Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Nerfs And Buffs To Expect From The 3.0 Update

The last Nintendo Direct revealed that the Ver. 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due to come in the Spring, which will most likely add Joker from Persona 5 into the game.

The Ver. 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will almost certainly tweak the balance of the game, which will result in certain characters being nerfed.

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The question we are asking today is which characters & moves are most likely to face the nerf hammer when the Ver. 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally released?

Piranha Plant's Up Smash

Piranha Plant is a surprisingly balanced fighter for a DLC character, as most DLC fighters in the past have launched with a few broken attacks or combos and have needed to be tweaked through a patch.

The strength of the Piranha Plant lies in its devastating melee attacks, as its ranged moves tend to leave it vulnerable to counterattacks or are easy to predict.

There is one attack used by Piranha Plant that is far too powerful, or rather, is far too fast for its power. The Up smash used by Piranha Plant is easily the most devastating move in its arsenal, as it can reliably KO at around 90% (depending on the character) and comes out faster than most characters can respond to, depending on their previous action.

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King K. Rool's Crown

King K. Rool is considered to be an overpowered character by many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans, due to the sheer range of options he has that are tied to a heavy character.

The burial effects used by Inkling and King K. Rool were nerfed slightly in the last patch, along with the edgeguarding capacity of K. Rool's Blunderbuss, but there are still aspects of the character that need to be balanced.

One of King K. Rool's most broken moves is his Crownerang, which can cover most of the length of standard Battlefield/Omega stages in a single throw and covers them again when it returns, while also breaking through many other projectiles as it goes. The weakness of the crown is that it's supposed to disappear for a short time if it's blocked or countered, but the time it spends away from K. Rool is a laughably short 12 seconds, unless the other player manages to grab it first.

The Crownerang gives King K. Rool one of the best anti-approach moves in the game, due to the sheer amount of range that it has and the speed at which it moves, which is usually something that you wouldn't give a heavy character, as they are meant to be short-ranged fighters with a focus on strength. King K. Rool's amazing ranged game is so broken because it's also in the hands of a character who has the other attributes of a heavy, in that he's powerful and hard to KO.

Inkling's Ink Supply & Roller

The Inkling is considered to be one of the most broken characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it's all down to one move - the Splat Roller.

The Splat Roller is essentially a guaranteed KO, due to how long the burial effect lasts at middle-high percentages. The last patch changed the burial effect so that it didn't last as long at lower percentages, but that did nothing to address the problem of the Inkling haven't access to such a powerful move.

The fact that the Splat Roller can come out so quickly, as well as being able to come out while the Inkling is in the air means that the Inkling has one of the most punishing moves in the game and can easily KO an opponent for making a single mistake.

One way in which the Inkling could be made more balanced is by slowing down the speed at which it can recover ink. The current version of Inkling can fill its ink tank so fast that it may as well have infinite ink. If the rate of ink recovery was slowed down (let's say, to the speed at which Cloud charges his Limit Break meter) then it would force Inkling players to preserve their more powerful moves, as there now would be a finite amount of uses for them without having to use a risky recharge that would leave them vulnerable.

Palutena's Invisible Side Special

Palutena received a lot of buffs in the transition from Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and she is far more viable than now she has ever been before in terms of competitive battling.

The fanbase has taken issue with Palutena's Explosive Fire attack, which is her new Side special, now that Reflect Barrier has been changed into her Down special. Explosive Fire conjures a sphere of fire at a distance away from Palutena and its position can be altered with the control stick.

There is no visual indicator for where Explosive Fire is going to appear and it lasts for several seconds, which makes it one of the best edgeguarding moves in the game, as the flames can be placed right next to the ledge without giving the other player the chance to save themselves from being hit by it. Explosive Fire can also be used from a distance, which makes it an incredibly safe option to use.

Ivysaur's Up/Down Air


The Pokémon Trainer has the raw power of Charizard and the agility of Squirtle to call upon in battle, but the real MVP of their team is Ivysaur, thanks to an array of devastating attacks.

The problem with Ivysaur is with its Up aerial and Down aerial attacks, where it fires a cloud of spores from the flower on its back. Not only do these moves possess a lot of KO/Spiking power, but they each have a massive hitbox that is almost impossible to avoid. (via. @Meshima_ on Twitter)

It seems that Ivysaur has a torpedo launcher strapped to his back instead of a flower. It really needs to have the hitbox of both aerials made smaller in order to give the opponent more of a chance to dodge them.

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