23 Sweet Secrets About Miley Cyrus That Show She's Different Now

The batch of stars from Disney’s previous generation have to be the most famous the company has produced yet. Almost all of those kids have grown up to be stars in their own right. These names include Zac Efron, Jonas Brothers, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Disney is the common factor for all these stars, and yet each one of them has claimed at some point the company has held them back in their youth. But there is one more name who was arguably a bigger star than the aforementioned, and who has gone through a widespread length of controversy. That name is Miley Cyrus.

Miley was on top of the Disney food chain thanks to her role as Hannah Montana, the perennial good girl of Hollywood. Miley was at one point a role model for young girls and Disney aimed at making her the ideal image of someone whose footsteps should be followed. This is all the more reason for the earth shattering collapse of Cyrus’s symbol as an icon. People were floored when she showed what she claimed to be her true colors, which comprised of a host of crude antics that dominated much of the entertainment news industry.

Those who were aware of the secrets Cyrus had been housing for years beforehand would not have been shocked by her exploits. But Disney has a refined way of ensuring we hear no traces of hardships in their neck of the woods and expertly hid them.

Here are 23 Dark Secrets you might not have been aware of.

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23 Teens Didn't Choose This

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One of the earliest controversies, which would end up looking very minuscule compared to all the other storms Cyrus would crack in the ensuing years, was her performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Although it might not have been her intention at the time, Cyrus’s musical performance at the event was met with outrage from kids’ parents as it was seen to adult oriented on a family friendly telecast.

Miley incorporated a pole in her dance number.

This would ultimately be a terrible decision as the manner of her dancing coupled with the wardrobe she was wearing would contribute to it all seeming like something out of a club for grown-ups. Disney channel refused to comment on her performance although her father did jump to her defense.

22 The Missing Ring

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Back in her Disney days, Miley was part of a group of youngsters who wore purity rings. Included in this group were all of the Jonas Brothers, Cyrus, and Selena Gomez, among others. These kids even had interviews where they would discuss these matters.

In an interview with TV Guide, Cyrus said she liked to think of herself as a girl no one could get.

She said further that in her age group (she was 16 at the time) girls had begun to sway, and having a purity ring made it a commitment she made to not fall in the former category. However, by 2012 she had ditched the ring and changed her outlook by saying parents should have a talk with their children about adult oriented practices and to be open about it.

21 The Vanity Fair Photo

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If there were ever any hints for Miley’s eventual turn toward the darker side, this had to be the starkest of indications. In a photoshoot that was destined to benefit no one, 15 year old Miley Cyrus posed for Vanity Fair magazine, uncovered from above. The spread caused a debacle as Cyrus was much too young to be posing in such glamorous fashion.

Annie Lebowitz isn’t known for her modesty. In fact, she is known for lack of it.

And here she photographed Cyrus in a less than flattering light. Miley would go on record with her apology, claiming she was embarrassed by the ordeal. It’s a wonder how her father was even involved in the photoshoot, and why a huge magazine such as Vanity Fair would commission such a shoot in the first place.

20 Caught In The Act

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The names are very scarce for Disney child stars who haven’t indulged in substances before they were legal. It’s a given to find one of these kids gain tabloid attention due to being caught in these practices. Miley Cyrus was one of those who did get busted.

In this instance she wasn’t partaking in activities, as might be suggested. Cyrus was caught on camera lighting up a substance that was legal in the state she was in. However, being an 18 year old who has an image to be aware of meant this case wasn’t without its controversies and Cyrus was criticized for making public a practice that wasn’t respected. Little did the people know she would publicly announce her enthusiasm for substances years later once her Hannah Montana days were over.

19 Family Ties

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Around the time her mother had filed for divorce from her father, Miley got involved within the acrimonious proceedings, making the entire affair a very public spat. When it became common knowledge divorce had been filed, Miley sent out a message addressed to her father on Twitter saying “Since your texts and email obviously aren't working would you like to talk like this?” The message has since been deleted.

