Supernatural: 25 Ridiculous Plot Holes Fans Ignore

This one is going to be a tough article to write, because we know how much Supernatural fans love the show, and how intense they can get about their beloved characters. Don't hate us guys, we love them too! We do have to admit when they are wrong, though, and that's what this list is for. In this list, we'll be discussing 25 plot holes that Supernatural writers missed. Some of them are minor, maybe someone forgot something from an episode that happened 10 years ago (it's understandable, Sam and Dean have been through a lot). Some of them, however, there is no excuse for. They're big parts of the story that were either just not explained, or glossed over and we all just had to accept it.

Supernatural first aired on our TV screens on September 13th, 2005. It was a wonderful day for many especially Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) who have had more job security than most actors get. When the show started, no one knew how popular it was going to become, but here we are 13 years later and we're sad to admit that we think it might be getting to the retirement stage. We hate to say it because we love watching (and crying at) Sam and Dean sacrifice themselves for each other, but we'd rather see it go down in history as a brilliant show. Not as the show that just dragged on. As long as they end it with Sam and Dean finally happy, we'll be fine (but if they try to pull a Dexter [SPOILER ALERT FOR DEXTER, GUYS], there will be riots).

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25 Saving People, Hunting Things... Not Anymore

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Well, it looks like that's gone out the window after all this time. Look, we understand that there's a lot going on with Sam and Dean. They save the world a lot, are in the middle of multiple world ending fights. They're under a lot of stress, we get it, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't care about getting rid of innocent people. In the early seasons, they used to exorcise a demon out of its human vessel and send it back to the underworld; now they just poke it with the demon knife. Effectively ending its life, yes, but they also just end the life of the poor innocent soul who it was stuck in.

In the second episode, Sam and Dean are learning to be brothers again after a long two years apart. Sam's getting used to being back hunting monsters, and Dean says this quote about their missing father, which became a well-known and loved motto for the show: "I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business." That quote became an iconic line for the show that pretty much set the tone. The boys travel around the country and end monsters while simultaneously saving humans. Like demon exterminators.

24 Poor Adam

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Remember Adam?! Poor old Adam Milligan (Winchester) is still stuck in the underworld, or at least that's what we've been led to believe. Back in Season 4, Adam Milligan was introduced, and Sam and Dean found out he was actually their half-brother. Shock! Sly John Winchester had a secret relationship with a woman and out popped Adam. It was a shock for Sam and Dean at the time, but it was worse because the boys found out their neglectful father had been a really good dad to Adam. Of course, poor Adam didn't know this so he just started talking about what a great dad John was, which made Sam and Dean take a disliking to him.

This was no excuse to leave the poor boy in the underworld for eternity. After a lot of dramatic stuff happens, the point is both Adam and Sam accidentally end up in Lucifer's cage with him. A naturally hysterical Dean tries to make deals to get both of them out of the underworld, because in the underworld time is a lot longer, making a month feel about 10 years. Dean goes to Death (yeah, literal Death. How metal) to make a deal, but he says Dean can only pick one. Unsurprisingly Dean picks Sam, they have an emotional reunion hug, and poor little Adam hasn't been mentioned since. Come on, guys, that's pretty rude.

23 Is Sam A Genius?

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Sam Winchester is shown to be pretty smart, and we love him for it. He's the main researcher for his and Dean's hunting duo, he speaks some Latin sometimes, and often thinks of the idea to save them from joining the afterlife (generally at the last second). One thing that's confusing though, is how he was 22 in Season 1, and already on his way to law school. When Dean and Sam reunite in the first episode, Dean says he hasn't seen Sam in 2 years. Sam said he had an interview with a law school, and it takes 4 years to finish college as far as we knew.

So either Sam was a genius, or they were in different timelines *Rick and Morty music*.

Supernatural's creator Eric Kripke said that originally they were going to have Sam as 20, but changed his age to 22 at the last minute and just forgot to change Dean's line from two to four years. It's a mistake, and we'll forgive it because we like to believe that Sam is just that smart. It does make us sad to think that Sam could have lived happily with Jess, been a lawyer, had kids. Then we think about how he and Dean probably wouldn't have been close again and it brings us right back. Brotherly love forever!

