20 Surprising Whisper Confessions About Guys Who Care More About Games Than Their Girl

Let's face it, as gamers, we've all had moments in our life when we've decided that the video game we're invested in is more important than another task that seems to desperately need doing. Whether your dinner's ready and it's getting cold, your parents need help putting together a cabinet or the house is literally flooding (yes, somebody carried on gaming when this happened, look it up!), there are often times in gaming when we allow ourselves to be fully consumed by the virtual world we've quickly become a part of. Our real lives don't matter any more, and we've become completely enamored by what we see on the screen.

That's what we're delving a little deeper into here, but on a different level entirely. Focusing on guys who love their video games more than their girlfriends, wives or significant others, we take a look at the shady world of Whisper confessions: where you can write whatever you like under a secret alias, send it out to the world and never have to think about it again. People can even reply with their own Whispers, letting you in on how they think you should deal with your problem (if you have one), or sharing their own similar situations.

Here, we take a look at 20 guys who admit to loving their gaming more than their girlfriends, and offer both parties a little bit of advice! Think of it like an Agony Aunt column, but with an amazing twist...

20 Too Much Complaining

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This guy sounds like he could do with a break from his girl. If she's blowing up at him simply because of the way he's looking at her, then the two need to start having some serious conversations about how they treat one another! Of course, there's always the chance that he really is giving her filthy looks and she's simply responding accordingly, but some of us were born with resting angry faces! It's not something we can help!

At least this fella has his video games to fall back on when he feels bad. Not a lot of people can escape toxic relationships, but the virtual lands this guy goes to when he picks up his favorite platformer or adventure game mean that he has the perfect escape.

19 A Boring Phonecall

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Rage alert! A lot of gamers have been through the stages of true rage when tackling their favorite video games, especially so when facing down a particularly tricky adversary or online competition that always seems a step ahead, but is it really worth tarnishing a relationship over?

Phone calls are an important part of many people's relationships, especially so when it's a long distance one, so to see that they're falling flat here is certainly concerning! Still, as the girl in the partnership admits herself, she did have the opportunity to hang up and leave him to his gaming, making a point of how ignorant he was being. Taking that opportunity the next time it crops up may be the best move she could make...

18 Time For Another Break-Up

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Looks like this is a gamer who doesn't care about getting with a new girl in the near future! He certainly won't be looking for love from his ex, as he's boasting here about actually enjoying the fact she left him because of his adoration for virtual worlds, characters and storylines. Losing streaks can of course be some of the most frustrating things in the world of gaming, especially so when they go on for hours on end, but does the hurt really pain us as much as losing our significant other? It would seem so in this case! We think somebody needs to get their priorities in order and remember that when gaming becomes a chore and something you don't enjoy, it's time to put down the controller!

17 Don't Speak

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You know the situation. You've probably been in it yourself on a number of different occasions. You're at one of the most intense, devastating, eye-opening parts of your new video game and suddenly, somebody decides it's the perfect time for a long, boring conversation about their day, the weather or something else entirely that you couldn't care one iota about. That was the case for this dude, and it would seem he can't even get five minutes of peace!

Seriously man, we suggest you have a quick and honest talk with your girl about how you feel! Everybody needs their space, and if for you that's in front of a screen playing a video game, that's where your alone time should be. Put your foot down!

16 Give. Me. Attention.

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A relationship has really come to a strange fork in the road when a girl has to use her body as currency to lure her partner away from their video games. What's really sad about this Whisper confession is that the girl is more than willing to do so, seemingly blissfully unaware that she should be the centre of her guy's universe, and everything else secondary. Hopefully, the boyfriend responded accordingly rather than turning back to his games, or this could have led to heartbreak!

We're all for women expressing themselves in whatever way they see fit, and more power to them when they feel empowered in garments like this one! But having to do so to get a boyfriend's attention is demeaning.

15 The Gamer's Way

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The past couple of years has seen the phrase "Netflix and chill" really make its way into the mainstream. The slang term, often used on social media is used as an invitation by the modern age to invite somebody round to watch Netflix with them, before eventually hardly focusing on the movie or TV show that was the whole point of the meet-up!

