25 Superpowers Marvel Heroes Have (But Won't Use)

The MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe is in its tenth year, and it's been ten years of hits. Since Iron Man was released in 2008, Marvel has been releasing a hit superhero movie basically once a year. It's so popular that it completely overshadows opposing superhero universe attempts (sorry DCEU, we're talking about you). The fanbase for Marvel and their superheroes has grown immensely since the movies started to come out. It's no longer just fans of the comics.

With all the hype, it makes sense that a lot more people have started to learn all about their favorite superheroes and their powers. One thing we don't think the MCU fans are aware of (if you're intense on the comic books, then you will probably know) are some of the powers that the characters have.

The movies may all be nearly three hours long, but that's still not enough time to showcase the superior set of skills each hero (and villain) has. In this list, we will be discussing the top 25 superpowers our favorite characters have, but we never see them use. These are powers that just never came up in the movies, although we're sure they would have come in handy (looking at you, Loki). Naturally, superheroes have to have a range of abilities, and we have to hand it to the DCEU for actually showcasing a lot of them. Man of Steel might not have been a smash success, but Superman certainly showed his abilities. Read on to find out more things your favorite heroes can do!

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25 Magneto's Invisibility

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We all know Magneto from watching the X-Men movies. We say movies because there are literally so many of those things it's insane, yet they're not MCU... yet. Magneto is often shown to move huge metal things, hence Magneto.

There's so much more to his ability, though. As Magneto controls electromagnetic fields and magnetism, there's no doubt he could control the light around himself to become invisible. We're just saying that skill would have come in handy.

24 Wolverine's Night Vision

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Wolverine is no doubt one of the strongest characters Marvel has. He's got the muscle and the big claws, but his night vision would've made his life and fighting a lot easier. Wolverine is often seen using his heightened sense of smell to help him move around.

In the dark, we think night vision would have made his life a whole lot better. Sneaking around would've been 10 times quicker and his ability to escape things at night had to have been easier. So why not bring it up more?

23 Luke Cage's Johnny Storm Power

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Since Luke Cage's show came out on Netflix, everyone has been super excited about the hero. He was first introduced to us on the Netflix series Jessica Jones, before getting his own series.

We know he's superhumanly strong and being injured doesn't really phase him, but he also has the ability to create fire. We see him walk out of his bar on fire and unharmed, but what we don't see him being able to rub his hands together, create enough friction, and make flames.

22 Cap's Super Vision

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Capt was the third Marvel superhero to be introduced to us in the MCU. Iron Man and Thor had both made strong appearances, but the story of Steve Rogers becoming the big hero he is today was heart-warming to a lot of fans.

Through his trilogy and the Avengers films, we get to see a lot of his abilities like super strength, healing, speed, and more. One thing we don't get a lot of explanation about is his super heightened vision, which enables him to see further, sharper, and more quickly than normal humans.

21 Spider-Man's Spider-Friends

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We were only just recently introduced to Spider-Man's MCU appearance. With it being the third remake, we're pretty sure even people who aren't Marvel fans know the ins and outs of Spider-Man's abilities.

One thing we're rarely shown is his ability to communicate with spiders. Since he has all their climbing, webbing and heightened senses, it adds up. Spider-Man can talk to spiders the way Ant-Man communicates with ants.

20 Loki Is Worthy

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It doesn't really make sense, does it? Loki is a villain in the MCU and generally the comics. He's Thor's trickster brother and out of everyone who has tried and failed to wield the Mjolnir, Loki can?

Turns out it was a bit of a fluke. Loki was able to wield the hammer under a spell which switched him and Thor, meaning Loki was good for a little while and Thor was villainous. In his defense, MCU Loki isn't really villainous, just sad.

19 Thor Can Speak Every Language

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Sadly Thor is not some super genius with the ability to remember every language. He possesses the power of the all-tongue, which basically means that without having to try, he can speak every language that exists.

