15 Superhero Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune (And 15 That Are Too Embarrassing)

There are fans of superheroes, and then there are mega fans of superheroes. What sets the two apart? One thing is their level of dedication to the superhero or superheroes that they idolize. It isn't enough for someone to say they are a fan of Batman or Iron Man, they have to show it as well. And the best way for any fan to show it is through collectibles. Comic books, action figures, posters, lunchboxes... a collectible can be almost anything. A lot of work goes into making a collection, but the sense of pride and joy that comes from showing one off is well worth all the time, all the heated bidding wars on eBay.

And it just might benefit one's bank account too.

In the world of superhero collectibles, there are items that hold a substantial monetary value. It might be because of how old it is, or how rare it is. Take, for example, the first Superman comic from Action Comics. It sold for a record-breaking $3.2 million dollars back in 2014! Some collectors see superhero collectibles as investments, building their collections with the hope that it'll have them seeing a lot of green in the future.

We brought you a list of 15 superhero collectibles that will deepen the pockets of anyone lucky enough to possess them. And we also included 15 collectibles that most collectors would be too embarrassed to admit to having. Though anything can be a collectible, some of these items prove that shouldn't be the case.

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30 Fortune: Toy Fair 2012 Cap And Iron Man Lego Minifigures

via: ebay.com

Nowadays, LEGO and superheroes go together like peanut butter and jelly. The LEGO brand has done well with turning some of our favorite superheroes into tiny and adorable action figures and playsets, that can be annoyed by kids and those who are kids at heart. These two mini-figures were exclusives only given out by the LEGO Group at the 2012 Toy Fair in New York. So it's no wonder that bids for these mini-figures have reached up to $2000! I guess the saying is true, big things can come in small packages.

29 Embarrassing: The Amazing Spider-Man Toaster

via: previewsworld.com

Now don't get us wrong, we like Spider-Man and we like toast, but we think he might not be the best superhero to be associated with food. Or at least his logo. Who thinks having a big spider burnt into their toast is appetizing? Not me personally. It would be a little less embarrassing if it was maybe his face. There have been plenty of toasters and kitchen items made featuring a character's logo that has worked. Like Hello Kitty for example, though you do in essence take a bite out of her head.

28 Fortune: Vintage Kenner Star Wars AFA 80 Luke Skywalker

via: hollywoodheros.com

Ever since the first Star Wars film, the franchise has exploded and spread across the world. It isn't just geeks and nerds who like Star Wars anymore; just about everyone does. The series has spawned countless collectibles, and still does today with movies likes The Force Awakens and Rogue One. But nothing hits us more with feelings of nostalgia like the original characters, like Leia, Han, and Luke. And collectors feel the same as this vintage Luke Skywalker is one of the most sought-after action figures. It's also one of the most expensive, with it listed on eBay for $6000!

27 Embarrassing: Baby Groot Cutting Board

via: boxlunch.com

The fact that it's a cutting board isn't exactly the problem. It's just another example of maybe picking the wrong superhero for the wrong item. Is it just me or is it a little sad to have a character who is basically a tree used as a wooden cutting board? What kind of message does that send?

"Hold still there, Baby Groot. I need to cut these tomatoes for my sandwich."

Yeah, I think I'll personally pass on this one. As cute as it may be.

26 Fortune: The Official Batman Equipment Set

via: collectorarchive.com

This is not only one of the most expensive collectibles on the list, but one of the coolest. This 1966 playset from Ideal is a must-have collectible for any Batman fan that is in love with vintage Batman! It comes with his utility and a bunch of his tools and gadgets- including a Batarang and a grappling hook. It also comes with a Batman helmet and cape, to complete the transformation into the Caped Crusader! The whole playset in mint condition can fetch up to $15,000. And the Utility Belt alone goes for around $250 on most eBay listings.

25 Embarrassing: Superman Utility Belt

via: flashbak.com

Here is the other side of the superhero playset, the dark side. Superman is definitely one of the superheroes that have absolutely no need for a utility belt. His own body has all the functions of a utility belt, he can fly he's super strong and fast, he has x-ray vision and can shoot laser beams out of his eyes! I get that this was meant as a toy set for kids, but even stuff for kids should still make sense.

24 Fortune: Thor Limited Edition Statue By Sideshow Collectibles

via: sideshowcollectibles.com

Any fan of Thor wanting this amazing looking statue is in luck, it is still being sold on the official Marvel website... for $424. The statues are made by Sideshow Collectibles who are famous for making figures from all types of movies and comics. And they really captured the power and personality of Thor.

Looking mighty and majestic as he raises Mjölnir to the sky, ready to summon some lighting!

It sells for about the same price on eBay, with some listings going as high as $1000.

23 Embarrassing: Hulk Smash Cologne


Most would probably think this is a spoof... but it isn't. Having superheroes on toiletries isn't all that odd. It's a great way to make kids more excited about hygiene, but I'm pretty sure this cologne was targeted at an... older audience. And frankly, the Hulk isn't one of the superheroes I would equate to smelling good. And the tagline on the bottle, "be angry," doesn't really make sense. This isn't the first time Hulk has been used for cologne either, so I guess someone is buying it. There are Captain America and Iron Man versions too, all three available on Amazon.

