10 Things That Can Kill Sims (That Most Players Don't Know About)

Let's be real here: one of the most fascinating aspects of The Sims is seeing how you can dispose of them in the most gloriously grotesque and imaginative ways possible. Ever since Maxis and Electronic Arts gave us The Sims back in 2000, we've been finding increasingly clever ways of disposing of our digital personas. We all know the big ones, like letting them drown in the swimming pool or setting fire to the house. But Sims players are rife with creativity, and the possibilities of disposing with Sims are seemingly endless. These are ways you can kill Sims that most players don't know about.

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10 Death By Flies

Who knew flies could be so dangerous? Being eaten alive by flies was a legitimate form of death in The Sims 2, and it was incredibly frightening. If you leave enough dirty things laying around a room, a green whiff cloud will begin to emit from the objects. If you proceed to walk through these clouds, you may be swarmed by a massive cloud of flies, which proceed to literally eat your Sim alive. And no, it's never explained why flies can eat the Sims alive. But either way, it's a terrible way to go, and we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemies.

9 Hit By A Meteor

A lot of people think about how they're going to die. It's perfectly natural. But we don't think anyone ever predicts being hit by a falling meteor. But alas, this is a form of death in The Sims 3, and it is absolutely hilarious. The event literally comes out of nowhere, as a giant shadow will suddenly envelop your Sim, and they will wonder why it got so dark. And if you don't move the Sim out of the way, it will be crushed and vaporized by the meteor, which explodes in a glorious mushroom cloud. It's totally bizarre.

8 Guinea Pig Disease

Who knew guinea pigs could be so dangerous? Not your Sim, because they can die thanks to something called Guinea Pig Disease. If a Sim is bitten by the fierce and violent guinea pig, they become infected and eventually fall gravely ill. If their infection is left untreated for an extended period of time, they will eventually die from the disease. Now isn't that just a terrible way to go out? Imagine having to explain to your ghost friends that you were bitten and killed by a guinea pig.

7 Death By Skydiving Simulator

The Sims: Superstar features the glorious skydiving simulator called Galileo's Free-for-All. It serves as a fun way to pass the time and entertain your Sim, but it also lead to their untimely demise.

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If a Sim uses the machine with low energy, or if the exit is blocked by an outside force, the Sim will eventually be launched into the air. This isn't a particularly peaceful way to go out, and your Sim won't even be greeted by the Grim Reaper. Still, at least you can say that you died while skydiving. No one will know that it was just a simulator!

6 Shark Attack

SCUBA diving can be a very fun and peaceful experience. You just have to watch out for the sharks. The Sims 3: Island Paradise allows for SCUBA diving, and it serves as a great way to entertain your Sim. However, there's actually a very small possibility that your Sim will be attacked and eaten by a shark, which will leave behind your ribcage and a few floating bones. Yes, it is sudden, and yes, it is scary. Luckily, you can avoid the sharks by hiding in nearby underwater caves, so rest assured. Still sucks that you have to constantly be on the lookout for sharks, though.

5 Bladder Explosion

We can think of few worse ways to go than a bladder explosion. All Sims players know that you have to relieve your Sim on occasion, and it's usually a painless and hassle-free process. And if you put it off for too long, your Sim will get irritated and cranky. They may also die.

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In the mobile version of The Sims 3, you can cause your Sim to die by refusing bathroom breaks, which may eventually result in a burst bladder and instant death. So, yeah, please make sure to listen to your Sims' needs, lest they die from a sudden bladder explosion. It's not a great way to go out.

4 Pufferfish

Eating pufferfish can actually be very dangerous in real life, as their internal organs and skin contain a very deadly neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin. Nonetheless, pufferfish meat is a delicacy in various Asian countries. However, this meat must be prepared by a specialized chef, and unfortunately, your Sim was met with a poor-quality chef. It's possible to die in City Living by eating low-quality pufferfish, and this chance is increased if your Sim is in a bad mood. Not sure what kind of sense that makes, but hey, just go with it. So, please, make sure to eat only the highest-quality pufferfish available! That goes for real life, too.

3 Poisoned Dart

Poison takes many forms. For example, poison is found in pufferfish meat. It is also found applied to the tips of darts, and it will kill you in the Jungle Adventure expansion pack if you are not fast enough. Yep, turns out that the jungles are absolutely rife with danger. Who knew? It's entirely possible to randomly be struck by a poisoned dart, which of course will make your Sim fatally sick. And if you don't find an antidote in time, your Sim will pass away from the poison. Now that is one crappy vacation.

2 Laughing To Death

Of all the ways to go out, laughing to death is probably one of the better options. Well, maybe not, seeing as how you suffocate, and suffocating probably isn't fun, but at least you were entertained in your final minutes! You can die by laughing in The Sims 4, and it is every bit as weird and hilarious as it sounds. Just imagine that - watching your Sim having the time of their life one second and watching them keel over in death the next. This laughter can come from a wide variety of mundane activities, including watching TV or reading a funny book. That must be one heck of a funny TV show!

1 Falling Vending Machine

You never know when death will strike. It could be while you're old and brittle, surrounded by loved ones. Or it could be at school while you were just trying to buy a snack. In the University expansion pack, you can have your Sim shake a vending machine to retrieve a stuck item. However, there is a small chance that the vending machine will fall on your Sim and crush it to death, so there's that as well. We don't know about you, but we love these types of random deaths. It just makes playing The Sims that much more fun and unpredictable. Like we said, you never know when death will strike.

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