When Billy Ray wouldn’t respond, Miley would make matters worse by becoming more aggressive in her tweets claiming her father wouldn’t reply to her and if there would be no reply at all she would “tell the truth for you (on behalf of Billy Ray)”. This tweet has also been deleted since and the resolution to the matter has never been known.

18 All That Anxiety

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Disney stars are prone to freak out moments owing to the burden of responsibility thrust upon their young shoulders. Miley Cyrus was no different when it came to this matter. She has admitted, since her days as Hannah have come to an end, that she would regularly be on the end of severe anxiety attacks.

She has stated she never had a personal identity.

According to Cyrus she was “told what a girl was supposed to be like” and never had the chance to explore who she was on her own, being exasperated with having to be “made pretty everyday for so long”. Cyrus would have hot flashes and would even throw up before shows as part of her anxiety issues.

17 Overly Zealous Co-star

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While it has never been confirmed or speculated since, there was a time when certain rumors had been floating around over Miley and Jeremy Piven’s friendship. They had both been a part of the film So Undercover. At the time of filming Miley had been 18 years old in comparison to Piven’s 47!

There is nothing to suggest any adult exchanges went on between the two, but Piven’s overly zealous gushing over Miley left some in doubt. The former Entourage star fawned all over her stating they ‘had great chemistry’ as well as following up with calling her ‘amazing.’ For two people who have such a huge age difference, this sort of excited admission of admiration wasn’t without some consequences. Fortunately these rumors died out quickly.

16 Appearance Issues

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For all her faults, Miley does have reason to stray away from the good girl image that had dogged her for much of her growing life. It has justification in that she had been constantly pushed by Disney to maintain a physical image of perfection for the benefit of young viewers. This total lack of space meant Cyrus was strenuously under pressure.

This anxiety caused body dysmorphia.

It’s not a physical ailment as the name suggests. People who suffer from this condition constantly fret over their appearance with the fear that they do not seem perfect. Even a strand of flaw would send Miley into severe panic. It’s tragic to consider she had been suffering from anxiety as well as body dysmorphia, meaning there wasn’t one day of peace for her in years.

15 Miley Isn't Her Birth Name

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Having been in the business for over a decade by this point, traces of Miley’s early life have become lesser known as her more recent exploits have taken center stage. However, it might not be a well known fact that the name Miley isn’t even her birth name!

She was born Destiny Hope Cyrus.

There is a reason for this unique name. Cyrus was born with a condition that causes abnormal resting heart rate. As she often smiled as an infant, her parents nicknamed her as Smiley, which would be shortened to her well known moniker of Miley as we know today. Her original name of Destiny Hope was given in the hope by her parents she would achieve great things.

14 She Got Tired Of Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana was still at the height of its fame when it was announced the show would be closing its doors. Only a couple years before the show’s end the extremely profitable feature film Hannah Montana: The Movie had been released. Then why end the show at all?

It has been suggested Miley was not fond of the Disney good girl image by that point. She had already been caught indulging in activities Disney does not condone and was moving into her twenties and basically lived as a little girl far too long. Having already raised a few eyebrows while Hannah Montana had been on the air, Miley made it official with the series’ finale and then immediately moved on to a more adult image she would be known for years to come.

13 The Half-Brother

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Disney wants its stars to have a squeaky clean image and looks to downplay any connection they might have that strays away from the idealistic family picture they love to portray in their shows. This means having their characters be part of a legitimate family household with one father and one mother for all the kids. So it was no wonder we never heard of Miley’s brother who was only 8 months older than her.

Christopher Cody Cyrus is the child of Miley’s father and Kristin Lucky. Billy Ray evidently had a short relationship with Lucky, and by the time Christopher had been born Miley was on her way to the world. It appears Billy Ray isn’t much fond his son either, as Kristin Lucky claims he doesn’t see the boy much. However, Christopher has nothing but kind words for his half-sister.

