Supernatural: 25 Storylines They Want Fans To Forget

With Supernatural completing 14 seasons by the middle of 2019, the show doesn’t seem to be heading for a series finale any time soon. The ratings have been stable since Season 7, and now only the showrunners’ decision will decide if Supernatural will end or keep going on. Part of the reason why the show has been an astounding success is because it carries forward stories established from one season to another. If you look back and trace where we were then to where we are now, you’ll find that every story has been birthed from a decision made by the characters in the previous plot.

Over time, however, the main storyline that had been going on earlier can be hand-waved to make it appear the original intention was to steer the plot in a different direction. For instance, Season 9’s plot point of the Mark of Cain being a weapon to use against Abaddon was morphed into a larger story of the Darkness being locked within the mark the whole time; this wasn’t something devised when the story had originally been introduced, but suited the needs of the show later on.

When a show has been on since 2005, you can easily expect some real duds to have appeared over the years. This is acceptable enough; you can’t have home runners with every story that has been pitched. However, we’re here to remind you the plots that didn’t shape up how the show wanted.

Here are 25 Supernatural storylines they want us to forget.

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25 Sam’s Demon Blood Powers

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The fourth season arc for Sam was devoted exclusively toward his (unwitting) turn toward the dark side. He was manipulated by Ruby to drink Demon blood to gain powers and finish Lilith.

This carried forward into Season 5 where Sam was gravely addicted to demon blood. The last we saw of these powers, however, was the finale of that season. Since his return from Lucifer’s Cage, Sam hasn’t shown any demon blood thirst nor any of the powers he used to have.

24 Chuck Was Supposed To Be All-Knowing

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When Chuck was finally revealed to be the big man in Season 11, he gave the impression he had known everything that had ever happened in the universe, and everything that was going on. When Sam asked him to resurrect Gabriel to fight the Darkness, he instantly turned the idea down by claiming Gabriel had passed away.

In Season 13, Gabriel was alive.

He had been held captive by a Prince of The Underworld – a being so low in power compared to Chuck that it’s hilarious. Then how come Chuck never knew Gabriel was still alive if he’s supposed to know everything?

23 Dean’s Upcoming Revenge

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In Season 7, Dean took out Sam’s friend Amy Pond (wink-wink Doctor Who fans) behind his brother’s back. When Sam found out about this, he and Dean had a falling out. They mended their relationship soon but what didn’t get tied up was Amy’s son’s supposed vendetta against Dean.

The boy was adamant he would take his revenge on Dean when he grew up; here we are 8 years later and the boy still hasn’t followed through. Instead, Cole from Season 10 was handed a very similar arc.

22 Rowena Hating Crowley

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Rowena and Crowley had a superb dynamic where the two couldn’t shake each other off despite loathing one another. Rowena even sicced a possessed Castiel onto Crowley in the Season 10 finale to take out her son.

While the two were more congenial with each other in following seasons, Rowena still orchestrated sending Crowley’s son to a certain doom in Season 12 to hurt him. However, after Crowley’s demise, Rowena was beside herself with grief over losing her only son. Are we supposed to forget the two hated each other?

21 Claire And Kaia's Love

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Wayward Sisters was being set up in the thirteenth season of Supernatural, but it was not to be. The idea behind the show was solid, but the execution was all over the place. One of these was the dynamic between Claire and Kaia.

Claire was openly at odds with Kaia, and the implication was she saw her as something of a rival. In Season 14, though, Jody told Sam and Dean that Claire was still mourning Kaia’s passing because she was “her first love.” Claire may have been attracted to her, but there was no indication she’d been in love.

20 Archangel Blades Finishing The Hosts

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Archangel blades’ execution was shown onscreen in Season 5 when Lucifer apparently ended Gabriel. As we found out in Season 13, Gabriel had faked the event. However, in the same season, we saw Gabriel perish at the hands of Alternate Michael.

It seems the host passing away clause didn’t apply to Gabriel.

We were shown a shot of Gabriel’s vessel lying lifeless. In Season 14, Nick has been running rampant due to only Lucifer passing rather than his host. Where’s the consistency here?

19 Archangel Blades Could Be Used By Anyone

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In Seasons 5 and 6, the archangel blade was introduced as a supplementary weapon that could finish archangels. At this time, lower angels like Castiel attempted to use the blade to take out archangels such as Lucifer and Raphael.

