25 Surprising Mistakes We Never Noticed In Marvel Movies

It takes a whole lot of human to create a modern film. In fact, according to data from stephenfollows.com, the average number of crew in the top films over a twenty-year period is 588. Marvel has changed the template for successful filmmaking since the foundation of the MCU in 2008. It also leads the way in having the biggest film crews.

Captain America: The First Avenger had 2,536 people working on it. To turn The Avengers into cinematic reality it took 2,718 people. Finally, for the critically divisive Iron Man 3, there were 3,310 humans devoting their finite existence upon this world to its creation. So, what better way to reward the hard labor of thousands and thousands of people than to point out the glaring mistakes that were left in the films that took so much of their dedication?

I feel a tremendous amount of wonder that thousands of people were capable of working together. That they were able to combine their many and varied skills to create one piece of art. But that won’t stop me from being incredibly nit-picky. I’m going to find out all the mistakes that are in Marvel films and then expose them to the world. Yes, some people may say, "surely you have better things to do with your life?" and to those people, I would say "No. No, I don’t." So, dive in, dear reader, as I present to you 25 mind-blowing mistakes you never noticed in Marvel Movies.

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25 Voices In Their Head

via: screengeek.com

Let’s face it, The Avengers was utterly brilliant. It’s probably responsible for the highest geekgasm per minute ratio of any film ever. The climatic New York battle is a highlight. From the moment Bruce Banner declares "I'm always angry," to its non-stop action and spectacle, it's amazing. I love the camera panning around New York following each Avenger into battle against the Chitauri hordes. Then on my 4th watch, I noticed an issue. How are the Avengers able to talk to each other? Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, is on a rooftop calling out troop movements to Iron Man. How is he doing this? He has no communication device on his person. In fact, how are any of them having a conversation across such massive distances?

24 Hammer Time

via: imfdb.org

Ant-Man was a brilliant addition to the MCU. It was a light-hearted crime-caper-romp, which made it stand out from the dreary "the whole world will be destroyed" plotlines elsewhere. Yet, that didn’t stop the fact that there were some major mistakes in this movie.

During the climactic heist, Ant-Man’s time as a superhero was almost cut short.

The villainous and utterly forgettable Darren Cross has intentions of shooting Scott Lang in the back of the head. Fortunately, at the very lost possible moment, Lang’s ant friends climb onto the gun and block the hammer with their bodies, preventing it from being fired. However, the entire scene leading up this point shows that the villains are using glocks, which have no external hammers. I guess the filmmakers were hoping we just wouldn’t notice.

23 Future Tape

via: behance.net

The only people who don't love Guardians of the Galaxy are those without pulses. And frankly, unless there's some sort of zombie apocalypse going on, their opinions don't matter anymore. The director, James Gunn, crafted a vibrant, fresh, and very funny film that effortlessly straddled moments of humor and high stakes action. Yet even Guardians of the Galaxy is not without its flaws. During the emotional opening scene, young Peter receives a gift from his dying mother. Now there are two things you should know about this. The first is, yes, this scene made me cry. Big, manly tears though of course. Second, the tape he receives is a Type 2 TDK Cassette tape (containing volume 2 of the awesome mix) which was released in 1993. The problem is, this entire scene was set in 1988.

Art by the super talented team at Golpeavisa.

22 Left Hander

via: bustle.com

I loved Deadpool. For the last few films prior to its release, it looked like 20th Century Fox’s X-Men universe had become an incomprehensible mess. Each film was turning itself inside and out to try and explain the plots of earlier films in the franchise. Thankfully, Deadpool was a breath of fresh air.

So, I don’t relish pointing out this glaring error in Deadpool.

When Colossus tries to forcefully recruit Deadpool to the X-Men, he handcuffs them both from left hand to left hand. To escape his fate, Deadpool takes the extreme action of cutting off his own hand, causing him to plummet from the bridge. There’s only one problem: as he tumbles to the road it can clearly be seen that his right hand is missing, rather than his left. Looks like someone in the CGI team didn’t know left from right.

21 Heavy Metal

via: andrewkwan.deviantart.com

Let’s head back to Ant-Man for this entry. I don’t usually criticise science in films for not being realistic. After all, the film itself isn’t realistic. But I do think its fine to criticise a film for not following the rules of its own logic. To explain:

In Ant-Man, the shrinking/expanding technology of Hank Pym is explained away as being able to change the space between molecules. This would, theoretically, change the size of the object. However, if the object contains the same number of molecules then it would still weigh the same. So, Scott couldn’t ride an ant without crushing it under his tiny buttocks and nor could Hank carry a 60-ton tank in his pocket without ruining the stitching of his favorite trousers.

