The 30 Strongest Supernatural Villains, Officially Ranked

Today we are diving head first into the vast world and universe of Supernatural. 13 years later and still going strong, the incredible CW drama focuses on Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who were raised to be supernatural hunters who protect humanity from supernatural threats, and have had to stop multiple apocalypses over the course of their show. The average episode would focus on the brothers working a “case,” in which they traveled across the United States finding cases of supernatural attacks and investigating until they found the culprit. However, among the many cases the brothers have worked, there has always been an underlying threat each season that they’ve had to face. These have been the show’s “big bads.”

These season-long villains have ranged from rogue hunters and humans with a vendetta against the brothers for some past wrongdoing to ancient vampires, witches, demons and even Chuck’s sister? There have been so many evil, vengeful and thirsty creatures that have tried to jumpstart an apocalypse or two over the seasons that fans have tried ranking their favorites over the years. With some villains becoming more fan favorite than others, ranking these incredible characters is a very tough job. That’s where we come in.

Today we are going to go through all of these incredible villains and rank the Supernatural characters from weakest to the most powerful. From common nuisances to cosmic ending threats, these villains are incredibly fun and memorable.

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30 Cole Trenton

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A season 10 minor villain, Cole Trenton, was introduced as a soldier who witnessed Dean take his father years earlier, and vowed revenge.

He came after Dean and Sam in season 10, but finally learned the truth of his father’s past, and forgave the brothers.

A well armed and trained soldier, he proved to be a great fighter but no match for the brother’s years of fighting experience. He eventually survived and became an ally to the brothers.

29 Gordon Walker

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This next villain was a human hunter who had an affinity for his work. Gordon Walker was brought to life by the This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown. He loved to end the lives of any supernatural creature he came across. While Dean approved of this initially, the hunter became a villain when he believed Chuck commanded him to end Sam’s life as well, believing him to be evil. Eventually became what he hated most, a vampire, and Sam was forced to eliminate him.

28 Bella

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A skilled thief, this villain was more of a nuisance to the brothers, constantly getting the jump on their cases and stealing valuable supernatural artifacts they needed for those cases, selling them on the black market.

This beautiful villain was played by the very talented Walking Dead star Lauren Cohen.

It later turned out that she was trying to buy her way out of a demon deal with Lilith, and the last we saw of her she was facing a horde of hounds.

27 Samuel Campbell

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Season six explored the brother’s family on their mother’s side. It turns out Mary came from a long line of hunters, and Samuel was her father. Played by X-Files star Mitch Pilegi, Samuel should have been a source of comfort for the brothers. The brother’s found their grandfather to be quite villainous, however, aligning himself with Crowley and giving up the brothers in order to bring Mary back.

26 Asmodeus

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The latest demon to crop up as one of Lucifer’s former lieutenants, the demon is a powerful foe, able to shape-shift, alter his voice, control other’s minds and makes a habit out of collecting rare objects or people.

He was a smooth talking demon who made a deal with some of the lower gods like Loki to acquire the long thought passed archangel, Gabriel.

25 Meg

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The daughter of the show’s first villain, the yellow-eyed demon Azazel, Meg (the demon’s true name never was revealed; this was the name of the human she possessed), was a lieutenant in her father’s demon army and tried to help release Lucifer. Later after this failed she joined the brothers and Castiel as an uneasy ally, finally sacrificing herself to save the brothers and the angel tablet from Crowley, who had been attacking her for a year.

24 Cain

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The ancient father and trainer of the knights from below, Cain was the legendary foe who bore the original Mark of Cain, a curse to any who had it and made them awful beyond imagining.

Famous for his relationship with brother, Cain should have been a powerful foe who gave Sam and Dean a season-long battle.

He was a powerful and ancient figure, but lost pretty easily in a fight with Dean.

23 Alastair

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A powerful demon, Alastair was a great "attacker," who gave Dean a hard time in the dark below. A powerful demon who made an art form out of controlling the souls of the dark side, he inadvertently broke one of the 66 seals of the pit holding Lucifer in his cage by turning Dean into a monster. The glassy-eyed demon eventually went toe to toe with his pet project Dean. He made it to Earth and helped to break the seals protecting Lucifer.

22 Uriel

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A fellow angel and follower of Castiel in his angel garrison, Uriel is a specialist who is one of the greatest good soldiers.