Forward over to Season 13, and we were informed the archangel blades are completely useless if someone other than another archangel uses it. This doesn’t add up to what we were shown in earlier seasons. The show wants us to forget this little detail and make the archangels harder to take out.

18 Demon Dean’s Love Interest

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When Season 10 began, we had a couple of episodes of Demon Dean running wild across the scene. He would party with Crowley, finish off whoever he wanted, and engage in activities with a waitress in an establishment he and Crowley frequented.

This waitress had an unusually larger role than the usual girls the boys would quickly say goodbye to after their needs were fulfilled. She would also appeal to Dean to be more human rather than treating people like garbage. It was implied she was his love interest, but since then she’s never shown up.

17 Sam's Love Interest

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Sam’s flashbacks in Season 8 comprised of him living a life with a girl called Amelia. She’s the only one of his former flames who is still alive and has no clue he was a hunter. There was a lot of lame drama involved with Amelia and her absentee husband reappearing that no one cared for.

Amelia was prepared to leave her husband for Sam, but he never showed up; preferring to remain with Dean. But since that episode, Sam has never been seen thinking of this girl who was supposedly the true love of his life.

16 All Of Castiel’s Powers

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Castiel from Season 4 and Season 6 was a thing of beauty. He displayed an amazing set of powers that showcased how strong angels are while providing the Winchesters with a powerful ally. Starting from Season 7, Castiel is one of the weakest characters you can find.

He even got beat up by a normal human wearing Enochian brass knuckles – this happened when he and Dean had a 2-on-1 advantage on the woman! Every new villain introduced now has a scene where they completely stomp Castiel in a fight. It’s gotten to the point we can’t take Castiel seriously as a threat.

15 The Ways Lucifer Could Be Sent To The Cage

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In Season 4, the very idea of Lucifer escaping his cage brought fear to the hearts of everyone involved. It was said there was no way anyone could beat him or send him back into the cage, unless four rings of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse could be brought together.

All this hardship was for nothing.

It turned out the Men of Letters had a device that could easily expel Lucifer, and Rowena devised a spell that could send him back to the cage again. This was away easier than the Apocalypse route.

14 No One Could Leave The Empty

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The Empty was a realm where all demons and angels went to after perishing. It was a place of eternal slumber where no one could return from. Castiel ended up being the first angel to escape as Jack’s cries to him served as a power source to revive him.

This was shown to be a one-off, mainly due to Jack’s powers. However, in Season 14, a normal human like Nick prayed to Lucifer and here we had the devil rising once again. Looks like all it takes is a simple prayer and the angel is back.

13 Chuck Having Power Over The Empty

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Before the concept of the Empty was introduced in Season 11, bringing back angels seemed to be a power Chuck was easily capable of. After all, he showed this ability all of three times.

In Season 13, when Castiel had perished once more, he was revived by Jack’s prayers. The Shadow, who is the rule of the Empty, said only he has dominion over the realm. But this is a downright lie as Chuck had revived Castiel with no problems multiple times before.

12 Dean’s First Love

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As the show has progressed over the years, the idea of presenting Dean with a love interest has completely vanished. The last time we saw him with anyone was Lisa (who absolutely stunk as a character), after which Dean has remained single.

When he was younger, though, Dean was said to be truly in love with a girl prior to Season 1. She was repeated established as the one that got away, at least until was convenient. Later on, Lisa took on this mantle and the original “true love” was never mentioned to have ever existed.

11 John Winchester Being A Good Father

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John will finally return in the 300th episode of the show, so hopefully his legacy will be rewritten to something more favorable. After he passed in Season 2, the only mentions of John have been in a negative light.

The poor guy spent 120 years in the underworld for his sons, but Sam and Dean have mainly commented on how lousy of a father he was when they were growing up. This was in contrast to Season 1 where they had admitted John had done the best he could.

10 Everything About Mary Winchester

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In retrospect, we hope Mary had never been resurrected in the first place. The idea we, and the boys, had concocted of her in our minds had been that she was a great mother who loved her sons more than anything else.

Now it appears they hardly matter to her at all.

She has no relationship with them and prefers the company of people like Arthur Ketch and Alternate Bobby over them. Not once has she shown any motherly affection toward her boys and if she perishes there will be no emotional impact.