22 The Colt

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Sometimes we think Sam and Dean just enjoy making life more difficult for themselves. Does The Colt sound familiar to anyone? No? That's probably because it was forgotten about and we haven't really heard of it since. The Colt is one of the most powerful, monster-ending weapons in the world. It can end literally anything it shoots, you think Sam and Dean would have it handy, wouldn't you? After Bobby discovered a way for the colt to shoot normal bullets, Sam and Dean try to use it to end Lucifer. He's Lucifer, so it didn't work and Sam and Dean kind of just gave up on it then.

It could be used to end literally else they fight, though. We'd be keeping it around, but it's their show. After that, the colt wasn't talked about until Season 12 when the boys use it in a fight with Dagon, one of the Knights of Hell (because Sam and Dean needed more evil things to deal with). It gets broken and instead of trying to fix it, Sam and Dean decide to just throw it out and continue on with their salt and knives. We love the spirit, boys, but the Colt just makes more sense logically. RIP, Colt.

21 Who Is Paying The Expenses?

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Up until they found the Men of Letters' bunker, and made a little makeshift home (how sweet), Sam and Dean lived out of motels. Now, we know they only stay a couple of nights and move on, but that has to add up. They're constantly driving around the Impala, like hello? The price of gas these days, we can't imagine what it costs them. Adding to this all of the takeout they eat, all the time, how are they affording this?! Early on we see Sam find a lot of credit cards in the car and make a comment to Dean about running credit card scams. That can't be sustainable as they're such wanted criminals, the feds surely would have caught onto the credit cards,

The next idea is hustling pool money, which was probably most useful when the boys were teenagers and needed extra money for candy, but how is it sustaining their food, clothes, motels, and gas?! While they've cut down on motel expenses now, we just can't believe that they stay so well dressed and clean while making such little money. Do homeless people exist in the Supernatural universe? Or are they all just living off hustled pool money? That raises another question, how has no one caught onto the pool hustling yet? We need to sit down for a minute.

20 What's After Purgatory?

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After we saw Dean go to hell early on in the show, we didn't think it could get much worse. Then the writers brought in Purgatory. Purgatory is the place where all the monsters go when they pass. More accurately, where monsters go when Sam and Dean end them. So when Dean gets stuck in Purgatory after being too close to Dick in Season 7 (that's a long story for a later time), we don't know how he'll survive. Naturally being one of the main characters on the show, Dean lives by offing monsters in purgatory. This raises a question.

If purgatory is where the monsters go to perish, where do they go once they've been offed in purgatory?

This is starting feel like Supernatural's version of Inception, and we're getting confused. Can't we just go back to Season 1 where the biggest issue was some old lake ghost trying to end people?! Such simple times. Anyway, to this day, Supernatural writers have still not answered the question. Probably because they don't know, and we can't blame them. When TV show lore starts to go really deep, we understand it can be confusing. Especially TV shows like Supernatural. We wonder how JK Rowling managed it? Maybe the writers could ask her.

19 What Happened To The Casual Hunts?

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You know what? We're still sad about this so it can become its own point. What happened to driving around the country and helping people end a wendigo? Or remove evil bugs from their house? Or even your casual shapeshifter? We miss the early Supernatural when Sam and Dean had issues, but still helped people. Now it's just constant world-ending angels vs demons pain, and we're kind of over it. We know that Sam and Dean have to save the world, but we're just kind of sad the family motto doesn't seem to come into play anymore. This may be an unpopular opinion, but we personally think all of the casual hunts stopped happening since Cas came into the show...

We get that they have to think of huge stuff to draw in viewers each season, but with the fan base Supernatural has, we don't think they're going anywhere. In fact, we think the hardcore SPN fandom would appreciate a couple episodes out of the season where Sam and Dean just road tripped around a few states and helped out some people. There is enough fan fiction online for the writers to get some good ideas (not those kinds of ideas. Just case ideas, calm yourselves).

18 Who Is John Winchester's Dad?

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Now, this is one of those times when the writers are under pressure to come up with good content and forget the little one-liners that happened in a single episode eight years ago. We get it, they're human and it's impossible to remember everything. It was one of those little one-liners that caused a big plot hole about Supernatural's dad's dad. Yep, John Winchester's old man. In Season 4, Dean goes back to 1973 and sees young versions of his parents (John was super hot. Not that he wasn't as a 40-year-old. We love JDM). While in a diner with young John, a man comes in and tells young John to say hi to his old man for him, John says he will.