The superb art above is by Andrew Kwan.

20 Hair Today

via: slate.com

Marvel films are great. The exception to this rule was 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot, embarrassingly monikered Fant4stic. I guess trying to include numbers within film titles is cool, even though this would mean the film was actually called "Fantfourstic."

It was directed by Josh Trank and went on to absolutely tank at the box office.

During its difficult development, there were several reshoots required over a lengthy period. Sue Storm’s (played by Kate Mara) hair differs massively from shot to shot. Sometimes it’s her hair, sometimes it’s a wig. Sometimes it’s long, sometimes it’s short. And sometimes it’s white blonde, sometimes it’s mousy brown. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme nor reason to these changes. Either way, observing her transforming hair is the most interesting part of the film.

19 Clean Up After Yourself

via: youtube.com

I have something to tell you. I still really, really want Blade to turn up in the MCU. And not just any Blade, it must be Wesley Snipes. The first two films were superb and aptly demonstrated that Marvel movies can work very well within the horror genre. Anyway, on to the mistake.

In Blade Trinity, the disappointing conclusion to the otherwise excellent Blade films, Blade is taken captive by vampires posing as government agents. He is then rescued by Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler. During the escape, Blade leaves the far-too-pretty duo to go and recover his sword. The sequence culminates with Blade leaping through a window and landing on the ground below, surrounded by broken glass. But, in the very next shot, all the shards of glass have mysteriously disappeared.

18 Always Wash Your Hands

via: avengerstower.blogspot.co.uk

Despite the acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s odd accent, Doctor Strange was a fun film and served its purpose in bringing magic to the MCU. It had a fair few mistakes, though. Prior to his accident, Dr. Stephen Strange is considered, and narcissistically considers himself the greatest surgeon in the world.

Strange, then (pun absolutely intended) that he would make such an obvious mistake as this.

In the opening scenes, as Strange is preparing for surgery, he puts on a face mask after washing his hands. This mistake would contaminate his clean hands by bringing them near the germ-ridden environment of his face. If you ever decided to perform a random surgical procedure on a friend or stranger, try to remember that surgical masks must always be worn before you wash your hands.

17 That's Incredible

via: hokunin.deviantart.com

Back in 2008, long before the MCU was the unstoppable film franchise we know and love today, the rather average The Incredible Hulk really dropped the ball in following up on the superb Iron Man.

Before Mark Ruffalo would go and save Bruce Banner in The Avengers, it was the forgettable turn of Edward Norton in the role. In one scene of the film, when Dr. Ross and Bruce are in the hotel room, the easily angered doctor empties a bag onto the bed. There’s a passport, a watch, and a wallet filled with cash, along with several other items. In the next shot, as they are about to leave, Banner goes to pick up the cash, which somehow managed to leave the wallet of its own accord. Clearly, the next enemy to plague the heroes of the MCU will be sentient money.

Hilarious Hulk VS Snake art by Hokunin.

16 Change Of Shoes

via: twitter.com

The fears that the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, unsurprisingly titled Guardians of the Galaxy 2, wouldn’t be able to come close to matching the original were unfounded. It was both brilliantly hilarious and remarkably creative in its action sequences and cinematography. The clear standout moment (quite literally, considering how little he wears) was Drax and his sensitive chest.

Anyway, here’s your mistake.

Early in the film, Ego (Kurt Russel) and Star Lord’s mother walk down into the woods behind the Dairy Queen. Currently, she is wearing fur topped boots. However, after their descent down the hill, she now has sandals on as they stand in the clearing with the god planet. Why did she have two pairs of shoes? Perhaps we’ll never know. Or maybe she was wearing her sandals inside her boots because… erm… convincing reason.

15 A Sticky Mess

via: collider.com

Captain America: Civil War, despite fears it would be a character-filled mess, was instead one of the best films that the MCU has offered to date. The film-ending battle between Captain America and Iron Man was as cathartic as they come. However, even this film had its mistakes. In the lead up to the airport fight, the audience first meets Peter Parker in full Spider-Man ensemble. He uses his webbing to whip Captain America’s shield from out of his hand. Now bear in mind how sticky that fluid is, and how hard it has been to remove in most other Spider-Man films. Weird then that in the very next shot, as Spidey holds the shield, there isn’t any web fluid on it whatsoever.