22 Fortune: Wonder Woman MAC Collection

via: kraseyfitbeauty.com

Wonder Woman isn't just a superhero, she has been an icon for girls and women for ages! She is a model that women can be just as strong and brave, sometimes even more so, than men. She is one of the first female superheroes so when the makeup company MAC launched a line of Wonder Woman inspired makeup and accessories in 2011, it sold fast. There are listing on eBay with an asking price of $4000 for a whole set, and the separate pieces sell for about $100 a pop.

21 Embarrassing: Vintage Wonder Woman Scissors

via: kazooni.com

I can see what the makers of this pair of scissors were going for. Putting superheroes on school supplies isn't weird, and it usually works. But this pair of scissors is... unfortunate. Wonder Woman looks likes she has seen better days. And I feel like her placement on the scissors wasn't thought out very well. But that's just my opinion. There is also a pair of Superman scissors that has him placed horizontally along the handle of the scissors, which work a little better. But not by much.

20 Fortune: Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

via: trustedreviews.com

LEGO's is back on the list with its impressive Ultimate Collector's Millenium Falcon. What set this set apart from the rest of the Star Wars LEGO sets is the number of pieces it takes to build it.

It has a whopping 7,541 pieces, which include mini-figures of Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, an older Han Solo, Finn, and Rey.

Another thing that sets this set apart is the price, it sells for nearly $800 making it the most expensive LEGO set as well.

19 Embarrassing: Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag


This is a situation where the concept of it seems kind of cool but when put into reality it isn't. Selk'bag had already been making sleeping bags that people could wear offering comfort and mobility. And then they came out with a line of sleeping bags modeled after Star Wars and Marvel characters and things took a turn towards weird. The ones available for kids are ADORABLE, but the adult sizes show that some things are best left to the younger generation.

18 Fortune: Fantastic Four #52 Marvel Comic

via: ebay.com

Comic books are one of the first things that get people into collecting. And it is one of the more expensive collectibles, as older comics in good condition are hard to come by. This comic book isn't on the list because it features the Fantastic Four. It is on the list because it is the comic where Black Panther made his debut in Marvel comics. Prices for this comic vary, but a mint condition copy can sell up to $1000.

17 Embarrassing: Wolverine Beard Comb


This item seems to be one of those things that are reaching too far. I guess since its targeted at guys it could be saying that if you use this comb you'll be as rugged and tough as Wolverine. But would Logan even something like this? I think not. I also feel like it was a missed opportunity not to incorporate his Adamantium claws more. Maybe It'd be cooler if it was a metal comb? Though if it still had this uncomfortable looking Wolverine who seemed like he didn't even want to be where he is, probably not.

16 Fortune: Qui Gon Jinn #128 Funko Pop Figure


Liam Neeson is probably one of the greatest action stars of the century and he showed that he made for one of the greatest Jedi masters in Star Wars history as he played Qui Gon Jinn. And it seems as if Funko Pop also thinks so, as they made a figure for him. What makes this vinyl figure so sought after is that it was a 2016 New York Comic Exclusive, with only 2000 of them made worldwide. It can reach prices of over $800 on Amazon and eBay.

15 Embarrassing: Crazy Foam DC Justice League

via: kiddingawound.com

The product itself isn't the embarrassing part, it even seems kind of cool. But what puts the DC Crazy Foam on the embarrassing side of this list is the way the can looks. I feel like someone didn't really think about the design of the can as closely as they should have. Even as a kid I wouldn't have wanted Batman or Superman to regurgitate foam into my bath, even if it did smell good. If they had just put the superheroes down at the bottom of the can it'd be fine.

14 Fortune: Justice League Aquaman's Trident Life-Size Replica


Aquaman has kind of been the punchline to people's jokes for a long time. But the Justice League movie has certainly given Aquaman a new look and a new edge to him that make people think twice about making fun of him. The official DC licensed shop has even made a replica of his trident from the movie that's pretty cool looking. It's made of metal and fiberglass and when put together is over 83" long! It's worth about $500.

13 Embarrassing: Batman Interactive Hamster House


This item proves that putting the superhero label on something will not make it cooler. It does its function as a hamster house I suppose. But is Batman really the right superhero to put on a hamster cage? His opposing image is dampened a bit as he looks out of a plastic hamster cage. Even more so with him twirling around in the air when the hamster wheel is spun. It would probably be a nice little gift for a kid, which it was most likely intended for.

12 Fortune: 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Superman Statue


This work of art is the creation of Cinemauquette and Toynami. They made a 29" replica of Christopher Reeve as Superman. It really makes for an impressive image as The Man of Steel is captured in mid-flight, his vibrant red cap flapping in the wind. It is made to look as realistic as possible, with a silicon skin. It even has real human hair! It was displayed at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con and was selling for $2000, with only 1000 of these statues made.

