28 Hilarious Supernatural Memes That Would Even Make Castiel Laugh

On the outside, Supernatural is a horror fantasy show. When it started out in 2005, it had a color scheme employed in its cinematography that made it appear dark in order to hit home the spooky aspect of the show. Over time, it has moved largely away from this aspect and embraced the supernatural element. It has also embraced the comedy that organically has been injected into the series. The actors were only in the early to late twenties when the show began, and it is difficult for young guys not to act goofy. This translated onscreen as well, and we have had numerous funny situations.

Castiel isn’t known for his sense of humor. He is one of the funniest characters, though. Inadvertently, the angel has provided a lot of comic relief thanks to his often childlike naivete. He has never laughed outright in all of the ten years he has been on the show. The only times Castiel’s vessel has laughed is when he has been inhabited by Lucifer or the Leviathans or someone else. But Supernatural’s funny moments are such that even the most out-of-touch angel will find them hilarious.

What makes this even more perfect is that a number of the memes you’ll find here aren’t even memes, per se. They are scenes taken from the show. Supernatural dialogue can be extremely funny too, so get ready to have a laugh riot.

28 Every Time

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No one remains gone in science fiction or fantasy. That is factual, backed up by every sci-fi or fantasy show that has ever been made. The TV landscape requires shows to remain interesting over long stretches of time. With fantasy shows regularly showing heroes in perilous situations, it would become too unbelievable from the main characters not to bite the dust. In order to accommodate this, writers have the heroes perish in one episode only to return to life later.

In just one episode of Season 3, Dean met his end over a hundred times.

That episode was inspired by Groundhog Day and saw Sam trying in vain to prevent Dean from perishing. Apart from that, the show has still seen these two meet their end numerous times. As recently as the 21st episode of Season 13 we saw Sam being devoured by Vampires from the Apocalypse World. What never changes is the reaction from the brothers when their sibling happens to pass away. Understandably, they are distraught and take any lengths to bring the brother back to life. A memorable episode is ‘Red Meat’ where Dean mistakenly assumes Sam has passed away and ends it all in an attempt to bargain with a reaper. No matter how many times these two bite the dust, they will be coming back to life one way or other.

27 Mother Of All Burns

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One of the most effective methods of fighting hosts and monsters is using salt. While that may sound lame to a non-fan, it is used a lot on Supernatural to great effect. Although the above meme mentions demons, it is ghosts who are most susceptible to salt. Sam and Dean use salted rounds on their guns to shoot at ghosts, thereby making them disappear for some time while they scramble for ideas to end its existence. To that end, the only way to vanquish a ghost or a demon is by salting its bones and setting them alight. Now, Gordon’s outburst in the meme has a more witty sense attached to it.

His poor disciple has messed up and Gordon insults her by claiming Sam and Dean could hunt demons with beef that has salt in such excessive amounts. Making it even more hilarious is the expertly inserted pictures of Sam and Dean themselves below the meme so that it appears as if they sympathize with the poor victim of the insult. The Supernatural fandom is wildly ingenious when it comes to employing memes as reactions to certain situations. This screenshot from one of the show’s episodes certainly fits well with the meme.

26 Special Services

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In 2009 the Twilight fever gripped the world hard. There was hardly any girl who was familiar with the book and wasn’t completely crazy over the series and the accompanying movies released at the time. Boys didn’t appreciate this craze much. The Twilight books mainly favored female readers, so there wasn’t any interest from the opposite gender. Similarly, Dean wasn’t having any of the Twilight craze this year, either. In the Season 5 premiere, when Dean had separated himself from Sam due to differences between the brothers that had brought Lucifer back to the world, Dean fought and finished off a vampire but quipped “Eat it, Twilight” before doing the deed. This was a nice reference to how guys had no care for the movie series.

Now that the Twilight films have been done for about 6 years and Supernatural is still running strong, it is easy to say that Dean has become a much cooler figure in the eyes of many. So, his offer here to a supposed client to gank sparkling vampires for free should be met with cheers for the most part. Edward, the Twilight main character, should haul himself as far away as he possibly can.

