29 Supernatural Gods And Goddesses Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

There are many myths and legends of ancient gods and goddesses that once lingered over (and on) Earth. From numerous different cultures, there has been supposedly 320,000,000 gods since the beginning of time, from pantheons of famous mythology to gods worshipped across all types of followings.

In one of the largest running TV series’ in the industry (with season thirteen currently being aired), CW presents a thrilling story of two brothers raised as supernatural hunters. Sam and Dean Winchester are true heroes, dedicating their life to saving innocents from the supernatural world. The brothers are no strangers when it comes to powerful deities. Over the years they have crossed paths with many famous mythological and fictional figures. From vampires, to werewolves, ghosts, monsters, demons, and angels — you name it, they’ve slain it. Although, when they come across some of these mighty beings, they did run into some difficulty. We’d think that two humans would be no match for some of these powerful deities, however, they’ve proven us very wrong (years of being trained by the one and only John Winchester has certainly paid off).

We have put together a list of 30 gods and goddesses from Supernatural, listed from weakest to strongest. Join us as we unleash some of the most famous celestial beings in history, and how the Winchester’s managed to weave there way through their treacherous battles.

29 Oliver

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This little guy isn't as little as he seems. Appearing in the eighth season, Oliver is the son of the god of fire, Titan, and supreme trickster - Prometheus. The young boy was afflicted with the same curse as his father, who was imprisoned by Zeus with a powerful spell that would cause him to say his good-byes and resurrect every day. Shortly after Prometheus escaped, he met a woman called Hayley, and then came Oliver, who was born a Demi-god, unfortunately with the same curse. The seven year old is alive and well after the breaking of the curse, however he hasn't spoken a word since. Can you blame him?

28 Edward Carrigan

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From season two, we have Edward Carrigan, a pagan deity of the winter solstice who has survived over two millennia amongst humans on earth carrying out human sacrifices to stay strong. The Teutonic god is immortal and has several abilities including: mild weather manipulation, super strength, stamina, and agility.

He looks like your average friendly neighbor - you never know who anyone really is...

Despite these powers, Edward can be simply eliminated using a stake from an evergreen tree - nothing Sam and Dean couldn't handle.

27 Madge Carrigan

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The long-term partner of Edward Carrigan, Madge appears in the 'A Very Supernatural Christmas' episode in season two (also as a god of the winter solstice), where Sam and Dean Winchester investigate a series of attacks where victims had been pulled through chimneys. They soon came to realize they were dealing with 'Anti-Santa's' of paganism. Madge was also attacked by the evergreen stake - the Carrigan couple aren't the strongest of gods, but they certainly creep us out!

26 Zao Shen

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The kitchen of Folk (protector of hearth and family), Zao Chen appears in the Hammer of Gods' (season five), to discuss the apocalypse amongst many other deities. He was thought to have been immortal as he did not age, however, he was eliminated by Dean with a stake of unknown wood. Other than super strength and the standard powers most deities possess, Sao Chen wasn't the most powerful god out there. He's more of a family man!

25 Beau

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Beau was the former assistant of the Greek God of wealth, Plutus. A pagan god (meaning he was immortal), however, he was still defeated by the unstoppable Sam Winchester using Thor's mythical war hammer - the Mjölnir.

Where did Thor's hammer even come from? 

He had the power to teleport from place to place within the blink of an eye, along with telekinesis and apporting (throwing an enemy across the room with a simple gesture) - all pretty cool powers we wish we had.

24 Sleipnir

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A Norse god, and son of the famous trickster, Loki. Although he was a god with fairly weak abilities, Sleipnir was gifted with immortality living for thousands and thousands of years, before being ended by one of the four archangels, Gabriel (who strangely enough looked a lot like his father...)

"Sleipnir is a lot of things, but mainly he is a coward." - Gabriel

In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of Odin (who is the father of Thor, one of the most favorited characters in the Marvel universe!)

23 Vanir

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Probably the most terrifying gods in terms of looks, the Vanir is an embodiment of the Norse pagan god of wisdom and future. Taking the form of a scarecrow, the Vanir grants wealth, security, and protection from anything bad to those who help with its sacrifices. In ancient ages, villagers built an effigy (usually in their cornfields) for the god to inhabit (and claim its victims for the annual cycle). The sacrifice requires a man and a woman - any innocent who crosses its path will be in for a terrifying ordeal.

22 Moloch

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Moloch was the god of sacrifice. He was captured by a heartless family of humans, The Bishops, who starved the Moloch of blood for over a hundred years. Moloch had to eventually agree to help them in exchange of sacrifice of blood every year, else he would starve. Being overpowered by humans doesn't make this guy that strong, though he was able to warp reality (changing the properties and appearances of certain things), which makes him kinda cool.