That's probably another reason why it was so easy for him to communicate with Groot. It would make his travel to all the different realms a lot easier as well. Let's picture before Asgard was blown to pieces, as a prince of Asgard, Thor would have had a lot of different people to chat with.

18 Black Widow's Healing Abilities


Black Widow is an awesome superhero because she's basically a normal human. We say basically because we don't even think Navy Seals possess the power and abilities Black Widow does.

One thing we don't really get a good chance to see in the films is her healing abilities. In the comics, Natasha is given the ability of slowed aging, a brilliant skill if she was in the modeling industry. What came with that is enhanced healing. We assume they've added that to MCU, we just haven't seen it properly.

17 Cap Can Never Get Tired


After watching his first film we know that Steve Rogers was given a serum to turn him into the perfect super soldier, which it did. Cap was born. We know that it made him a lot stronger, faster, and gave him amazing fighting capabilities.

One thing we see but don't really realize is that Cap can literally never get tired. He sleeps and everything, but he is totally immune to fatigue, which really helps you understand how he's so on the go during a fight.

16 Spider-Man's Premonitions

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Spider-Man not only has his superpowers, but Peter Parker was already a genius before the bite. That means that he has so many abilities it's insane. We know he has super spidey senses, which means he sees, feels and knows things a little quicker than normal.

In the comics Peter actually has premonitions. As someone who is always fighting crime and evil, we bet this comes in handy for not being shot or injured. We think he might've used this ability in Infinity War, which is why he seemed so panicked and knew he was fading away.

15 Spider-Man Can Grow Extra Limbs

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Spider-Man may be able to do a lot but extra limbs aren't as helpful of a skill as you would think. This hasn't happened in the MCU (yet?) but back in a 1971 Spidey comic, Spider-Man woke up with six limbs.

We assume he didn't go to high school that day. After drinking a potion that was supposed to get rid of his spidey abilities, Peter wakes up with extra limbs but thankfully is saved with an antidote made by Dr. Curt Connors.

14 Loki Can Fly

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Loki has a lot of abilities. He's literally the God of Mischief and a trickster, so there's an unimaginable number of things he can do. One of his talents in the MCU version is to keep them hidden, as we saw in Infinity War.

One lesser known ability is that Loki can fly. His power of manipulation allows him to levitate meaning he can fly. We're not sure why he didn't pull this trick out while standing off with Thanos...

13 Black Widow's Super Reflexes

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We have definitely seen Black Widow put her super fast reflexes to use. What makes her so valuable and skillful is her ability to get out of any situation she's in, and her reflexes definitely add to her combat skills.

As we know from earlier Black Widow was given age slowing and enhanced healing abilities, this is where the super reflexes stem from. We're not going to compare her to Cap's super serum, but she can definitely put up a good fight against him.

12 Cap Is A Genius

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Steve Rogers was already a smart and logical thinking person, so when the super serum took over his body, his brain was included. It supersized his mind into genius level. Everyone is always distracted by the huge muscles and combat skills, but Cap can also think extremely quickly while in the field.

He has a perfect memory which makes it easy to learn multiple languages and tactical skills. His perfect memory would definitely help with remembering every entry and exit during a mission.

11 Thor Is The Detox King

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Given the sheer size of Thor, it's normal to assume he has to pack away about 10,000 calories a day. As he's a God, that's not necessary. In fact, along with all his other abilities, Thor is self-sustaining.

He needs to eat still but can go extremely long periods of time without needing to, while keeping his muscle mass. Basically, he's a detox king with a metabolism that just about everyone nowadays would love to have.

10 Spider-Man's Super Stamina

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Along with Spider-Man's many other talents and abilities, he has extremely good stamina. He doesn't have endless energy like Cap, but Peter can hold his breath underwater for longer than most humans.

While we think it was the spider bite that certainly helped Peter's abilities, we think that his determination of a person helps with his stamina. His determination has shown him to literally hold onto a spaceship while it departs Earth in Infinity War.