25 Waiting For The One

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Supernatural fans aren’t very accommodating to new characters. Perhaps this is why as of Season 13 we have seen so many former characters return as part of the Alternate World, such as Charlie, Kevin, Bobby, and Michael. It is a very difficult task for the showrunners to introduce a new character that people will like instantly. So far the crown jewel in the showrunners’ character introduction is Castiel.

Castiel was an instant hit among fans.

It was even more impressive considering that in Season 3, two female leads had been added in, Bela and Ruby, and both of these characters were largely hated by fans. Castiel, meanwhile, won everyone over due to his innocent and likable personality. He was supposed to be a minor character who would have been offed after few episodes but the reception to his arrival was so strong that Castiel is still here with us after ten years. It also helps that Misha Collins is of the same mold as Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jared Padalecki in that he is very pleasing to look at. Due to this factor, combined with Castiel’s mannerisms, the angel is seen as a sought-after figure by the female fanbase who would instantly marry him given the chance.

24 I Am Your Biggest Fan

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Unlike Dean, Sam was always more of a believer. Despite losing his mother and his fiancé to the yellow-eyed demon and living his youth bereft of a stable home, the younger Winchester brother kept a firm belief in the deity and his angels. From Season 1 to Season 3, the existence of angels was only mildly teased with a couple episodes dedicated to the possibility of these beings walking the Earth or living up above, and in these episodes, Sam was shown to have firm faith in the deity's soldiers. He admitted to Dean that he also usually prayed and was ecstatic when he discovered Dean’s meeting with angels in the flesh.

Upon meeting Castiel himself, Sam was overcome with emotion and had a full-on fanboy moment where he fumbled in speech, attempting to shake Castiel’s hand. The above picture is appropriate in surmising Sam’s thought process during this meetup. He was positively giddy with anticipation of some sort of divine impartment of wisdom or simply to witness something larger than life happening before him. Unfortunately, this fanboy dream was for nothing, as more than 90% of the angels introduced on the show have been portrayed as antagonists. At least Castiel ended up being his best friend, so it wasn’t all for nothing.

23 Dad's On A Hunting Trip

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When Jeffrey Dean Morgan was announced as the one to take over the role of Negan in The Walking Dead, the largest cheers had to have been from the Supernatural fanbase. JDM is best known for two characters on television with the first being as Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy and the next being, of course, John Winchester in Supernatural. It wasn’t a surprise to Supernatural fans, seeing as Negan display some of the same viciousness as John Winchester. Although John Winchester wasn’t a bad guy, he could take things up a notch. Some fans joke that John Winchester simply moved on from Supernatural and employed his hunter talents in The Walking Dead.

Understandably, Rick Grimes and his group have no idea how to deal with John Winchester.

If a crossover between the two shows were to happen, The Walking Dead characters would get flattened. Negan himself has nothing over John Winchester as the Winchester patriarch has dealt with all sorts of supernatural creatures. The Winchester family would be apex predators in the zombie apocalypse world. It’s a pity we will never see a Supernatural and The Walking Dead crossover, but as far as our imaginations are concerned Rick Grimes better pray Sam and Dean acquiesce and take John Winchester back to their world.

22 Sam's Greatest Weapon

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The Winchester brothers have no powers of their own (we’re discounting Sam’s demon blood induced abilities here) and rely solely on their tough grit and hunter resources to take down supernatural enemies. Then again, Sam Winchester might have a concealed power that would put even the strongest characters on the show to shame. Many noticed Sam giving people the puppy eyes when met with an impossible-to-escape-from scenario. On occasion, this is even referenced to within the show by people such as Crowley. It works too, as characters end up giving in to Sam’s puppy dog stare.

