Super Smash Bros Ultimate: All Of The Piranha Plant's Moves

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

With Super Smash Bros. back and better than ever, new playable characters is what we’re excited for this year for the franchise. We're not too long into the new year and we already have a highly anticipated fighter join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ranks: Piranha Plant.

A long-time member of the Mario and Nintendo franchises, Piranha Plant smashes its way into the Super Smash roster. Here we look at all of Piranha Plant’s moves which let you obliterate your friends and come out on top.

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Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant
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10 Neutral And Dash Attack

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

First, let’s look at the simple attack moves Piranha Plant has to offer. Being a potted plant, you wouldn’t expect Piranha Plant to have much mobility. Well, that’s where you are wrong.

From a stationary position Piranha Plant’s neutral attack begins with a quick jab from its appendage-like leaves, with more in quick succession. These swipes can be followed by an onslaught of bites which seem apt for a plant with piranha in its name.

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Piranha Plant’s dash attack is a simple yet effective use of the pot that is seemingly weighing it down. Charging forward, you dropkick your opponent using your pot for a pretty spectacular and rather amusing move.

9 Forward, Up, And Down Tilt

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant has its range of tilt moves which can devastate an opponent in close range. When using forward tilt, Piranha Plant does two forward bites, with the second bite launching your opponent backward.

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The up tilt attack sees Piranha Plant throw its head upwards in a flailing frenzy, which can also damage opponents on either side. This move can provide for some great defense from aerial attacks. The down tilt attack sees Piranha Plant swipe out with its leafy appendage, launching your opponent slightly into the air.

8 Forward, Down, And Up Smash

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Now for the smash moves. Forward smash sees Piranha Plant don a new spiky head which it uses to headbutt its opponent. This is a powerful smash move which when used correctly can knock out your opponent.

For the down smash, Piranha Plant swipes its pot behind and in front of itself, making sure to hit opponents all around it. The up smash sees Piranha Plant bite upwards in a powerful lunge and bite move.

7 Neutral, Forward, Back, And Down Aerial

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant boasts some powerful smash moves but let’s not forget about the aerial attacks that can make Piranha Plant a much more versatile player.

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The neutral aerial attack sees Piranha Plant jump into the air and spin down with its leaves extended in a rapid downwards attack. The forward aerial attack sees Piranha plant launch into the air and uses its pot to kick forwards. The back aerial attack causes Piranha Plant to turn backwards and spit out fire, being the strongest of the aerial moves. The up aerial attack is a simple upwards headbutt, and the down aerial move sees piranha plant flip up and stomp down with its pot.

6 Pummel, Down, Up, Forward, And Back Throw


Piranha Plant’s forward and back throw simply throws your opponent away. The up throw move sees Piranha Plant grab the opponent and launch it into the air, following through by lunging and biting the opponent. The down throw move literally throws the opponent to the floor and follows up with two bites.

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Piranha Plant's pummel simply grabs the opponent and proceeds to bite them.

5 Ptooie (Neutral Special)

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant's neutral special move, Ptooie, sees Piranha Plant spit out a metal spikey ball, which it suspends above itself whilst holding the command button.

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Using the stick, you can send the spikey metal ball left or right and straight into your opponent's direction. A spectacular attack which you don’t want to be on the receiving end of.

4 Poison Breath (Side Special)

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant's side special move, Poison Breath, sees Piranha Plant spit a slow-moving poison mist. Whilst executing or charging this move, Piranha Plant changes color becoming yellow with red splotches. You can charge this move to get more damage and range out of the attack. Additionally, this move can be used sneakily to hide Piranha Plant's next move as it hides behind the poison gas cloud.

3 Piranhacopter (Up Special)

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant's up special move, Piranhacopter, sees Piranha Plant fly into the sky rotating its leaves like a helicopter. This move has easy maneuverability which lets you chase down your opponents.

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You can also save yourself if you end up falling off the map. Therefore, whilst a special move, this move can also act as a lifesaver when in a pinch or thrown way off the map.

2 Long-Stem Strike (Down Special)

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant's down special move, Long-Stem Strike, sees Piranha Plant withdraw into its pot before launching out with an extended stem biting furiously at its opponent. You can charge this move which provides more range on execution.

1 Petey Piranha (Final Smash)

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant's final smash is rather impressive and pretty epic, to say the least. On execution, the move Petey Piranha summons a giant Petey Piranha that moves right and left while spinning cages. Any fighters hit by a cage will become trapped, and in the end, Petey Piranha throws the cages downwards inflicting enormous damage to those inside.

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Thanks to YouTuber Arekkz we can see all these moves in action.

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