Survey Says Almost Half Of Nintendo Switch Online Family Plans Are Just Groups Of Friends

A recent Nintendo Switch survey by Switch Weekly had over 16,000 responses and yielded some interesting facts about the console. One such fact is that almost half of Nintendo Switch Online family plans are actually made up of groups of friends.

The survey asked a variety of questions covering games, both current and upcoming, the hardware itself, and Nintendo’s online services. They also ask how players use the console, what they are playing, and for how long.

In terms of online services, Nintendo Switch Online is a relatively new addition to the two-year-old console, having only launched in September 2018.

An earlier Switch survey, conducted the previous year by the same website, simply asked if respondents would sign up to an online service. Around 70% of those surveyed said yes; a response has translated exactly, with 70% of this year's respondents now being paying members of Nintendo Switch Online.

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Nintendo currently offers four different pricing options for its online services. The first three are individual membership plans with a monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription price. There is also a family plan, which is a fixed price for up to eight accounts, payable annually.

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Survey respondents who are paid members are mostly on an annual membership plan, with just 3% on a quarterly plan and 10% on a monthly plan. Since this offers the best value, it’s not surprising. However, a large number of family plan members appear to be made up of groups of friends, rather than family.

The survey shows 47% of family plan groups are made up of friends, 26% are a mix of friends and family, and 23% are just family. Meanwhile, a slightly worrying 4% of respondents say their group is made up of “folks from the internet.” Presumably, they are people close enough to trust with your account details, but not close enough to class as friends. Not something I’d personally recommend.

When it comes to why they signed up, 89% of respondents wanted to play online and 45% wanted to access cloud saves. Membership also comes with access to a classic game library, something which 45% of members stated as a reason for signing up and 80% of online members have tried.

While the membership seems like a good deal, especially if you’re splitting the cost 8 ways, a surprising 57% consider it good value for money. That certainly leaves room for improvement.

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