In the climax of Season 6, we saw Castiel turn into God!Castiel by taking millions upon millions of souls from purgatory. When under the influence of such power, he snapped his fingers to obliterate Raphael, but the price was his sanity as he underwent an antagonistic turn. This meme reimagines that scenario where Castiel orders his former friends to bow down and show their loyalty to him. Had Dean anticipated this and ordered Sam to hit back with a puppy dog look, Castiel would most certainly have relented. He already has a soft spot for the Winchesters, and Sam’s most potent attack would have done the trick.

21 Burn, Baby, Burn

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Gordon makes another appearance on this list. The chef has some selective insults for his poor contestants that make for entertaining TV, so it’s not stretching the imagination too far and wide to believe that Gordon may throw in some Supernatural references while he’s at it. Mary Winchester was infamously left on the ceiling of Sam Winchester’s room in the first episode of the show, and she was associated with fire for all of eleven years before she was resurrected in the finale of Season 11. For all those years, the most we knew of the character was of her end scene. She even canceled out a spirit in Season 1 to save her sons by showing up in a flaming visage.

Maybe Gordon hasn’t watched the latest seasons of Supernatural and isn’t aware that she is back. The character has been a disappointment for the most part, and surely many of the show’s fanbase would desire her to go back to her fate once more. But this joke shouldn’t fly over anyone’s heads as Mary was warm by the time Azazel was done with her in the pilot. Just don’t show this meme to Sam or Dean.

20 Being Adorkable

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In Supernatural, hard as it may be to believe, someone that looks like Sam is considered to be a dork. Sam relishes in undergoing truckloads of research and accustoming himself to all sorts of lore. However, Dean has the tendency to become ‘adorkable’ himself when the time calls for it. Displaying dorky tendencies combined with adorableness grants someone the title of being adorkable. Here Dean demonstrates how to do just that. For someone who is the tough guy of the show, Dean is still responsible for the goofiest moments as well. There are no episodes where he doesn’t display at least one moment of dork-like behavior, and this has only become more commonplace as the years have gone by.

When Dean is busy eating he has no care for how he might act or behave. Similarly, in this instance, he can’t bother to gulp down his food and then greet the person in front of him. So, cutting his losses, he decides to greet the person while his mouth is filled with food. The likeness to his face can be found among those people who don’t know how to act around cute girls, which is a lot of people.

19 Sam Is Worthy

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There’s hardly any lore the Supernatural writers have left out at this point. They’ve covered all sorts of deities over the show’s course and with it continuing for the foreseeable future they are likely going to interpret those that haven’t been done so far. When it comes to Norse mythology, Supernatural has dealt with it pretty well. We saw Odin, of all deities, being present in a doomed meeting in Season 5 where the archangel Lucifer made quick work of all kinds of Pagan deities. In Season 13, we also learned that the archangel Gabriel had assumed the trickster Loki’s form and masqueraded as him for millennia. While Thor has been absent from our screens as of now, his trademark weapon hasn’t.

In an episode from Season 8, Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir was set up for auction. Ultimately, Sam wielded the hammer and brought an end to another Norse deity, Mr. Vili. If we were to combine the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Supernatural, then Sam has the MCU Thor to answer to, should he come calling asking for his hammer back. Then again, if the worthiness charm was on the hammer at the time, wouldn’t it make Sam worthy of Thor’s powers?

18 Just Like Any Other Day

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This meme wasn’t made out of context. This was an actual scene from the show. In a Season 9 episode, Dean had a spell placed on himself to grant him powers to communicate with dogs. He was already unenthusiastic over the prospect of communicating with mutts but was met with further exasperation when he realized he could also communicate with all kinds of animals. This realization dawned on him when a bird went #2 on the Impala. Rather than fly away in fright of the angry human below, the bird turned out to be a real jerk as he antagonized Dean further by insulting him.

Not being above arguing with pigeons, Dean instantly took to hitting back on the bird with insults of his own. Of course to passersby, he would only look like a complete mental person, and so Sam had to do some damage control and pretend everything was hunky dory. This is just one of the thousand moments on the show that are bizarre but also display the writers’ creativity as they employ a combination of magic and comedy to great effect. This might also explain why birds are jerks in general too, maybe they do like dirtying up our cars for fun.