21 Leshi

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The deity of forests in Slavic mythology, Leshi had the power to take the form of anything (including Paris Hilton), feeding off of humans in order to live. Leshi once ruled the woods where people would willingly sacrifice themselves to him, however, once this was cut down, Leshi ventured out into the world starving, having to find innocents to eat along his way.

Other powers include: super strength, speed, telekinesis, teleportation, thermogenesis and immortality. Although, the Leshi can be ended by being beheaded with an iron axe.

20 Calliope

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Goddess of music, song, and dance (epic poetry). Calliope was one of the Nine Muses (Greek goddesses and daughters of Zeus who ruled over arts and sciences).She has been around for thousands of years, perhaps as far as the Greek civilization. With the power of conjuration, Calliope had the power to create creatures based on characters and props in theatre, being able to bring things to life.

Not sure we'd want her as a drama teacher... 

Her abilities were unique to her, although she also possessed powers of other common deities (immortality, telekinesis, and teleportation).

19 Artemis

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Another daughter of Zeus, Artemis was the goddess of hunt, a deity of the Greek pantheon. She possessed the usual abilities, but had skills in archery and hunting unlike no other. The huntress is also a goddess of wild animals, the moon, hills, hunt, and wilderness - she rules the land!

Did you know... Artemis and Apollo were twin brother and sister?

We'd love to see her one-on-one with the Arrow himself - we heard rumours of a Supernatural/Arrow crossover...

18 Prometheus

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Known as the 'god before gods', Prometheus was a Titan and pagan deity, who got into a bit of a pickle with the mighty Zeus. He stole the fire from Olympus and gave it to humans on earth to provide them with light and warmth and protect them from monsters. Zeus was furious, so he imprisoned him with a curse that would cause Prometheus to say good-bye and come back to life for eternity. A harsh punishment - at least we know NEVER get on Zeus' bad side...

17 Vesta

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A Roman goddess of hearth who used to sacrifice six people a year in order to maintain a good harvest in Rome during the Pantheon. Apparently, she had people begging to be offered up to her (for some reason), but in order to be sacrificed they'd of had to have been pure. Vesta beholds standard abilities, with a few of her own including supernatural perception and pyrokinesis. She got a taste of her own medicine when she was defeated by Sam with a stake — pretty grim!

16 Vili

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Mr.Vili  - a Norse god with your average super strength, immortality and invulnerability. He appears to be a kind, dear old man, but his actions speak differently. Vili didn't last long, as the Winchester's kicked butt and overpowered him during Plutus' auction. Alongside Beau, Vili was also eliminated with Thor's hammer by the Winchester's (we wonder if Thor noticed his hammer has been missing all this time?) We bet they wish they never bumped into Sam and Dean on this day!

15 Baldur

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In Norse mythology, Baldur was one of the sons of Odin. He is thought to have been reasonably powerful, but not powerful enough seen as he was defeated by Lucifer. The deity appeared to have intimate relations with Kali, a Hindu goddess.

Baldur must be brave to date The Destroyer! 

He is portrayed as a proper gentleman, and seemed to disagree with the fact that Lucifer caused the apocalypse. Guess that makes him one of the good ones?

14 Baron Samedi

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Although it wasn't displayed in the TV shows, it is believed that Samedi had power over ghosts and other 'not living things'. Probably the power we'd want the least if we were a deity!

Again, the pagan god was ended by Lucifer in the 'Hammer of Gods', his arrogance led to him to his end (along with nearly every other god in that episode). They probably regret attending the gathering seen as there were very few survivors...

13 Odin

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Taking the form of a regular old dude on Earth, Odin (father of the mischievous trickster Loki), was the chief pagan deity of the Norse Pantheon. Possessing many powers similar to his kind, Odin is associated with healing, royalty, knowledge, and poetry.

Unfortunately, Odin didn't quite make it either during the episode where all the gods come together. He thought it was all silly and " just a couple of angels having a slap-fight", which he probably regrets considering his outcome...

12 Ganesh

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The 'remover of obstacles', Ganesh was a Hindu god who disguised himself as a human from his true form.

The deity is really an....elephant? 

Ganesh was one of the most worshipped gods in Hinduism, possessing standard abilities, but great intelligence as worshippers believe that those who followed him, would be relieved from all obstacles and difficulties in life. He appears once in Supernatural, Dean even accidentally got a sneak peek of him in his true form - oops!

11 Plutus

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The Greek God of Greed – Plutus was a powerful spellcaster, who apparently was also able to remove the souls of others. As a deity, he was immortal, however still able to be destroyed with a wooden stake to the heart! (committed by his not so loyal assistant – Beau).

“That's Plutus? What is he, God of the candy aisle?”