12 Taken Out Of Context

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Here the press is more to blame than Miley herself. Tabloids will do anything to put a celebrity under fire for something they might not even do. This case is something similar wherein Miley’s perception of other ethnicities came under fire.

Photos were taken of her pulling skin back from her eyes as if mocking Asians.

Cyrus was quick to release a statement to debunk any allegations of bigotry, she stated that the pictures were taken out of context and she was simply in the midst of making goofy faces with her friends. As is required by stars in case they are further accused of not being genuine with apologies, Miley would say she was sorry if the pictures had offended anyone.

11 Will They Or Won't They

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The biggest news that came out of the release of the film The Last Song wasn’t the film’s box office performance or its critical reception, instead it had to do with the knowledge of the budding romance between Cyrus and her co-star Liam Hemsworth.

The two would soon become inseparable, being seen publicly together and Miley would not hold back gushing about the new man in her life. The two also had a whirlwind romance as they became engaged in 2012 when Cyrus was only 19! The ensuing period was relatively quiet, leading to speculation they had split.

The speculation turned out to be true.

The two did split and this sparked Miley’s turn for the worse. Since the separation she was seen in extremely rambunctious situations and would openly spread her corrupted practices. Now that they have gotten together again, Miley has mellowed considerably.

10 Not Too Fond Future In-Laws

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What with the public romance that Liam and Miley had had, the fallout from their break up had consequences to last. Since their reconciliation, Liam and Miley have kept a low key profile. However, it is rumored older brother Chris isn’t too fond of Cyrus deeming her unfit to be marriage material due to her uncouth antics in the years prior. However, this has not been completely confirmed.

There’s also rumors of Miley’s older brother Trace not being Liam’s biggest fan either. Said to be extremely protective of his sister, Trace is supposedly unimpressed by Liam’s lazy demeanor. Again, this hasn’t been confirmed by either party, but it is said that Miley had pleaded Liam’s case to her brother to make him more accepting of their relationship.

9 No Admirers In The Business

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Hollywood of today views undressing as some act of bravado. Some women in particular use this as an excuse for empowerment when in actuality nothing of the concerned work has anything to do with empowering females. Thus, it has become a sensitive issue to accuse a woman of being racy as people jump to support her freedom to express.

However, in Miley’s case even famous woman were disgusted.

Cher was candid in her disapproval of Miley’s VMA performance deeming it terrible. Paloma Faith argued Miley was using her body as influence for success and was unimpressed by it. Jennifer Lawrence expressed disappointment at Miley furthering the idea that shedding clothes is required to sell success. Considering Lawrence herself is doing pretty much the same nowadays, though, maybe she should’ve kept the opinion to herself.

8 Stage Stand-In

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People so infatuated with the entertainment industry really do ruin it for the stars. These people have no clue how arduous it is to present a performance for hours on end in front of thousands upon thousands of spectators. Stars such as Celine Dion and Ashlee Simpson have come under fire for lip syncing, with fans overlooking the fact that these singers had to put on a huge dance number as well.

Miley wasn’t accused of lip syncing, but there was an instance where a small issue was blown out of proportion by the overly flippant fans. During a Hannah Montana tour, Cyrus dashed off stage for around a minute or less in order to change her wardrobe. A stand-in took her spot in between. With this knowledge, there was an outrage that Miley was hoodwinking fans, despite the switch lasting for such a minute time.

7 Trouble In Paradise

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The marriage of Miley’s parents is a far cry from Billy Ray’s character from Hannah Montana who had been a doting husband before his wife’s passing. In real life, Billy Ray has gone through a slew of marital troubles with his wife which include allegations of infidelity on her part with rocker Bret Michaels and supposedly another man. It was speculated Michaels had been acquainted with Billy Ray’s wife after having recorded with Miley!

In 2010, Billy Ray had filed for divorce from his wife, only to rescind it months later claiming reconciliation. However, years later it was Tish’s turn to file for divorce from Billy Ray only to emulate him and retract the filing. The couple claimed it was therapy that gave their marriage another lease of life.