Here though is a man who can do without the random Netflix session; he'd rather enjoy his favorite video games, eating some delicious snacks and maybe engaging in a cuddle if he deems it necessary. The order here is important though: note that video games come first! Food second. Cuddles third. A true gaming aficionado.

14 Taking Pleasure From Another's Misfortune

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Knowing that this guy takes pleasure in annoying his girlfriend just proves how much of a recipe for disaster their relationship is. We'd be surprised if this was something that lasted, but have to say that healthy competition is something that can become a positive thing in any duo. What's clear here however, is that the boyfriend is more than willing to put his girlfriend in a bad mood and put his own needs ahead of hers when it comes to gaming! Not something we'd suggest for those who are looking to enjoy their relationship with their significant other; bringing your partner down is bad juju! In fact, we imagine it would leave a very bad taste in the mouth of the girlfriend...

13 A Boring Day Home

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So, you get a day off work FINALLY, and you've got all sorts of ideas about how you want to spend it with your significant other. You get to his place and realize he's in the midst of battling a massive Orc boss on the latest Middle-earth video game, so you sit and watch him for a little while. One hour turns to four and soon, you come to the conclusion that your day of excitement and joy has actually turned into you just wasting your time. We imagine that this is something similar to what the girl in this situation has gone through!

Whenever video games are put before a relationship, things begin to crumble. The Middle-earth franchise IS super fun, though...

12 No Nookie Here

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Beds are some of the comfiest places you can sit or lay when you're getting down and dirty with your favorite video game, but they're also a good place to enjoy some time with your significant other! Passion is for the majority of people a huge part of any working relationship, so to see that this one may be on the verge of collapsing completely because the wife isn't getting any attention from the guy isn't all that surprising. Just sad.

The worst thing about this Whisper confession is the reveal that the couple here are married. Nobody deserves to live in wedlock without getting what they need from their relationship! We hope the couple patch things up soon.

11 The Ultimate Ass Whoopin'

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Somebody's jealous! The societal construction of masculinity backs up the thought that boys should be better than girls when it comes to video games. It's undeniable that there are more men playing video games than women, and all of that combined with the fact many people expect males to be better than females when in control of a gamepad has led this gamer guy to the conclusion that he's inadequate, simply because his girlfriend's beating him!

We think he should be looking at it from a different perspective completely. Be proud of your girlfriend and root for her when she's doing better than you! If she's got skill, she should be able to show it off, and you should be happy for her. Stop being such a spoil sport!

10 The Best Feeling In The World?

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This Whisper is actually pretty sad to look at. Feeling unwanted in a relationship is something many of us have gone through, and something we can therefore relate to on a number of levels. Even if it's not in the world of romance, being "unwanted" by somebody is a feeling that we have all experienced. When your significant other is forcing you to use yourself as a currency and still then even turning down your advances, it may be a sign to call time on the relationship.

Video games are fun, but some gamer guys really need to let their partners know that they love and appreciate them just as much as their favorite stars of the virtual world.

9 Dinner Takes It Out Of A Man

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Sometimes, a good steak is all a guy needs before settling down with his favorite video game and his mates. Unfortunately for some, when that guy is part of a partnership where he's leading his significant other on to think they're going to enjoy a night of passion, before turning it down to play with his gamepad instead, negative outcomes are unavoidable!

For this couple, thrills must come far and few between for the confessor to start whispering about how their relationship isn't what they were hoping to experience! If we were this gamer, we'd be hiding our consoles, discs and PC whenever we weren't around, or the jealousy may turn into a sledgehammer to all of them! Absence either makes the heart grow fonder, or completely clouds a person's judgement!

8 Put Them Down And Pick Them Up

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This is a sad one on all levels. While we understand family life can be extremely stressful, looking after your partner and newborn baby is something that has to take priority! When you've helped cultivate and bring a new life into the world, you instantly become responsible for that little person and should make as much effort as possible to ensure their early life is a comfortable and enjoyable one. It's not something that should be left to just one parent, and the partner spending his life on video games when he should be looking after his loved ones here needs a swift wake-up call!

Video games for many are life, but when you're responsible for more than your own, things (unfortunately) have to change.