17 Our Clueless Angel

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Castiel is inherently designed like any other angels, and that would be cold and lacking human emotions. But he refuted all that at the end of Season 4 by aligning himself with the Winchesters. He is still a work in progress, for the most part, seeing that even 10 years later Castiel is hopeless when it comes to understanding human interactions. But this makes for several hilarious situations where the angel is left clueless as to what the happenings are. His friendship with Dean had begun due to this unawareness as Dean looked to introduce Castiel to his way of living only to find it backfiring.

Castiel’s personality also makes him very likable to the fans. His mannerisms are reminiscent of a little boy who has no idea how to navigate himself in the big, unpredictable world. In Season 9, when his grace had been taken away Castiel began becoming more like a normal man by showing interest in women but this was not very well received and he was soon back to becoming the clueless angel that we all wanted. In Season 8 Metatron imprinted all pop culture references in Castiel’s brain and while he does now get what movie the reference belongs to he still can’t understand the reason to use such reference in a given situation.

16 Magical Hair

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Sam Winchester’s hair might just be the stuff of legend. 13 years on it seems he has never bothered to get it cut. While Dean has never grown his hair out even the slightest, Sam has stuck to growing his long locks. In Season 1, his hair was something like what Troy Bolton from High School Musical would have. It made him look like a teenage boy and Jared Padalecki was not a fan of this hairdo. From Season 2 onwards he would part his hair and look more like someone who should be taken seriously. Later on, his hair would reach luscious levels, something that not even hair products could deliver to anyone.

This meme serves to give an answer to the question of Sam’s hair. He is from a show called Supernatural, so it might be fair to assume that maybe his hair really is supernatural. It would be interesting to see how Sam might look with shorter hair, though. But this doesn’t seem to be a possibility as both Sam and Dean are stuck with their respective styles. In Season 7 they didn’t even bother to alter their looks when there was a nationwide hunt for them as the Leviathans had masqueraded as them.

Comic by K009.

15 Faith Restored

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Let’s make one thing clear from the start. Chuck really sucks. The character is the worst interpretation of the creator of the universe in probably all fiction. Never has he ever taken any responsibility for the chaos he himself has caused and never has he displayed any indication to help any deserved person in need. All Chuck does is masquerade behind an average Joe figure in order to make others think he is compassionate or relatable in any way. Dean was right never to trust or put any faith in him because Chuck never did anything for them let alone humanity.

In Season 11 when Chuck reveals his true nature to everyone he hides out in the Men of Letters bunker with the rest of his allies to fight the Darkness. During this time the heroes get to know him slightly better. Chuck regularly displays human tendencies, which is ironic as his creations the angels never display such characteristics. Dean had thought God would be somewhat similar to the angels but was surprised to find out Chuck enjoyed many of the same things he did. One of these was his love of bacon, and for a little time there was something called faith behind Dean’s usually pessimistic eyes.

14 Friends Forever

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You can have your Game of Thrones or Westworld. You can have your Veep or Modern Family. But no amount of critical acclaim can beat the Supernatural fandom. The show has been renewed for a fourteenth season meaning it will at least run till 2019. To put the time period in perspective, Jensen Ackles was only 27 when the started and when Season 14 concludes he will be 41 years old! The end of his twenties, the entirety of his thirties and at least the beginning of his forties will have been spent working on Supernatural. The main factor in the longevity of the show is the fans. These comprised mainly of teenagers when the show started but now even those former teenagers are either in their late twenties or have entered their thirties.

Needless to say, Supernatural fandom friendship lasts a lifetime.

It’s very easy to become friends with a Supernatural fan. All one has to do is mention they too watch the show and that’s that. Not only will you have a new friend, you’ll have a new best friend. But make no mistake this will be a lifetime commitment because the series isn’t showing signs of stopping.