This doesn't make any sense, as in Season 8 Sam and Dean meet their paternal grandpa, who time travels. They are shocked as John told them he was absent growing up. We discover that grandpa Winchester was in the Men of Letters and therefore had to leave his family a lot to hunt down all kinds of monsters. He perishes soon after anyway, which is sad as he just got back with his family (seriously, no one should ever be connected to Sam and Dean). The point is, who was the old man in the 1973 diner talking about?

17 Aren't They Wanted Criminals?

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From the first ever episode of Supernatural, we've seen Dean and Sam (very illegally) posing as police officers, and we learn that Dean is a wanted criminal with a looooong history of charges. Throughout the early seasons, Dean and Sam are often arrested and told how long the FBI have searched for them. Full-scale man-hunt searched. In one particular episode, Dean is accused of a crime with his face plastered literally everywhere. They have faked their ends of life and been caught again, meaning that Sam and Dean Winchester should probably be number one on America's Most Wanted list.

What's confusing here is how they manage to hide so well in plain sight.

With the number of cops they talk to, don't you think they should be recognized sometimes? Yet both brothers never even bother to change their appearance in any way at all. Not even changing coats. Somehow they still manage to not be noticed at all, by anyone. In Season 7 the leviathans posed as Sam and Dean and did a cross-country ending spree, yet no one remembers their faces? Sam and Dean don't even change their names when introducing themselves to people. Absolutely nothing jogs memory in this show.

16 What Happened To 'Christo'?

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This one is a popular question among the Supernatural fandom. It boggles our minds as to why this simple, efficient way to spot a demon wasn't used more often? In Season 1 episode 4, Sam and Dean discover there's a demon that finds makes itself at home in planes, and then crashes the plane. This is the first time the Winchester brothers have dealt with demons, so they research as extensively as they can. They discover that by saying the word 'Christo,' a demon will flinch and flash its black eyes. Dean uses this on the plane, they find the demon, exorcise it back to hell and everyone lands safely.

So why didn't they ever use this method again? We don't know. It would make sense to. We know that demons to Sam and Dean are pretty minor now, they've dealt with way worse monsters, actual Lucifer, so on so forth. We just think it would make finding the demons a lot easier, instead of looking around and taking way longer to figure out. Also, it would make meeting fellow hunters a lot easier. We often see hunters throw holy water in each other's faces as a way of checking they're not demons, but saying one word would be a lot quicker and lot less messy. Just sayin'.

15 Why Was Lilith Afraid?

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It's time to talk about the demon-ending knife again. When it was first introduced by Katie Cassidy's Ruby, it was a savior to Sam and Dean. A knife that could end a demon just like that? It was brilliant. Over time, the writers realized that it was becoming too easy for Sam and Dean to just be able to get rid of demons. They decided to make really powerful demons immune to the knife, therefore the poor vessel being used by the demon (there's a person in there!), was just going to be taken out for no reason.

This brings up why Lilith, apparently the very first and most powerful demon, was scared of it? In Season 4 episode 6, Lilith takes the form of a pretty little blonde girl and terrorizes her family and neighbors. She is afraid of nothing and no one, including Sam and Dean until she sees the demon-ending knife, which by the writer's standards, should not phase her as she's too powerful for it to end? We don't know if we can excuse this one guys, it was a pretty notable storyline. Either way, Sam eventually ends her with his super demon blood powers, which are also obsolete now.

14 Bye, Dad

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Poor John Winchester wasn't reunited with his sons long before he sacrificed himself to save Dean's life. After a lot of emotional turmoil, Sam and Dean vowed to continue his legacy. Then Sam was stolen and sent to demon blood camp, where he was literally hit in the back and perished. There was some good acting in that scene, there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Dean was crying. Dean sold his soul to bring Sam back (no emotional independence in this family), but the boys then had to deal with the 66 seals to release Lucifer being broken. One of those seals was old Papa John Winchester, where the boys released him from the underworld! It was a beautiful moment (we couldn't enjoy it for the constant panic that Dean only had a year, okay).

What happened to John Winchester?

We can assume he floated up to heaven and continued to watch his boys live (and leave his third son in the underworld). We never got any confirmation from the writers. Even a quick cameo of John in the episode where we found out Sam and Dean share heaven, would have been nice. Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be busy on The Walking Dead now, but we're sure he'd like to pop back in for another episode. Mary Winchester came back, why can't John?

