25 Supervillains That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Still Pulled Off)

I love a good villain. The outfits, the backstories... even the maniacal laughter. Sure, we all have our favorite hero, but what really makes them stand out are the villains that they face against. We all remember different villains for how they face against different heroes. Either that, or we remember them for their elaborate looks and colorful personalities; usually, it’s the latter.

The thing is, whether it be a hero or villain, there will always be fans who want to dress up us them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple outfit or something that looks like it would take weeks to create; cosplay can present all kinds of creativity from different people. From makeup skills to how well they can construct a costume, cosplayers often manage to either bring the character to life or bring a new look to them.

With villains, there have been all kinds of renditions of them given their looks and personalities. The problem, though, is that some villains have designs that may be too elaborate to cosplay for a lot of people. It’s one thing to cosplay as the Joker, but it is a whole other thing to cosplay as a large and detailed character like Doomsday.

Here are some cosplayers whose dedication to become elaborate and villainous characters like Skeletor or Ultron reached past the hurdles of their designs. From amazingly becoming the character to bringing a new look to the villain, these are some rather talented cosplayers.

25 The Creative Fun Of Villain Outfits

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Anti-Monitor may not be the most prominent looking villain of the DC universe, but he does have a rather classic robot style. Just looking at the cosplay, you can’t help but think how much fun it must have been to construct and then walk around in this costume. There aren’t a whole lot of people who take on this character, and Rev Chumley is one of the rare few to manage it. Let’s give more appreciation to the lesser-known comic characters, whether hero or villain.

24 Who Says You're Too Old To Cosplay?

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You’re never too old to cosplay, not for this tough gal who was captured at the 2016 Awesome Con at least. There ain’t a whole lot of elderly supervillains to be found, but Granny Goodness? She’s one elder villain who’s got a disturbing story. Starting from the bottom as a supposed soldier for Darkseid and rising to child soldier trainer, Granny Goodness is one ironically named villain who’s got mixed opinions from fans. Who better to cosplay this unexpected warrior than a person who’s seen a few summers in their life? Besides, that’s a stern look we all know not to mess with.

23 Those Eyes Could Pierce Through

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One of the most powerful villains of the DC universe, Darkseid is a character that a rare few have managed pull off in cosplay. This unknown cosplayer from DragonCon is one of the rare few that managed to do so. Chances are, the intimidation factor is one of the biggest things that make a Darkseid cosplayer work or not. Really, more than locking the villain’s features with their mask here, those eyes, just… there’s something about nailing a villain’s eyes that makes a cosplayer really stand out among the rest.

22 Someone Got His Good Side

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Ra’s al Ghul is the one character on this list that truly takes a sold amount of style and skill to cosplay, given his looks are mainly human. True, his outfit is not all that difficult to recreate, but his hair clearly takes a certain flair to pull off. A flare that Dast Cosplay managed to pull off, with BlizzardTerrak really bringing it out with their photography skills. Of course, to truly bring out characters like Ra’s al Ghul, it takes a solid photographer to show how intimidating or impressively dramatic a cosplayer can be.

21 A Classic Look Can Also Work

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A variety of designs has been made for this clone character, but his zombie style has pretty much remained the same. There’s a lot of ways that one can go about cosplaying as this strange character. This unnamed contestant of the 2008 costume contest really locked down a classic look for the character. And hey, he didn’t even go that deep into makeup territory. Kudos to the guy for their facial expression skills; a good scowl can really vary with a person.

20 Taking On The Wild Side

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It takes some real boldness to take on the role of this wild villainess here. And yet Nay Freitas had clearly taken on the challenge and succeeded. With makeup done by one Nanda Siepierski, Nay basically brought Cheetah to life here. Really, there aren’t enough cosplayers that take on characters like Cheetah without… toeing certain lines.

This IS a wild side of cosplay.

Also, for anyone wondering, this is the Injustice 2 version of the villain. Just the way she looks here makes it seem like she’s got a prey in sight and is ready to hunt.

19 When Efforts Go Beyond Success

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When it takes an entire team to construct a cosplay and this is the result, it really brings out the beauty in creating and doing cosplay. There’s a whole lot to credit for this striking piece, mainly the people from the Cinema Makeup School. However, it also takes a solid person behind the suit to truly bring it to life and Mike Ignis gains huge kudos in doing just that. The expression he’s pulling here alone creates a perfect live-action image of the comic character.

