible weapons from the pickaxe to different guns for special attacks, this would be a great collaboration.

3 Nintendo: Impa

Super Smash Bros.Ultimate has three different versions of Link, which seems a little excessive, even for one of Nintendo's most popular characters. Especially when there are plenty of other good characters that could be explored.

One example of that is Impa, who is one of the most important characters within the franchise, which means it would make sense to add her, while also exploring the franchise a little more.

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Bringing in a new female character is always a good idea, and considering Impa is someone who could easily mix it up with top characters, she would be a good addition.

2 Guest: Wreck-It Ralph

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a perfect family-friendly video game and that is why it is a surprise not to see any Disney characters involved in the game, after all, they would feel like a natural fit in this environment.

Out of all the options in Disney right now, Wreck-It Ralph would be the ideal choice for that role considering his video game background and the fact he literally wrecks things in his game.

Putting him into the Smash franchise as a DLC character would certainly draw a lot of interest from fans and seeing him collide with the likes of Donkey Kong would be an amazing gaming moment.

1 Nintendo: Kamek

When it comes to adding characters from the Nintendo world, it always makes sense to choose someone from the Super Mario universe, simply because they are the most well-known characters that Nintendo has.

One particular character that is vastly underrated is Kamek, who is often shunted to one side in games like this or Mario Kart, despite the fact he is a regular feature of most Mario video games.

Considering the fact he can fly around on a broom and use magic, Kamek would be an ideal character to add to this world, giving him the spotlight he deserves.

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