13 How Did God Save Cas?

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This one comes with a bit of a spoiler alert. In all honesty, we probably should have a spoiler alert on all of it, but we assumed you all knew it comes with the territory. Anyway, this one's about Cas. We all know that Cas came back from the afterlife recently. As a main character, he doesn't have much chance of perishing, and that means great things for the Supernatural fans, and his actor Misha Collins who has wonderful job security. Recently Cas came back from a place called 'The Empty', basically where angels go to perish. As the angel graveyard, it could have had a better name.

When he got back Dean and Sam asked if God (Chuck) had brought him back and Cas said no, because God had no jurisdiction in The Empty. Now if God (or Chuck) created everything, how is there a place he's not allowed? That wasn't even the plot hole by the way. The plot hole is Cas perished back in Season 5  (and created the best insult of all time) and was brought back by God, so why was God-Chuck suddenly allowed to have power back then but not now? Again, this is another one that we think was probably a bit too big of storyline to just forget about.

12 Can Angels Eat Or Not?

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This is one of the more minor plot holes we've found, and Cas eating wasn't a very important part of the storyline so we totally understand if the writers skipped this one. We've gotten mixed signals from the angels who have eaten human food so far, so we wanna know if they can actually enjoy it or not. In Season 5 episode 14, Castiel is seen eating like four hamburgers. He says how nice they are and the way he's throwing them down makes us think he's really enjoying himself. Throughout their visits to Sam and Dean's lives, angels Balthazar and Gabriel are also shown eating a lot of human foods, which they seem to enjoy as well.

Now here comes the plot hole. The confusing thing that the writers seem to have forgotten about, or decided to just change randomly is, that in Season 9 episode 11 Cas complains that he can't taste human food, and doesn't enjoy it anymore because it just tastes like 'molecules' to him. So can they or can't they? Or do only some angels have to right to taste? Hopefully, in future episodes, we'll get to see Cas munching happily on a hamburger again.

11 The Rugarus

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In the early seasons of Supernatural viewers would have been really confused if Sam and Dean just started spitting knowledge of all the monsters they'd encountered, and it wouldn't have been easy to follow. So the writers made it so that Sam and Dean explained the information they knew, and then they discovered new monsters at the same time as the viewer. 13 years later and we can safely say we have way too much useless information in our heads about Supernatural, and it does not help in everyday life. At all.

Did Dean forget the existence of flesh-eating monsters?

So in Season 4 episode 4, Sam and Dean first encountered a Rugaru. A Rugaru is a thing that starts out human, and when they hit 30 all their facial bones shift, their teeth rot and they get creepy and are stuck with a never-ending craving for human flesh. Thank God we humans just have to deal with wisdom teeth sometimes. This is a plot hole because, in Season 9 episode 7, a flashback shows teenage Dean telling someone his dad is out hunting a Rugaru. Did the writers forget to do their homework? It was another one-liner that came back to bite them.

10 Where Did Kevin's Ghost Go?

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This one is kind of like the John Winchester ghost question, only a bit different. Kevin Tran was one of the coolest, most loved Supernatural characters ever. Kevin was a high school kid who turned out to be a prophet of God. This meant he had the knowledge to help out Sam and Dean, and they all became friends. It was a very dark day in Supernatural when Kevin perished. He was ended by Gadreel, who was ordered by that douche Metatron. We all mourned his passing, but we were in luck because he came back.

Kevin came back as a ghost because he had attached himself to his class ring. Our issue is that Heaven was apparently shut at this time, so Kevin couldn't go back. When Heaven reopens we don't hear anything about Kevin or if he went there to live (or live passed?) in peace. Kevin once again comes back in Season 11, gives Sam and Dean some advice just like he used to (*crying emoji*), and then beams up. We like to assume that he's gone to Heaven with all the Winchester friends and family members (there's a lot) and watches the boys deal with pain time after time again.

9 The Four Horsemen's Rings

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Season 5 of Supernatural was focused on The Four Horsemen, and was going to be the last season of the show, but was obviously rallied behind by fans. Sam and Dean trying to stop the apocalypse while also dealing with Lucifer's drama. Yes, in the Supernatural universe, Satan is a drama queen. So the four horsemen are Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence. They all wear a very big ring, and when those four rings are put together they are the keys that unlock Lucifer's cage in hell and have the ability to free him. Obviously, that's a no-no. As funny as Lucifer can be sometimes (Supernatural is a weird show if you haven't seen it), he's still Satan and wants to destroy the world.