6 Billy Ray Wished Hannah Montana Never Happened

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Near the end of Hannah Montana’s run, it became evident not all parties were enjoying their roles. Even on screen the enthusiasm was lacking from the actors. Rumors claimed there had been rifts between Billy Ray and Miley over her divergence from the Disney friendly image she had been portraying since childhood. After the show ended, Ray confirmed his issues.

He claimed Hannah Montana ruined their lives.

Ray even went as far as saying he wished they had never made the show at all. Miley’s outlandish behavior after the series’ end, and Billy Ray’s inability to control his daughter were factors in this claim of his. While it is evident he wasn’t taking complete responsibilities of his failures as a father, Billy Ray was adamant it was the popularity from Hannah Montana that had gotten to Miley.

5 The Strange Birthday Cake

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One of the early indications of Miley’s naughty tendencies came when tabloids had a field day over pictures that surfaced of her posing with a cake in a variety of ways. The cake was meant for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth whose birthday she was celebrating.

Now Miley might be aware of just how large Hemsworth is, but she decided to let others know of it as well. The cake was in the shape of a part of the male body, and Cyrus posed highly inappropriately with it. She was only 19 years old at the time and fresh off Hannah Montana and so it was a huge shock for people to see her so causal in such an atmosphere.

4 She's Just Being Miley

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Disney stars are perhaps encouraged to date one another. Around a decade ago, all of the actors who starred in Disney shows and movies were involved with someone from the same network. Miley has to thank Vanessa Hudgens in this instance for bailing her out from what could’ve been a big scandal. Hudgens had sent her High School Musical boyfriend Zac Efron suggestive photos that took the focus off Miley’s own similar issue.

Cyrus’s photos were leaked online which showed her in strange poses, making it clear they were meant to be seen as such. These pictures were intended for her then Disney boyfriend Nick Jonas. Seeing as they were both only about 15 years old, this was a major problem. There was also the matter of their purity rings which may have been rendered moot.

3 Videos, Music, And Miley

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Miley Cyrus has turned her controversy-filled life around greatly in the past couple years. So much so that you might be forgiven if this instance wasn’t to your awareness. Actually, that might be a long shot as this antic of hers caused ripples across the entertainment industry at the time. This performance was the genesis of her crude ways to come, and on this night thousands were left wide eyed.

Miley was unrecognizable on stage. Her behavior made her different even more so.

She was seen in extreme close proximity to Robin Thicke as he sang his hit single Blurred Lines. Miley left everyone in shock as she threw away most of her clothing and jigged her body all around to highlight her racier turn for the worse. This has gone down as one of the most scandalous events in recent entertainment history.

2 Hiding Her True Self

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There have been so many former Disney stars who have come out of the company’s vice like grip of them that it is very safe to say Disney delivers a false image of said star. Stars of previous and recent generations have the same statements where they claim Disney would force them to behave in a certain manner to be an example of that time’s youth.

Miley had been one of the most popular Disney stars and had to maintain a suffocating image.

This meant mistakes by teenagers like substance intake and drinking were tenfold for her. Also taboo was getting tattoos. On Total Request live, Miley claimed she was afraid of needles and would never dream of a tattoo. Fast forward years later and she candidly admitted she had been lying and was a tattoo fanatic. The abundance of ink on her skin would surely to attest to that.

1 All You Ever Did Was Wreck Me

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It was this video that destroyed any hopes of seeing more of the good girl Cyrus had once been known to be. Many who heard the song over the radio were confused why there was any controversy as Wrecking Ball’s lyrics and music gave no hint of there being any suggestive content.

The music video was too open for comfort.

Miley was seen swinging all around on a literal wrecking ball, crying her heart out over lyrics that lost all meaning as everyone was more focused on her swinging. Cyrus may have intended to leave some depths in the song, but no one had any care for that as her undressing was the talk of the down. She has since stated she isn’t all too proud of the video.

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