14 Defying Gravity

via: fxguide.com

Iron Man started off the MCU with the perfect casting of its star, Robert Downey Jr., who made for the quintessential Tony Stark. His portrayal of the Iron Avenger even changed his comic book counterpart to be more ‘RDJ’ in his manner. Jon Favreau did a great job directing the film, but even he missed this mistake. In the final battle of the film, as the Iron Monger squares off against Iron Man, Obadiah Stane picks up a nearby vehicle to bash Tony over the head with it.

Iron Monger holds the car above his head.

Iron Man blasts him with a chest beam and then catches the car. Even though the car is completely vertical, every person in the car’s hair seems to be defying gravity. When you spot it, it’s hard to un-see it.

13 Wrong Directions

via: marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

Thor: The Dark World was a rather underwhelming entry in the MCU canon, despite initial optimism with Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor at the helm. With most of the film feeling like a bit of a trudge, it was welcome relief that the final battle was inventive and rather inspired.

As Thor and Malekith battle each other around London, they end up knocking themselves through various portals. One brings Thor to Charing Cross Station. He is told by the lady on the train that it is three stops to Greenwich. Charing Cross though is not on the Jubilee line and so isn’t directly connected to Greenwich, meaning poor old Thor would have become utterly lost. It would have resulted in a very anticlimactic battle if one of the participants hadn’t even turned up.

12 Safety First

via: scribol.com

Any good superhero film must achieve one thing. That being to make the audience believe in the impossible. We want to believe that people can fly, perform superhuman feats, and have the ability to deliver amusing quips whilst under life-threatening circumstances. However, in the real world, these astonishing actions need to be achieved with safety for the performers in mind.

It only gets weird when actor safety sneaks its way into the finished film.

When Captain America is fighting Ultron on the truck, there is a brief moment that a safety line can be seen, holding Chris Evans as he’s hanging on the side of the truck. Even heroes with super strength, super speed, and abs so hard you could shave with them, always put safety first.

11 Have A Shower

via: cineworld.co.uk

Sometimes having to wash can be a repetitive annoyance. Many a morning, I have become frustrated that the need to have a shower is slowing down the start to my day. Fortunately, Bruce Banner doesn’t have to worry about that as he’s clearly come up with an invention that allows him to automatically clean himself anytime he likes. Take the recent Thor: Ragnarok as an example. Which, in my opinion, is by far the best in the trilogy and only slightly ruined because (and spoilers) Thor isn't bothered at all about the horrible end of his best friends. Anyhow, during a particular sequence, Banner is covered in green powder. His face and hair are coated in the stuff. Once he becomes separated from Thor, though, all the green powder has disappeared.

10 Deadly Hair Flick

via: pinterest.co.uk

Natasha Romanoff, aka The Black Widow, is a deadly weapon. Her fists are deadly, her throws are deadly, her legs are deadly, even her hair is deadly. Early on in Avengers, Natasha is being intentionally held captive. When she learns of what has befallen her friend, Clint Barton, she decides to make her escape. Her being tied to a chair makes this a little tricky, so she reverse-headbutts a henchman when he is stood behind her.

There’s just one problem, the stuntman is too far away.

So, Natasha ends up knocking him out when a gentle swish of her hair. Still, being the Black Widow, even her hair can knock a man out cold. Hairdressers probably fear a visit from her as their scissors will be snapped and combs crushed by the Widow’s mighty locks.

9 Ricochet

via: therafa.deviantart.com

Remember that brilliant scene in Iron Man 3? No, not the one with the revelation about the true identity of ‘the Mandarin’ which caused so much controversy. I’m talking about the one that involves a free fall from Air Force 1. Just prior to that action sequence, Coldblood, posing as the Iron Patriot, starts taking out secret service agents on the plane. And by taking out, I don’t mean for a movie and a candlelit dinner. The secret service agents fire at the imposter, only for their bullets to ricochet harmlessly off its carapace. One of these bullets rebounds from the armor to end up shattering a window. Only thing is, the windows on the President’s personal plane are bulletproof so this shouldn’t have happened.

Incredibly realistic Mandarin artwork by TheRafa.

8 A Tale Of Two Shields

via: youtube.com

When Captain America dons his shield for the first time in The First Avenger, we are led to believe that it is unique. That makes sense as vibranium is incredibly rare. Discovered by the Wakandan king, T'Challa, who concealed his country from the entire world to protect this valuable resource. T’Challa turned Wakanda into one of the most technologically advanced countries in the entire world by selling off tiny quantities of vibranium to fund its development.

So, how many shields made of vibranium can there be?

The answer is two. There’s the one that Cap has buried with him in the ice and which remains with him until he is freed in the modern day. So, where has the shield that Tony Stark uses in Iron Man 2 to assist him in creating a new element come from?