Basically, Lucifer wanted the four horsemen to get together, use their rings and free him. Sam and Dean did everything in their power to stop that and used force. They chopped off War, Famine and Pestilence's fingers to get the rings. They didn't take Death's as he turned out to be a pretty cool dude ironically. Up until Dean ended him too in Season 10. Now the question is, where are the rings? They literally free the Devil, surely Dean hasn't just got them in his jewelry box? Will we ever know? *sigh*.

8 Why Does Sam Have To Drink This?

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We all know that the big plot of the Supernatural is Sam and Dean being the true vessels of Lucifer (the Devil) and Michael (the archangel). We're not sure why they picked Sam for the bad guy, not that we think Dean is! It's just that Sam is like a little puppy dog, we can't imagine him being the evil one. We can't imagine Dean either, but maybe it's because Sam's the younger brother that he just seems so innocent. Anyway, one of the preparations for Sam to become ready for Lucifer to enter his body was drinking loads of demon blood. Yeah, it's pretty gross, right?

Sam had to drink demon blood so that he was powerful enough for Lucifer to take over his body without him exploding.

So, why didn't Dean have to? Sure he was getting an angel and not the devil, so we get why there was no demon blood. But how come there wasn't any angel blood? Or some sort of angel substance? How come Dean just got to chill and be ready for it, when Sam had to drink gross blood? Double standards! It doesn't matter anyway because Sam fought free from Lucifer, and even though [SPOILER!] Dean has now been taken over by Michael, we're sure he'll get out of it soon. They literally always do.

7 Is Garth In Hiding?

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Garth was a fan favorite on Supernatural because of his quirky attitude and carefree demeanor. He was a lovable hunter and Sam and Dean thought so too as they became fast friends and often hunted together. We first get introduced to Garth in Season 6, and we see him every now and again until Season 9. It's revealed to the Winchesters that something went wrong and Garth has become a werewolf. Even though they're hunters, they're friends first so Sam and Dean let Garth go live his new werewolf life (possibly a mistake from the boys but we don't blame them. Garth is too cool to end).

We don't hear or see anything from Garth for the next three seasons, then it's revealed in Season 12 that the Men of Letters have taken care of all the werewolves. If you haven't seen it and are panicking, you can calm down, Dean called to make sure Garth was hidden and okay. He was, and everyone was relieved. But that's where it ended, we haven't heard from Garth since and we're wondering what he's up to now? Did he find a werewolf girlfriend? Is he staying away from injuring humans? Was he caught? Wherever you are Garth, we hope you're okay.

6 Two Antichrists?

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As if one Antichrist wasn't enough in the world, apparently there's two in the Supernatural universe. Either that or the writers are just fans of disregarding everything that happened pre-Season 6. It feels like it's becoming a pattern honestly. Back in Season 5 episode 6 Sam and Dean are introduced to a sweet little boy Jesse, who was claimed to be the Antichrist. It's a pretty good episode as whatever Jesse wants to happen does, and because he's like six years old, all the crimes are like fairy tales. It was a pretty good story, so well done to those writers. At the end of the episode, Sam and Dean don't end the child, but he's literally never heard from again.

The plot hole here is, and you'll know it if you've been watching recent Supernatural episodes, there's been an introduction of another supposed Antichrist. Yep, Lucifer's son Jack (like who would have a kid with Lucifer, right?), has been introduced as a Nephilim. That's apparently the child of a fallen angel (so basically Satan) and a human (someone needs to talk to this woman). If he's the real Antichrist, then who was that kid in Season 5 and how did he get those kinds of powers?

5 Why Not Study?

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Now, this one didn't make any sense to us given how often Sam's shown to be reading books and studying things. As we mentioned before, Sam is the main researcher out of him and Dean, and as the one who went to college there's no doubt he's smarter in academic subjects. That's why it made no sense that Sam (and even Dean) haven't spent any time studying the information in the Men of Letters' bunker. When the boys first discovered it back in Season 8 they were amazed at finally having a home. They discovered that their grandpa was in the Men of Letters and moved into the bunker.