13 Destiel

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As soon as it became apparent that Castiel and Dean had a profound bond with one another, the internet was alight with thousands of memes, posts, and fan fiction about the two characters. Seriously, it’s crazy ridiculous how many fandom posts are dedicated to these two. Supernatural itself made references to the supposed love story between Castiel and Dean in one of its more meta fiction-themed episodes. The fandom term for these two is ‘Destiel’ and should you dare search it up on the internet you will either be scarred by what comes up or be sucked into the shippers' crew for this couple. In recent seasons, Castiel has been shown to become close to Sam as well so his association isn’t as much with Dean as it was before.

But make no mistake Dean and Castiel are the ‘It’ friendship of the show. Dean was beside himself with grief when Castiel was finished by Lucifer in the Season 12 finale and it took to actually see Castiel resurrected in the flesh to bring Dean back from depression. Castiel’s main motive in Season 10 was to figure out a way to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm and went to great lengths to ensure this was done.

12 Yes-No

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Nowadays, the usual exclamation of ‘No’ that a protagonist or any other character utters has been parodied to the point that it isn’t seen as a viable piece of dialogue. This has been further popularized by the YouTube channel CinemaSins that regularly takes shots at movies for having the same tropes. Now memes have begun to replicate this joke and Supernatural is no exception. Although considering this instance Castiel has been employed to make an example of this trope is very fitting, because Castiel would definitely not know he is parodying himself. He’s hardly ever had much of any comebacks and just looks confused when someone happens to take a shot at him, with the exception of the time when he called Dean’s fashion sense something a lumberjack would appreciate.

In this scene, from the finale of Season 6, Castiel had just absorbed all of purgatory’s souls and been granted powers that would rival Chuck himself. At the time Chuck was MIA as he always is and Castiel took the mantle of the rules of the universe himself. His response to Sam is relatively literal as this meme suggests Castiel likens himself to the creator of the cosmos as believed by the Iron Age Kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

11 Never Meant To Be

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You really have to love the landscape of show business. People can play a certain type of character on one show and an entirely different person on another, they could also star next to someone they are supposed to be close with in one show or movie and be on totally opposite sides in another. Such is the case with The Walking Dead, Supernatural and oddly enough, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan both appeared as Batman’s parents in the DCEU film’s intro. This would make them spouses which is hilarious as in The Walking Dead JDM ended Lauren’s spouse’s life as brutally as possible.

Add in the fact they were in Supernatural too and you’ve got a real case on your hands.

In Supernatural Lauren played Bela, who was an antagonist to the Winchester boys throughout Season 3. We never saw her interact with John Winchester as he was deceased by that point but there was no love lost between her and John’s kids. The same sentiment would be passed in reverse on The Walking Dead. Here Negan is the big bad to Maggie’s good girl. Looks like wherever they go tragedy is bound to strike. Just ask Bruce Wayne.

10 Above All Else

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While this may be funny, it is the one main rules of the show. Dean makes no decision before ensuring Sam will be safe or not. Since the first episode, when he was 4 years old, his life mission has been to protect Sam. That has never changed 13 seasons later. Even now, whenever they are about to land in a dangerous situation, Dean’s first priority is to shield Sam from the line of fire. This has also been known to their rivals as Dean’s weak spot as the Big D tried to make Dean take Sam’s life at the end of Season 10, only for Dean to reverse the intended outcome and off the Big D himself using his own scythe.

There are no limits to how far Dean would be willing to go to protect his Sammy such as when he traded his soul to the pit at the end of Season 2 in exchange for bringing Sam back to life. He doesn’t even care about being a hypocrite, as Dean is willing to take out infected people, but when Sam himself got infected he was prepared to fight anyone who would harm Sam.

9 The Age Issue

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Dean might be Sam’s older brother, but the way he behaves sometimes makes it seem as if he might be younger. Physically, it is obvious that Sam is the younger of the two, but Dean’s antics of being the goofy one puts this fact in serious doubt. Even more appropriately, we saw Dean reverted back to his younger teenage self in an episode from Season 10, and Sam was the one behaving like the big brother on that occasion. Then again, Dean has a tendency to land himself in these kinds of situations, as he was also turned into an old man in Season 5 after losing a card game to a witch. Dean is also in his late 70s as far as his soul is considered, as he spent 40 years in the underworld.