18 The Fun Of Cosplaying A Villain

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As far as villains on the theatrical spectrum go, The Monarch ranks rather high. To cosplay as this colorful villain takes some real flare. And Kelly managed to do just that by not only pulling off the costume but the overall style of the villain as well. Hey, not just anybody can pull off those eyebrows and beard. What’s more, to cosplay is to basically dress up as a character and have fun, and how much more fun can you get than being a parody of a supervillain?

17 Being Creative With Red And Black

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What? You thought Venom would be up on this list? The character already has a large faction of cosplayers; how about taking on this Symbiote character for once? For one thing, he’s the enemy of the enemy, which makes him stand out quite a bit. For the other, this villain’s design is far more erratic.

He’s basically a red and black canvas for cosplay.

Sinistur here may not have the best of backgrounds for his piece, but he sure as heck got the style down. Well, the least twisted and nearest to the main design at least. The ax helped things.

16 Taking On A Colder Look

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When it comes to Killer Frost, she’s got more than a few styles. This unnamed WonderCon 2012 cosplayer managed to combine more than one style of the character, and came up with something rather daring yet lovely. Honestly, more than the blue skin and hair, the whole gauntlet looking like an ice shard coming out of her arm really tied the whole outfit together. Going back to her make-up though, the way her eyes and lips pop out here also accent her image of the ice villainess.

15 A More Refined Look

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Honestly, we really should commend the cosplayers that go through the effort of creating highly detailed armoured characters. To cosplay as General Zod, though, takes more than the armor for this unnamed cosplayer from the 2014 Emerald City ComicCon. The way that he even has a goatee and got the whole salt-and-pepper hair style really ties the whole look together. Sure he doesn’t have the whole aggressive warrior scowl, but he does look like a solid general. The thing with cosplay is that it brings really creative looks for characters you didn’t think would work.

14 Those Claws Could Be A Stylish Look

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Dr. Octopus may be majorly human, but when it comes to cosplaying, those extra limbs ain’t no cakewalk. Only a certain amount of people are really able to pull off this villain’s look, and that’s accounting style as well.

Every villain has a personal style, after all.

This unnamed cosplayer here shows that with a well-constructed set of claws really bring out one’s outfit. Not everyone can pull off a good fedora and coat combo, especially if it’s with those shades. Here though, the cosplayer really brought out the flare of the character.

13 The Beauty Of Lighting

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Cosplaying Dormammu, of all characters, is pretty much another tier in cosplay. And yet, this unnamed cosplayer for the 2017 Heroes Con managed to pull it off with their fiery mask here. The body suit could have been given a little more detail, like the mask, to be honest, but the overall effort is still commendable. Besides, with the light that the cosplayer is sporting here, they have a touch more realism and intimidation going on for them. That, and a nice touch of menacing as well.

12 Someone's Looking A Little Too Real

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First off, yes, this is, in fact, a real person. Second, no, those hands are not photoshopped. This is a cosplayer who goes by Yuriko-Oyama and those claws are actually well-designed gloves. We’re mainly used to the film version of this villainess with her claws looking more like metallic implants. Here we have the version that’s seen more in the comics and even the animated version. It’s pretty scary how much she resembles the character, isn’t it? Heck, she may as well be the character come to life.

11 The Edgy Side Of Cosplay

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It takes confidence to wear a skin-tight suit and style your hair into a blue mohawk and Dezi Desire clearly has in spades. In cosplaying as a supervillainess, it really takes a good level of boldness.

And clearly, it also helps to bring out one's edgy side.

Just the way that Dezi here is posing and rocking her makeup makes her all the more believable in her rendition of the literally striking villain. Livewire is just one of those female supervillains that looks like she would leave a sassy yet powerful feeling in cosplaying.

10 Embracing The Cold

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Out of the many unique and frankly difficult style villains on this list, Mr. Freeze by far has more than a few bells and whistles to accomplish when it comes to cosplay. There have been different cosplayers who have succeeded in portraying different looks for this icy character.