9 Leviathans Being More Powerful

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The storyline with the Leviathans has to go down as the worst missed chance the show has had. They were supposed to be these all-powerful beasts no one could take out – who even overpowered angels like it was nothing – but ended up being just another class of monsters.

Taking a Leviathan out turned out to be ridiculously easy; all one needed to do was throw some Borax in their faces and take their heads off. In Season 8, even the Borax aspect was removed and it only took a swing of a machete to finish them off.

8 Arthur Ketch Being A Bad Guy

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The guy who antagonized the Winchesters the most in Season 12 is now one of their trusted allies. Ketch manipulated Mary Winchester into becoming his lover while pretending he and the British Men of Letters were the good guys. All this came to a head (literally) when Mary shot him in the noggin.

However, he resurrected himself and came back to assist the Winchesters in Season 13. Now, the only remnant of bad blood is the Winchesters sarcastically quipping at him, other than that he’s pretty much their friend.

7 Rowena Being A Bad Guy

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Rowena was the main antagonist of Season 10, following which she might be the main ally the Winchesters have. She tried to take them all out in her debut season and held no regard for the heroes.

By Season 11, she was Chuck’s close friend!

She never got any comeuppance for her actions (every time Lucifer took her out she came back), while any antagonism she had with the boys has vanished, with her now having a close connection to Sam.

6 All Of Supernatural Bloodlines

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Wayward Sisters might have been a good idea with potential, but Supernatural: Bloodlines was a lousy thing from the start. Its intended backdoor pilot failed to show us anything of substance. The main protagonist was a boring character played by a bad actor, while the storylines they wanted to set up were directionless with flat characters to drive them.

It was no surprise when the show was not picked up, and while Wayward Sisters’ plot will be continued on Supernatural, Bloodlines’ story has never been carried forward. Let's forget them in Chicago where we found them.

5 Main Characters Caring About Vessel Victims

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Sam and Dean would go to great lengths in earlier seasons to ensure the victims of demonic possession did meet their ends. They would exorcize these demons and make sure the vessel would not perish during the process.

Once they had Ruby’s knife, all this consideration was removed.

Since then, Sam and Dean make sure they drive the demon knife into the demon to take them out. Only in Season 11 did Sam reignite his sympathy for the victims; this was very brief as he went back to stabbing the vessels soon after.

4 All Of The Angels’ Powers

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When angels were introduced in Season 4, they were supposed to be the real deal. You couldn’t do anything to these beings, least of all punch them and hope something happened. Regular angels commanded such fear in demons’ hearts that Ruby wanted to flee just by their mention.

Now, regular angels are easily defeated by humans! We’ve mentioned Castiel’s defeat at the hands of a normal woman, and following her along are Sam and Dean; both of whom have finished off angels without much effort. Angels have also lost powers like resurrection, flight, and reality bending.

3 The Roadhouse Ellen Owned

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This was a deliberate effort made by Eric Kripke, who hated the roadhouse with a passion. This establishment was introduced in Season 2 as a hunters’ haven. The idea was to have some sort of safehouse the Winchesters could go to, but it was pretty lame.

The intended love interest for Dean, Ellen’s daughter Jo, also didn’t pan out and by the end of the season, Jo and Ellen disappeared while the roadhouse was burned to the ground. This is one storyline we’d all like to forget.

2 Sam And Dean Used To Be Wanted

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You can’t even count now the number of times Sam and Dean have been pursued by the cops, the FBI, and the United States Government. They faked their passing multiple times in the earlier seasons, and this was excused as smaller incidents.

In Season 7, though, the Leviathans impersonated them and made them national outlaws. After this was regarded, too, in Season 12, they were imprisoned for taking the president. After that storyline subsided, these two still easily roam around the country without fear of getting caught.

1 Azazel’s Original Plan

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From Seasons 1-3, the original storyline we saw on the show didn’t make much sense. Azazel kept changing his plans whenever he wanted. Originally, he just wanted Sam, but this was later changed to him wanting any special child to raise his demon army.

After Lucifer’s release, Azazel's master plan was suddenly changed to him wanting to raise Lucifer all along. This doesn’t align with how he was okay with Sam perishing earlier; there’s no way we can believe he foresaw Dean selling his soul and then breaking the first seal in the Underworld.

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