Yet in season 4 it is revealed that he is a double agent, actually a follower of Lucifer actively working to help break the seals and destroy Lucifer’s enemies.

He represented a small sect of angels who believed Lucifer’s no human philosophy, opposing Chuck and fighting to make sure the rightful heir to the throne took his rightful place in the cosmos.

21 Soulless Sam

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After falling into the pits below, trapping Lucifer and Michael in the cage and preventing the apocalypse, Sam returned to Earth, but his soul did not. Lucifer managed to hold onto Sam’s soul in the pit, with his body free of remorse or pain on Earth and causing problems. This soulless Sam was a monster with no remorse, and it wasn’t until his soul was returned that the heroic brother was made whole once more.

20 Demon Dean

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As with Soulless Sam, Demon Dean was the result of Dean dying at the hands of Metatron while having the Mark of Cain on him.

Dean, infused with the rage and power of the mark, tried to take on a superpower infused Metatron and lost.

Instead of ending him  completely, it transformed him into a Demon, and he had to be turned back into a human with help from Sam and Castiel after spending months becoming friends with Crowley.

19 The Styne Family

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An awful group of family members, the Styne family came across the brothers after they discovered the Book of the Damned. The family made a name for themselves dealing in the supernatural and experimenting on their victims. Chasing its powers for years, the Styne family ended up ending the life of the brother’s closest ally and sister figure Charlie, causing a Mark of Cain baring Dean to end the entire family, including a young kid. It was a truly upsetting moment in the show’s history.

18 Naomi

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The head of the angel intelligence agency of the above, Naomi brainwashed Castiel and forced him to do her bidding in order for her to gain access to the angel tablet.

Played by legendary science fiction and Stargate SG-1 actress Amanda Tapping, this character was a huge departure for her and her typically heroic roles in various television shows.

17 Eve

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The mother of all monsters, the creature was responsible for the creation of vampires, werewolves and all other non-demon supernatural creatures in the world. In the guise of a beautiful, innocent young woman, the mother of monsters was a powerful enemy that would have unleashed more beasts on the world. Released from Purgatory, the brothers had to travel back in time and find the ashes of a Phoenix in order to stop her. It lasted only a few episodes, but showed her power nonetheless.

16 Zachariah

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The face of the evil angels in season 4, Zachariah was a powerful angel meant to keep Sam and Dean on their destined paths as Lucifer and Michael’s true vessels.

Wearing a suit and coming across like a corporate lawyer for all of the angels, he was Castiel’s boss and pushed the heroic angel to make sure Dean stayed on the path that would lead to him becoming Michael’s vessel.

Obsessed with seeing the apocalypse came to fruition, he became a constant thorn in the brother’s side.

15 Lilith

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A very powerful demon, she was responsible for leading the dark below in the attack on Lucifer’s 66 seals, fighting the brothers throughout season’s 3 and 4 until it was revealed that she was the final seal. At first inhabiting the first vessel of the demon Ruby, (played by Arrow star Katie Cassidy), the demon made it a point to orchestrate the fight against the demon realm for the brothers. As any true brainwashed follower would, she sacrificed herself for the cause, but never saw the emergence of Lucifer into the world.

14 Azazel

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The yellow-eyed demon himself, Azazel was a prince of below and the show’s big bad for the first two seasons. He took Mary Winchester, Sam’s college girlfriend, set the brother’s on their path of becoming hunters, infected Sam, and gave the brothers a hard time until John Winchester held him down and allowed Dean to use the magic colt on him. Suffice to say, he was a big deal.

13 British Men Of Letters

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This group of Men of Letters was very different and much more hardcore than the Western branch.

Believing in a strict policy of ending any and all supernatural threats, they came to the West and tried to invade the country’s hunter community, eliminating any hunter who didn’t align with their strict moral code.

One specific Men of Letters soldier was Arthur Ketch, a loyal soldier who took Mary Winchester and became a mercenary in the latest season working for Asmodeus.

12 Ruby

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Ruby was a demon who secretly worked as a spy of sorts for Lilith and the demon cause started by Azazel. Presenting herself as a demon wanting to stop Lucifer’s ascent, she started a romance with Sam and convinced him to gain the power to stop Lucifer’s rise. In the end, it turned out she worked for the cause, tricking Sam into using the power given to him by Azazel to break the final seal and let Lucifer out.