So, while living in a place where the Men of Letters used to work from, why haven't Sam and Dean read all their books and notes to study more monsters? We don't know. It doesn't make any sense. Even without taking Sam's bookworm personality into account, it just makes more sense to want to gain more knowledge and lower the risk of perishing? Once again we say, we think that the Winchester brothers just like to make life more difficult for themselves. Or, the writers like to make their lives more difficult.

4 A Really Delayed Reaction?

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This must of been one of those storyline ideas that was good, but was dropped because of all the thousand other things going on in Supernatural. It's time to get dark again for a moment and remember one of the saddest moments on the show. The first time Sam went to the afterlife. Without context, that seems so strange, but in Supernatural it's just normal. Back in Season 2, Sam was painfully wounded in the back and succumbed to his injuries. With Dean watching his little brother go, Sam's end scene was so heartbreaking for all viewers.

Naturally, Dean couldn't handle life without Sammy, so he made a deal to sacrifice his life for Sam's.

The demon Azazel (you remember the yellow-eyed one?) told Dean that it was a mistake to bring Sam back because he may be resurrected but he'd never be the same. Azazel said an evil version of Sam would come back. We don't know if the writers forgot about it, purposely left it, or are keeping that secret for like 12 years but we never got evil Sam. Throughout the show, Sam has been kind and sweet like always, apart from that time he was soulless and sometimes with the demon blood. That, or Azazel was just trying to get into Dean's head.

3 Where's Dick?

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We all remember Season 7. Either because it was the season when Dean went to purgatory, or because it was the season with all the Dick Roman puns. It was pretty entertaining when our hearts weren't being ripped out. Dick Roman was the main antagonist of Season 7, and the leader of the Leviathans. The Leviathans were supposed to be probably the most dangerous monsters of all time, yet we haven't heard from them since. According to Supernatural logic, the Leviathans all go when their leader goes, meaning we should have been seeing a lot more people in purgatory, not just vast open spaces and some trees.

This is where our plot hole comes in, Death, one of the four horseman claims that the Leviathans are older than even the archangels, but then it is said throughout Supernatural that God created everything. Why would he create them first? We don't know where or when the Leviathans started. Also, where is Dick? We see him explode and take Dean with him to purgatory, but we literally never see him again? With Dean being in purgatory you think there'd be a huge fight between the two, but it seems Dick just doesn't care and his happy to stay in purgatory.

2 Why Did The Reapers Change?

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When we were first introduced to reapers, it was early on in Season 2. Dean was in hospital suffering horrific injuries from Season 1's truck/Impala crash finale. He was losing his battle and this was the second time we nearly lost Dean. When the first reaper came along, Dean was clearly concerned and asking questions. She was actually pretty nice for someone trying to take a person to Heaven with them (obviously Dean lived, though). She said that reapers were indifferent towards demons, angels, life, perishing, etc., they just had a job to do. That was fair enough.

The plot hole? The writers just change reapers whenever they want. Later in Season 8, it was told that some reapers were actually not indifferent, and in fact sided with Crowley, King of Hell and the demons. As if that wasn't bad enough, it was then announced by Dean that some reapers are actually angels. Even though angels can't be possessed by demons and there was a reaper who was, and reapers aren't supposed to be taken over by anybody. At this point, we think Supernatural is a big mess of plot holes, and the writers should actually watch the show they write for sometimes.

1 The Grand Canyon Family Trip (Or Was It?)

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This is definitely the most minor mistake on our list, but it is a mistake no less. A writer for Supernatural, Ben Edlund has acknowledged the mistake. To be fair though it was another small one-liner from like seven years before, so we're not judging Ben too harshly. In Season 2 episode 9, Dean makes a comment about all the driving they do, but he's still never been to the Grand Canyon. It was the episode where, yet again, they thought Sam was going to pass, so Dean literally locked himself in the room and planned to perish with him. Their bond is so powerful. Normal siblings fight each other for sport. Anyway, this is a plot hole that came about in Season 8.

In Season 8 episode 21 Sam asks Dean if he remembers that time John took them to the Grand Canyon on a donkey ride. Dean says that Sam was only four (making Dean eight at the time) and that he can barely remember it. So does Dean have selective memory disorder? Or was his experience that bad that he likes to pretend it didn't happen and he can have his first Grand Canyon experience again? Either way, we don't think SPN is going to run out of plot holes any time soon...

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