Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Here Are Terry's Special Inputs

Here's a handy reference image that shows all of the special inputs for Terry's moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The time has come for another DLC fighter to hit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The most recent edition is Terry Bogard of the Fatal Fury series of fighting games. Since Terry earned his fame as an arcade star, his Smash Bros. move set reflects his roots as a 2D fighter. Just like Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, Terry will always face the opponent in one-on-one battles. He also has several attacks that are hidden behind special button inputs.

Well, it might actually be better to say joystick inputs. Anyone who has played one of Terry's games (or used a fight stick in general) knows that special moves often require a series of joystick maneuvers. The same is true in Smash Bros. If certain inputs are done correctly, they'll give Terry's special moves extended range, do more damage, or just plain surprise the opponent.

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Another gimmick Terry has are Super Special Moves that activate once he's taken 100% damage. These also require special inputs, and the sequence is longer than any other command seen in Smash Bros. All of Terry's inputs might intimidate newcomers, especially those who aren't used to traditional fighting game controls. That's why Smash Bros. streamer LocusSK created this handy reference chart.

via: LocusSK

As with all day one fighting game characters, Terry will take time to truly understand. Early reactions say that his bulk and mental game are his biggest strengths. After all, he gains two very powerful moves after taking 100% damage. This will put pressure on the opponent to knock Terry off the stage before 100%. But with him being on the heavy side, that's a tall order. Just by existing, it appears as though Terry might cause opponents to get sloppy with hasty plays.

On the flip side, beginner players are finding it hard to recover with Terry. It makes sense. Arcade fighters aren't known for being aerial affairs, so Terry shouldn't have any particular prowess in jumping or dashing through the sky. More skilled players will no doubt find ways to take advantage of Terry's specials for recovery, but that will take time and practice. For now, players hoping to beat Terrys online should look to force an edge game.

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