7 Not New York

via: torontoist.com

In Marvel comic book lore, if something world ending is about to go down, it will usually do so in New York. This causes a problem for film makers, as New York is not necessarily the easiest place to receive permission to film in. Fortunately, many other cities, with some clever editing, a little CGI, and some solid location scouting, can take the place of New York. Unfortunately, in The Incredible Hulk, the filmmakers didn’t do a terribly good job of disguising Toronto. They left several unintentional and obvious clues for the audience to spot. Not only did the fight between the Hulk and Abomination take place in front of the Zanzibar, a club on Toronto’s Yonge Street, but there is also a police car clearly marked with ‘Toronto’ in a later shot. Abominable.

6 Everyone has Super Strength

via: youtube.com

Whilst watching Iron Man 2, you’d be forgiven for not realizing that Justin Hammer has super strength. He looks unimposing in his suits and anyone with that much fake tan on their palms should not be considered a threat.

But he does have super strength.

This is surprising. If he is super powered, then why does he need to enlist the help of Whiplash in his attempt to defeat Tony Stark? Where’s the proof of this strength? When James Rhodes takes the Iron Man armor from Tony Stark after a brawl, he enlists the help of Hammer to transform the armor into War Machine. Hammer presents an array of weaponry for their consideration. One weapon he lifts to show them is a massive M134 Minigun. This humongous weapon weighs in at 85lbs, yet Justin picks it up like a water pistol. Proof of his enormous strength.

5 Reading Is Difficult

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It’s certainly a tear-jerking moment when Star-Lord finally reads the letter left to him by his mother before she passed. He’s held off from facing that moment until the culmination of the film and the forming of his new family. In an especially emotional touch, the actress Laura Haddock can be heard reading the note as we see the letter on screen. However, due to last-minute decisions, James Gunn had to record the audio whilst in his car. With the scene having been filmed and the prop letter already written, this caused a problem as there had since been some changes to the script that Laura went on to read. This means that the actual note and the reading of it don’t match up. Which any speedy readers will have certainly spotted!

4 Bashed Bus

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Captain America: Winter Soldier had a more gritty and down to earth style than previous films in the franchise. The directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, took direct influence from 1970’s conspiracy thrillers and the intense script of Eric Brubaker’s Winter Soldier story arc. Both sources focus on tense and hyper-real interpretations of cold war espionage and spycraft.

Despite its gritty nature, Captain America: Winter Soldier has a few ridiculous mistakes.

In one of the battles, a bus is sent veering into an intersection when Cap is thrown into it. That’s a massively muscled super body getting slammed into its bodywork with tremendous force. Despite this, the bus is left completely undamaged in the next shot. Maybe they needed to use it later to get the film crew back home?

3 Ghost In The Frame

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The end credits scenes in Marvel movies have, ever since their inception in Iron Man, become a mainstay of the franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 even went to the delirious excess of including 5 end credits scenes.

It was the first iconic meeting between Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury that kick-started this trend. Seeing these two characters on screen for the first time made geeks around the world explode with unadulterated nerd joy.

There’s a rather odd mistake in the scene though, that once you’ve seen cannot be unseen. As Tony enters the room a member of the film crew can clearly be seen reflected in the glass of the picture frames along the wall. It wasn’t just Nick Fury waiting for Tony to get home that night.

2 Cap Has Three Arms

via: geektyrant.com

Mutants are yet to make an appearance in the MCU. However, with Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, it is surely only a matter of time until we see Deadpool teaming up with Avengers. And, if we’re really lucky and keep all of over body parts crossed, maybe even a cinematic version of the Avengers vs. X-Men comics. But what you may not know is that the mutants have already made a sneaky uncredited appearance in the MCU.

In fact, Captain America is a mutant.

Because Captain America has three arms. What’s my proof for this outrageous claim? The proof of this is in Avengers: AOU. As Cap and Thor rescue civilians in Sokovia, Cap’s secret mutation proves very handy. He manages to catch a falling woman with both hands, despite needing an extra hand to keep hold of the bridge he is clinging onto.

1 Sound And Light Are Equally Fast

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Marvel has a lot of fun with science in its films. They enjoy taking the rules of time and space that we all know and love, tear them up, cover them in petrol and set them on fire. Take the speed of sound and the speed of light. The speed of sound is 343 meters per second. The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second. Yet in the MCU they travel at the same speed. How else could we both see and hear a Jericho missile explode at the same time in Iron Man? Or how can we both see and hear a sonic boom caused by Thor’s hammer in the same instance? Then there are all the explosions that we can hear in space during the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. I feel like such a Grinch bringing all this up.

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