7 It's A Way Of Life

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This is the classic case of somebody being demeaned because they enjoy spending their free time in front of a screen, playing their favorite video games and passing the time in a way that sees them entertained. When somebody's not a gamer, it takes a lot for them to understand exactly how quickly you can become consumed by the world of gaming. You're just a "nerd" wasting your time, in their eyes. Usually, gamers can let these sorts of comments and thoughts go over their head. It's water off a duck's back! But when it's your significant other who hates your hobby, it quickly turns into something more hurtful. As the confessor says here, they don't get crap for enjoying their hobbies, so why should we?

6 How Do I Tell Her She's Terrible?

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We've all been there. Your friend, or significant other, or even your parent wanders into your room when you're in an exciting video game match-up, and they decide that what you're doing on screen looks so easy that they want to join in and play themselves. You give them a chance, wondering what their level of skill might be, but it soon becomes clear that gaming just isn't something for them. The unfortunate thing is that, after their first play, they become enamored! They loved their first experience gaming so much that you're now stuck with them, and you're too polite to tell them you prefer gaming alone! When that person turns out to be your girlfriend, well... There's not many positive outcomes for this one if you do tell them they're terrible.

5 "That Girlfriend"

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We say DO IT! Be "that girlfriend". Don't be afraid to make your feelings known because, in a relationship, everybody has to be honest if things are to succeed. Just remember that it's got to be a bit of give and take! Video games are quite often an intense experience, so being in that virtual world can take up a heck of a lot of room for somebody to process and think. If the phone call isn't working right now, schedule some time in rather than springing it on one another, so that you'll both be free to chat without distraction. Hopefully, this boyfriend was in an intense 6v6 on Overwatch, saw one of the main characters from Telltale's Walking Dead series get bit by a Walker or was in another similarly enthralling scenario which warranted the lazy conversation!

4 R&R Is A Myth

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Though we're sure there's more than a little exaggeration on the part of the whisperer here, they're entitled to feel like rubbish when their significant other is refusing to help them out in one of their worst times! We've all been in places during video games when we simply cannot put down the gamepad. We're online and don't want to get penalized, or we're watching a really intense and gripping cutscene, but does any of that warrant not being there for our partners when they need us most? Probably not.

Looks like this gamer is somebody who needs a stern talking to, in order to get his priorities straight! We're sure this sick girlfriend isn't the only one who's been left to help herself, though...

3 Dump His Butt?

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We think the answer to this Whisper confession is pretty cut and dry: the boyfriend needs dumping! Seriously, if you're in a relationship with somebody who cannot dedicate even a single hour of their day to spending time with you or making you feel good in some way or form, then the partnership isn't one that's worth the hassle, effort or the time.

Not only does this mean that the hours the boyfriend is awake, they're spending all of them playing video games and not with their partner, but it means they're contributing absolutely zilch to society... unless of course their job is in the realm of gaming! This boyfriend is a man who cares only about himself, and we hope the whisperer gets as far away as possible from their unhealthy relationship ASAP!

2 Best Friends Forever

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This one's straight from the heart, and clearly from somebody who feels extremely undervalued in their relationship. Whoever sent out this Whisper, we're just glad that they've got a best friend they can confide in and talk to when they feel they need to get something off their chest, otherwise all of that may have been bottled up and really taken a negative toll on their psyche!

The boyfriend in this case really needs to be making more of an effort with their significant other, or we imagine they'll face some stern reality checks in the coming months! Hopefully, the partner sending out this confession will eventually feel strong enough to confront their gaming boyfriend about making a proper go of their relationship, rather than sailing on with a romance that seems very one-sided.

1 Honesty Is The Best Policy

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When it comes to telling the truth, this gamer just can't keep his mouth shut! Luckily for his girlfriend, it seems to be something that he's only willing to admit when he's disguised online, but we wouldn't be too surprised if this was a relationship that ended up going south in the long-run. Love is a strong word, and whilst this may all be bravado on the part of the person giving the Whisper confession, we'd place bets on his girlfriend being pretty darn upset if she found out how he really felt. Still, she could surely come up with some inventive ways of getting her revenge! And there's always the chance she's also sending out her own confessions, whispering about how she loves Netflix or maybe even another man more than her boyfriend!

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