11 Embarrassing: "Super Skin" Sunscreen Packaging


The look of this item is cool but the concept behind it is a little weird, maybe even a little cringy. It is hard to tell at first glance what this item is but it is a line of sunscreen spray made in the shape of medication. What does this have to do with superheroes? The colors of the bottles correspond to a particular superhero, green in the Hulk, red is Spiderman etc. The concept was to promote skin protection with a tagline "Even superheroes need protection from the sun's harmful rays." Which I mean yeah... depending on the superhero. Good message but a weird concept.

10 Fortune: Batman Adventure #12 Comic Book


We got another comic book on the list featuring the adventures of Batgirl. It is a rare comic and holds such a high price among comic collectors because it has the first appearance of Harley Quinn! She's introduced as an ally to the Joker but has evolved into an occasional good guy. When it suits her. This comic can go up to selling for over $400 on eBay. Anyone lucky enough to have scored this comic back in the early 90s is sure to make a small fortune off of it.

9 Embarrassing: Spider-Man "Spidey Sense" T-Shirt


Spider-Man is back on the embarrassing side of this list with the "Spidey Sense" T-shirt. The look of the shirt is pretty good. It's black and has Spider-Man's face on it. It's a solid shirt that wouldn't even be on this list... if it wasn't for the huge and awkward looking device on the back of the collar. What gives the t-shirt "Spidey Sense" is the sensor on the back that vibrates whenever someone is within 5 feet of you. I can kind of see how it would be fun for at first, but imagine living in a big city and wearing this shirt. It would never stop vibrating!

8 Fortune: Wonder Women Replica Metal Sword


On the fortune side is a replica of Wonder Woman's sword from the movie. In the movie, Gal Gadot plays Princess Diana who ascended to a high tower on Themyscira to retrieve this sword.

Created by Zeus himself, it is the only thing able to stop Ares.

This replica is directly copied from the original prop used in the movie. It is made of stainless steel and even has the Amazonian runes along the blade! Prices vary on eBay but they can go up to $300.

7 Embarrassing: Batman Golf Head Covers


Now no one is saying people can't like superheroes and enjoy other hobbies like golf. But what I am saying is that maybe anyone wanting to show their love for superheroes while they golf might want to find another way to do so. As far as function goes, it seems to do what its supposed to- cover the head of a gold club. But Batman just looks like a sad there, and who wants a sad bat sitting out in the sun? I sure don't.

6 Fortune: Groot Premium Format Figure By Sideshow Collectibles


Groot gets to redeem himself on this list with the awesome figure by Sideshow Collectibles. It features an adult Groot that stands an impressive 22 1/2 " tall and is made out of a hard polyresin. This figure of Groot is beautifully detailed and ready for action, making a perfect piece to any superhero collection. It can go for about $700 to $1000 on eBay. I'm sure that even Groot himself will be impressed with this figure. Imagine him saying "I am Groot", but impressively.

5 Embarrassing: Iron Man Speakers


Oh, Tony what have they done to you? Sometimes the problem with superhero merchandise is that they take things a little too far away from the realm of "cool" to push it into the realm of "cute". And these Iron Man speakers have done that very thing. They work as speakers and having Iron Man as a rechargeable one isn't a bad idea the design just isn't... great. It doesn't look very cool and it isn't all that cute either.

4 Fortune: Batman & Batman Returns Three-Piece Batarang Set


Out of all of the variations of Batman, my personal favorite has to be Micheal Keeton's Batman in the Tim Burton films, Batman and Batman Returns. And I'm not the only one who thinks so as Hollywood Collectibles made a three-piece replica set of his Batarang from both movies! The two from the Batman movie are different sizes and the third one features the same LED light up display from Batman Returns. They come in a stand but are detachable. They'll bring anyone around $500.

3 Embarrassing: Wooden Bat Symbol Coffee Table


Okay, at first I wasn't even going to put this on the list because it looks and seems really cool! But the more that I looked at it and thought on it... a bat signal coffee table isn't that great of an idea. Look at those edges, anyone that has run into the edge of a coffee table knows how painful of an experience it is. And this coffee table is just full of sharp edges that I wouldn't want to risk running into at night.

2 Fortune: Crimson Dawn Psylocke Action Figure


And we end out Fortune side of the list with this amazing looking Psylocke action figure. This Crimson Dawn Psylocke is considered to be one of the rarest of the Marvel Legends action figures, as it was a part of the unreleased series by ToyBiz when they turned their Marvel license over to Hasbro. Rumors have it that there were only 12 of these action figures made, to be used as sales samples. Anyone lucky enough to have gotten their hands on one is looking to make around $3000. Though maybe this is one of those collectibles that are "priceless"?

1 Embarrassing: Batman Rollerskates


And here we come to the end of our list with the most embarrassing of the superhero collectibles... Batman skates. These babies were made in the 70s and were advertised in a magazine that sold fitness equipment marketed for kids. I can see the merit of doing it, putting kids favorite heroes on fitness equipment might encourage them to get out and stay active. But these skates went too far... and don't look all that safe either. There are ones with Superman and Hulk on the front of them too, neither of which look any better.

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