When you combine all these factors in, it might make some sense why Dean is unsure that he is Sam’s elder sibling in the above situation. Sam is actually older than Dean when the consideration of the soul comes into place. He spent 120 years in Lucifer’s cage and is thus far older than Dean. But when we take it purely from Earth years then Dean is, in fact, four years older than Sam... since birth.

8 There Go My Beliefs

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Being an atheist has become the hip, cool thing for this generation. Although many might genuinely have beliefs that there are no deities, for the most part, you will find people on the internet flaunting their atheist beliefs as if it grants them some superiority or higher intellect as compared to those who have faith in their lives. Ironically, many atheists have holier than thou attitudes to themselves, not flinching when given any reasonable argument either. Their stubbornness might even remain if they were to ever be confronted by an actual angel.

A visit from Castiel was hard to stomach for this guy.

At a higher pedestal would be the scene involving prophet Donatello in Season 11 who couldn’t believe his status as a prophet of the lord due to the fact that he was an atheist. Donatello even said he would have to find something else to believe in as he couldn’t very well go back to being atheist now that he knew that Angels and the whole shebang really did exist. It will never happen in real life, but a visit from an angel like Castiel would be a treat to watch. If only, right? He would be a great guy to see.

7 It Doesn't Get Easy

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Building upon a previous point in this list, here we have the grief the Supernatural fandom has to endure due to the repeated perishing of their favorite characters. Castiel and Sam both have passed away within the span of a year, as Castiel was finished off by Lucifer in the Season 12 finale while Sam only met his end as recently as the previous week. Crowley, sadly, did not make a return from his apparent end in the Season 12 finale.

Each time these characters bite the dust, the fandom cries out all at once.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time they have been offed or the 50th time because the resultant anguish from fans is always the same. Eventually, it has become very exhausting to undergo a tragic end to our heroes. While they do return somehow later on it is never easy to watch. Just go to YouTube and check out Supernatural reaction videos and you’ll see endless lines of fans crying when witnessing the heroes’ ends. It’s hard to find any fandom that might be able to relate on an intimate level just how exhaustingly wearisome it is to have our heartstrings tugged at every turn.

6 The King Of Hearts

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It’s unfortunate that Crowley wasn’t part of Season 13. It’s unknown at the time of writing if Crowley will even be coming back for future seasons either. He had been a mainstay on the show for eight years starting from Season 5. It was also obvious Crowley was never meant to be a major player but like Castiel before him, it was impossible to not love this guy.

Crowley’s charisma ensured he became a main character.

Mark Sheppard was given main cast billing starting from Season 10 while he had been seen in Season posters since the eight season. His popularity was due to his effective dialogue. Able to make anyone uncomfortable with what he said, Crowley was the best when it came to breaking the ice. As the King of all Demons, he held control over these beings and so the above exchange between Crowley and Dean has proper context. Still, only a show like Supernatural could have a conversation where someone says staying back with demons means staying safe. Crowley never had bad chemistry with any of the characters. You could drop him with either Sam, Dean, Castiel, or Bobby and the episode would be gold.

5 Battle Of The Shows

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For a time, around 2010 to 2012, The Vampire Diaries was a bigger show than Supernatural. Thanks to the pairing of TV brothers Stefan and Damon, the siblings gave the Winchesters a run for their money for a while. Eventually, Supernatural has proven to be the more popular of the two shows, seeing as The Vampire Diaries ended after eight seasons while Supernatural has been renewed for a fourteenth season. When The Vampire Diaries had been big there was a fascination for a potential crossover between the two series. It made perfect sense by all means as both TV shows were part of the CW network and both dealt with supernatural elements. The stars of the show were regularly questioned if they would be down for any crossovers and the actors usually confirmed positively.

But trash talk isn’t out of the question either, and here Jensen Ackles has it on full display when he suggests moving over to The Vampire Diaries universe and effectively wiping out all the vampires, including the protagonists. It shouldn’t be too difficult for them either as their smoking gun would be Castiel who could very easily place a palm on the vampires’ foreheads and smite them in an instant.