11 Abaddon

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The last knight of the pits, Abaddon was the most powerful demon to ever go toe to toe with the brothers.

She always was one step ahead of them, and hated the brothers for always thwarting her plans.

She represented the most intense and successful branch of the demon realm. In the end, it took a high toll to end her life, with Dean baring the Mark of Cain and using it’s violent power to destroy her once and for all.

10 Alpha Vampire

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Each of the major supernatural clans stemmed from an original creature, otherwise known as the Alpha. In the vampire’s case, the Alpha Vampire was the most powerful of them all, a blood-seeking creature of pure torment, who was a constant threat until the brother’s used the colt on him. Foolishly, the British Men of Letters had captured the vampire leader and tried to use him to lure other vampires to their demise. Of course, he got loose and destroyed a good chunk of material until Sam ended him.

9 Metatron

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Serving as Chuck’s writer and recorder, Metatron was a lower angel who spent centuries hiding on Earth, until he used his power of writing and as an ancient angel to cause strife above and tried to take on the role in the universe.

Eventually, he was stopped, even coming face to face with Chuck, who had a lot of questions for the fallen angel.

He eventually lost his grace and became a prisoner of the brothers and the gates above itself.

8 Rowena

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A powerful and ancient witch, Rowena was actually the mother of Crowley before he became a demon. The chemistry between herself and Crowley was both hilarious and chilling, as she was one of the few witches in the world that could stand up to him and make him listen to her, no matter how demanding she was. The power-hungry witch has been a constant source of entertainment and worry for the brothers, constantly in the mix between them and Lucifer.

7 The Four Horsemen

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Otherwise known as Pestilence, Famine, etc. The four horsemen of the apocalypse were the instruments of Lucifer’s attempt to start up the apocalypse on Earth and end all life on the planet, a planet unprotected by a missing deity.

War, Famine, and Pestilence were all taken out by the brothers during the course of the fourth season.

6 The Trickster/Gabriel

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One of the most fun villains on the show has to be The Trickster, a powerful magical entity who later reveals he was posing as a trickster, instead of being the lost brother of Michael and Lucifer named Gabriel, one of the original arch-angels. He felt the perfect way to hide from his brothers and the entire angel army was to pose as this magic being. He was thought lost forever, but had a brief return this past season to battle Lucifer once more.

5 Crowley

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The King of the Crossroads Demons became the ruler of the below off and on after the fall of Lucifer, becoming a sometimes ally and constant villain to the brothers. He had constant threats to his kingdom, such as Lucifer reborn and Abaddon.

However, he always managed to stay on top.

His weird sense of bonding with the brothers and his humor made him a lovable villain all the way to the end of season 12, where he finally left his mark on the world.

4 Dick Roman

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The Alpha of the Leviathans, a powerful and ancient monster race long thought extinct that Castiel accidentally released in his “divine” state, Dick Roman used his vessel’s company to try and make humans docile food sources for the Leviathan race, and was responsible for the loss of longtime fan favorite Bobby Singer. This made him enemy number one with longtime fans of the show. He was eventually stopped by Dean and Castiel, who fell into purgatory as a result.

3 Amara

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Otherwise known as the Darkness, Amara was Chuck's long-lost sister, who banished her from the universe when she sought to corrupt the human race he loved more than her.

She was released from the mark of cain after Sam helped break the mark on his brother.

The sibling rivalry between them nearly cost humanity their existence, but Dean stood up to these two all-powerful creatures and made them face one another, ending the fight and sending them off to explore the universe together.

2 Michael/Alt-Michael

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Michael is the arch-angel Dean was destined to become a vessel for. He is well known for being the above's most powerful warrior and was a general of their army, serving only Chuck himself. A powerful warrior and brother to Lucifer, Michael was cast into the pit in season 5, only for an alternate reality version of the arch-angel to appear in this past season, ending season 13 by reaching our world and possessing Dean as his vessel.

1 Lucifer

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The most powerful and fun villain of them all, Lucifer is true evil himself.

Cast out by Chuck after his first attempted coup above, the angel is played by legendary actor Mark Pelligrino.

He possessed Sam, attacked him, and then was released over and over again, coming into conflict with the brothers for most of the series. He also went on to sire a nephilim son named Jack.

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