Japanese Kids Think Smash Ultimate's Terry Is A Buff Pokémon Trainer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Terry isn't exactly a well-known figure, so people in Japan are calling him a jacked-up version of the Pokémon Trainer.

Terry Bogard Pokemon Trainer Smash Bros

The next DLC character to be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series, and, since Terry isn't exactly a well-known figure among younger gamers and people in Japan, they already calling him a jacked-up version of the Pokémon Trainer.

The Pokémon Trainer's appearance is based on Red from Pokémon Red & Blue, whose appearance is also likely inspired by Ness from EarthBound. The outfits sported by both Terry and the Pokémon Trainer share similarities in regards to their color scheme, with Terry's red jacket & white vest combo matching the color of Pokémon Trainer's shirt, as well as the blue pants, trainers, and cap being similar.

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There has been some confusion over Terryas NintendoSoup is reporting that kids in Japan are referring to him as Pokémon Trainer with muscles. The idea is that the Pokémon Trainer has decided to hit the gym (the normal one, not the Pokémon one) and start injecting some anabolic Rare Candy in order to fight on his own without any Pokémon. The kids are even referring to Terry as the evolved version of Pokémon Trainer.

Terry Bogard King of Fighters

It should be noted that older versions of both Red and Blue appeared as opponents in Pokémon Sun & Moon and neither of them is as beefy as Terry Bogard.

Red and Blue Pokemon Sun and Moon

Terry Bogard is considered to be an unusual choice for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by many fans, considering how the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters aren't as well-known as other fighting game series, especially Mortal Kombat, which still isn't represented in the game. It's no surprise that younger gamers wouldn't recognize him, as he is a product of the arcade era of gaming. Then again, exposure hasn't always been a factor in deciding if a character should appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as King K. Rool hadn't appeared in a game for a decade before his return in 2018.

Source: NintendoSoup

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