9 Loki Has Superspeed

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You wouldn't think it as we really have seen Loki even run much in any of the MCU films his in. The trickster God has so many unearthed abilities, we're truly sad we won't get to see them put to use.

One surprising one is that Loki actually has superspeed abilities. As half Frost Giant, Loki has amazingly quick reflexes, thinking abilities, and agility, which means he can probably take down anyone he wants, he just doesn't want to.

8 Thor Can Teleport

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We've never seen this one in action in the MCU yet, but we think it would be a great comedic moment in the next Avengers/Thor film. Thor is a funny character anyway, and we think him teleporting out of a situation would be a good scene.

The teleportation ability comes with the help of Mjolnir, so we might not get a teleportation scene. Apparently, Thor can teleport through realms at will, which would have come in super handy when things were going down in Thor 1.

7 Spider-Man Has Fangs

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We're not sure this one will ever come up in the MCU, but it would be pretty fun acting for Tom Holland if it did. In the comics, Spider-Man has fangs and even stingers coming out of his hands for a little while.

Think if Spider-Man crossed over with True Blood. Eventually, Peter thought that the fangs and stingers were a bit too much spider and less human, so stopped using them. We probably won't get to see the use of this power in the MCU but Spider-Man has so many other abilities, we're okay with it.

6 Loki's Superstrength

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He doesn't look like it with his lean figure, but Loki has super strength just like Thor. Alright, he may not be as strong as Thor but he's still a God and a Frost Giant, making Loki far stronger than any mortal human.

As a trickster he uses more of his intellectual powers than brute strength, so we don't get to see Loki lifting up a car or building, but there's no doubt he can. Since Infinity War happened, we're sad to say we won't be getting to see any more of Loki's powers at all.

5 Spider-Man's Metabolism

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It's hard enough being a teenage superhero. Not only does Peter Parker have to worry about his grades, but he also has a whole city to protect. We think it's only fair that the young hero gets some of the coolest abilities, including a super fast metabolism.

He didn't really need it diet-wise, as Peter was already a slim kid, but the super fast metabolism in the comics helps him to heal from poisons so much quicker. That way they can't really affect him, because they're already gone from his system.

4 Spider-Man's Genius

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As we talked about earlier, Peter Parker was basically already a genius as a normal human. When his spider powers came in it just enhanced his abilities, and he finally had something to put all that brain power to use on.

Spider-Man creates his own devices, making him a self-sustaining hero who doesn't need a team like the Avengers. He can do it all on his own, with his fitness being up in the ranks with Cap, and his genius rivaling that of Tony Stark. Spider-Man is usually a one-man band, and thankfully his smarts help him hold his own.

3 Iron Man's Response Time

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When Tony Stark became Iron Man the only thing the suit changed was Tony's ability to fly and blow things up. He already had the knowledge and intellect to be a superhero. This is why when the suit was connected to his nervous system, his response time improved a lot.

Being a genius already, Tony can think quicker than most humans, but with the added power of the suit, he can think as quickly, or possibly even quicker than Cap, who is full of a super soldier serum.

2 Iron Man's Avoidance Technique

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We don't see a lot of this in the films. Probably because, as far as superpowers go, being able to avoid every radar is not that exciting. It is an extremely useful skill, yes, but it doesn't scream exciting. With Tony Stark being the genius he is, he thought to cover all bases.

While the other Avengers will alert radars that they're there, Iron Man can never be detected thanks to an update Tony put on the suit. It's a good thing that Iron Man is a good superhero otherwise he could probably pull off some pretty insane robberies.

1 Iron Suit Storage

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When we think of Tony Stark becoming Iron Man we always think of him looking cool, stepping into the suit and the suit forming around him. It's like he keeps it in his closet and dresses when there's an emergency.

Over the years Tony has improved on this to the point where the Iron Man suit is stored inside his body. With the simple push of a button, the suit forms around him like a second skin, no matter where he is. This is proven to be super useful in a few of the recent Marvel films.

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