Greed means wealth, therefore this deity was not one to worry about the luxuries of life, being able to have everything and anything he ever wanted. We’re jealous…

10 Mercury

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Mercury was a careless being, with no emotion or remorse for humans – he hated them! Although, to other supernatural beings, he was polite and well-mannered.  A pretty powerful deity, who had extreme super speed unlike other gods, making his movement faster than what is visible to the human eye. We guess this makes him pretty much The Flash, unless Barry Allen is really descended from a powerful god – who knows?

Mercury is the Roman god of messengers, and could only be harmed by other powerful beings.

9 Osiris

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It is said that Osiris actually looked like an Egyptian mummy back in his day. Not so much in Supernatural, in fact, he looks better! The Egyptian was a god of the afterlife, transition, life, resurrection, regeneration, and the ruler of the underworld – a guy you do not want to be messing with.

Osiris harnessed many abilities, the obvious standards, amongst having super sense, telepathy, necromancy, and biokensis. He is undefeatable, however, the horn of a Ram will put him to sleep for a few centuries or so…

8 Loki

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Loki is a powerful trickster god of Norse mythology. Appearing across many different formats of media, the character is most known for his role in the Marvel universe.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

He definitely fooled the Winchester's more than a few times...

The trickster god's identity was borrowed by archangel Gabriel - a clever vessel to mask his true self. Loki was found imprisoned in the cave by his father Odin, Gabriel freed him and the two became friends. The archangel wanted to get out of heaven, and Loki agreed to help him. Quite a big favor if you ask us...

7 Chronos

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Chronos was much stronger than most deities - the very powerful God of Time.

"You want to know your future? I know your future. It's covered in black ooze. It's everywhere. They're everywhere. Enjoy oblivion."

During his time of worship, Chronos gained strength by stealing time from his followers. When his reign was over, he was forced to feed off humans in order to stop wandering through time. A very powerful deity who was able to travel back to any place in time with whoever he chose. The only way he can be destroyed is by a thousand-year-old branch of an olive tree carved by Vestal Virgins, dipped in unknown blood... eek!

6 Kali

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During the Hammer of Gods episode, Kali appeared to be one of, if not the most, powerful of deities in the room. The Hindu goddess is known as 'The Destroyer', possessing almost every kind of power, along with the ability to bind Gabriel (the archangel) to her presence (extraordinary to say the least).

Kali is both creator and destroyer of the universe 

She supposedly existed before time, and will continue to even after the end of the Earth - "If anyone gets to end this world, it's me".

5 Zeus

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King of the Greek pantheon and father to many powerful deities, the one and only Zeus!

Zeus was the God of the sky, thunder, lightning, storms, law and order, fate, destiny, justice and kingship (what a mouthful!). He appeared in the episode 'Remember the Titans', when he came down to help Prometheus and his son.

The chief figure in Greek mythology, the leader of all gods and all men. Don't mess with this guy! 

He possessed every common ability of his kind, and being the King of Olympian deities made him even stronger. However, he still had weaknesses and can be defeated with particular weapons or by primordial entities.

4 Castiel

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We know what you're thinking, how can an angel be one of the strongest Supernatural gods? SPOILER ALERT: The Man That Knew Too Much, reveals a side to Castiel we have never seen before. He tricks King of the Crossroads Crowley, and Archangel Raphael, by ended Raphael with a simple snap of the fingers - demonstrating his new powers. Claiming himself to be the new god, he begins to exact his new supremacy across Earth, only to find out he had absorbed souls from the dreaded purgatory.

3 Lucifer

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Meet the Devil himself - Lucifer.

"I'm not just powerful now. I am power. And I don't need a blade to end you, pal. Bye, bye, Dean."

The second archangel of God's creation, Lucifer was his favorite son (that was until he betrayed him of course). He refused to bow down to humanity, resulting him to be cast out of heaven by his father and thrown into the below by his brother, Michael. Satan became the ruler, and of all the demons that lie within it. Although he isn't exactly a deity, he still deserves a spot possessing more power than any normal angel, monster, demon, or deity in the universe.

2 God

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We were surprised to find out that the prophet, Chuck Shurley, was really God himself all along. He created the entire universe and most of what it contains, possessing immense power that allows him to do absolutely anything he wants. Sister of the terrifying Amara, God represents light and being (while she represents the complete opposite). The siblings serve as the balance of the universe, as the darkness can't exist without light. They say that light will always conquer darkness, but in this case, even God has his weaknesses.

1 The Darkness (Amara)

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Amara is a woman whose bad side you do not want to stumble upon. The Primordial Entity isn't exactly titled as a 'god', however, she is more powerful than any other being in existence. Her brother God stated that even with himself and all four archangels, it was an extreme struggle to seal her away - Castiel described her as impossible to destroy and that she could overpower God if is she wanted.

"I was the beginning, and I will be the end. I will be all that there is."

The Darkness was the beginning of everything, being the first to exist before anything else in the universe, including God. She is relentless, and not a force to be reckoned with.

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