Not everyone can take the cold, after all.

This unnamed cosplayer from the 2009 San Diego ComicCon, however, pretty much takes the cake with his more classic style. The way that his headgear and suit looks like it actually has mist and frost brings a whole lotta style points for this guy.

9 The Mustache Really Tied The Look

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Anyone who is willing to go through the effort of full body paint for any character deserves more than a few claps. Really, outside of the pinkish red skin, yellow eyes, and yellow lantern suit, Sinestro holds a real classic villain look with the whole mustache and slicked hair. A kind of suave yet malicious kind of look which Mark Meer here is pulling off perfectly. The way that he’s glaring down with that sneer and those golden eyes makes for a rather chilling yet accurate depiction of the character.

8 A Chilling New Look

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Here’s a villain who’s gotten a variety of designs done. Two-Face is the type of character that poses a lot of creativity in terms of cosplay. Not just in the who one side makeup, but also the suit style as well. With Anton here, it’s like he combined the animated and live-action version and got this unique result. He pretty much turned the character into some sort of mutant with this look. And rather than looking highly menacing, doesn’t this Two-Face look rather chilling instead?

7 Behold, The Dramatics Of Cosplay

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If there was any villain that would have the word “regal’ in his description, it would be Dr. Doom. A complex villain who rules a fictional land, NasalHair001 managed to bring the man to life. There have been a fair share of cosplayers who have taken on this character, but this man pretty much takes the cake. Really, down to the fabric and fur on his coat, this cosplayer’s authenticity levels are through the roof. He even has the dramatic cloak flair down. You know that when a cosplayer locks down a striking photo they’re pretty much the big leagues.

6 He's Shiny And Has Circuitry Too

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Doing a cosplay involving armor is one thing, but to cosplay full-on robot characters like Ultron is a different sort of ballgame. There have been different robot characters that have been cosplayed before, but there’s just something about portraying Ultron that brings a certain finesse. Honestly, the fact that this cosplayer from TGS 2015 managed to have their cosplay look like actual metal is what really made this Ultron stand out. That, and how the cosplayer actually managed to look like they have circuitry is just another kudos to them.

5 A Real Scaly Transformation

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Okay, who else here took a second to realize that this is not, in fact, the actual Killer Croc from the Suicide Squad film? Say what you want about the film, but you’ve got to give them props for the make-up skills. Seriously, you can’t even tell whether it’s a mask or make-up. Even zooming in it looks like another layer of skin. It also helps that Jerry Almond here has the build and facial structure to pull off the look.

4 A Character Turned Real

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It’s one thing to cosplay a cartoon character, it’s a whole other thing to cosplay a character like Skeletor. We’re talking about the Lord of Destruction who had lost his face from an incident with acid people. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a suit and mask or some makeup to resemble the character but just look at this. Those eyes, the staff, and even the armor detail. You can already imagine the character’s voice. We may not know who this person is, but kudos to them for their clear dedication.

3 When You Can't Even Tell Anymore

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Red Skull, while being one of the well-known villains of the Marvel-verse, may as well be a cockroach type with how many times he “disappears” only to pop again somehow. When cosplaying as this type of villain, it either takes a solid mask or a good deal of makeup skills. With Ivan Axel Tenuto Lotito here… well, to be honest, we can’t tell, but the way his face looks sunken in and skull-like as it should is more than commendable. That and the way he works his facial expression here is a plus.

2 A Cosplay Feat

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Now this is one character that needs some top-level cosplay skills. Who else than the people of PrizmaticCosplay to accomplish this feat? Can’t you just feel the power emanating from this cosplayer? The Lady Death cosplayer is also a nice added touch. This by far is one of, if not the most well known Thanos cosplay, and it’s easy to see why. With how large and heavy this costume seems, you also have to credit the person taking on the character.

1 Detail Is Key

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Okay, there’s cosplaying and then there is full on transformation like this cosplayer here. Seriously, we all know how much of a mess Doomsday’s design is. For a cosplayer to get every single piece of the character’s detail down is pretty much worthy of a medal. You can just see the effort placed into the creation and placement of the shards, and those eyes... you can’t get more chilling than with glowing red eyes. A salute to you, unknown cosplayer from the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con.

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