4 Multiverse Encounter

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Previously we mentioned a potential crossover between The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Now let’s compare to another TV show, Smallville. Before Supernatural took the crown as the longest-running science fiction/fantasy show on US television, it belonged to Smallville, which ran from 2001 to 2011 for a total of ten seasons. During the 2000s, the actors from both shows were still very young and dabbled between movies and commitments to their TV series. In 2003, before Supernatural had started but while Smallville had begun airing, Tom Welling formed part of the family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen where he played Steve Martin’s character’s eldest son with Hilary Duff playing his younger sister. Tom Welling is a big looking guy himself so to have someone antagonize him the person would need to be bigger. And who better than Sam Winchester himself?

Being a close friend of Welling, Jared Padalecki did him a favor by making a cameo as an unnamed bully who looked to pick of Tom’s character. The fight was broken up by Hilary Duff’s character. In 2018, the context of this scene would play out as Superman confronting Sam Winchester while Lizzie McGuire holds them back.

3 Makes Sense In Context

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Supernatural has its large fair share of goofy moments that cannot be understood without the proper context provided. It is actually one of the charms of the show as it provides fans something only they can enjoy. An outsider would have no clue what the show is about if they would read the above dialogues without knowing what was happening. Supernatural also has its own special brand of humor that takes frequent watching to appreciate.

To put things into some perspective, let's refresh a few of the above scenes.

Sam’s rant about Tuesday is meant to sound insane, as he was the only one repeatedly lived Tuesday as part of Gabriel’s intention to make him see how he couldn’t save Dean from his deal with the crossroads demon. So Sam isn’t being crazy, instead, he’s the only one who has any knowledge of what’s going on. Likewise, Dean calling himself fake and Sam rambling about a key are scenes from ‘The French Mistake’ where they get transported into our world and have to pretend to be Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Moments like these are what highlight reels are made for and Supernatural has stuff like this in abundance.

2 The Hard Truth

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Despite being older than every human that has ever been born, Castiel is like a baby himself. He has no clue how to conduct himself around humans as angels are meant to be totally literal. In his earlier seasons, Castiel required some measure of hand-holding when accompanying the Winchester brothers in their investigations. One of the most hilarious moments has to be when he masqueraded as an FBI agent, only to display his fake badge the wrong side up. Castiel is also awful at lying because that would require going against the law or breaking rules, something he was not hardwired to do.

In one scene of the show, when Dean had not had Sam by his side and had to contend with Castiel for the case, he advised Castiel to act more human so as not to blow his cover. This meant having to lie. Dean being Dean also provided Castiel with a justification that no doubt sounded much more impressive in his head. His reasoning was that lying relentlessly makes you president. Oddly enough, Dean might be onto something here as politicians mostly do fabricate stories in order to collect the votes. Maybe Castiel has the right guy to guide him.

1 Life Of Pie

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Finally, we reach the best meme of the bunch. This one has been on the internet for more than five years and maybe you have caught it before. But no Supernatural meme list could be complete without including this gem. Dean is responsible for the majority of the jokes in the show thanks to his set-in-his-ways mannerisms. A running gag involved Dean always asking Sam for pie whenever Sam went on a food run, only to be disappointed when Sam returned without pie because he either forgot or thought cake was an appropriate substitute.

The only thing Dean loves more than pie is Sam.

Which means he will stop at nothing to get his hands on some. On occasion, the elder Winchester brother has been lucky to get pie for himself, and on these instances, his delight knows no bounds. This poster is absolutely hilarious as it includes multiple things to appreciate. Dean is situated opposite some pie, looking forlornly toward it. Meanwhile, in the raging sea, he rows a boat using a fork while the pie is ever so near his grasp. The Impala still isn’t far away and even drives over water to reach Dean. Unfortunately, it is vain once again as the tagline of ‘Not Coming Soon’ infers Dean will once again be without pie in the end.

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