The 10 Biggest Differences Between The Nintendo Switch Lite And The Original

Now that the Nintendo Switch Lite is finally out, it has gamers everywhere that either already have a Nintendo Switch or that were considering buying one talking. This portable console from Nintendo looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch, but there are some major differences. For people that don't have a Switch yet or are looking for something different, it can be a good portable console to pick up.

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Although there are a ton of differences when it comes to the Nintendo Switch Lite, they're not necessarily all improvements from the original Switch. There are some gamers that would definitely be better suited to sticking with their original Switch instead of picking up a Switch Lite.

To see the 10 biggest differences between these consoles, keep reading!

10 The Price

The biggest difference between the original Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite is the price. Something that is appealing to a lot of people when it comes to this newer model is the fact that it has a lower price tag than the original Nintendo Switch.

While the Nintendo Switch comes in at $300 to buy, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a lower price tag and comes in at $200 instead. Although $200 is still pretty pricey, it's still definitely a more accessible price for a portable game console.

9 The Size

With the smaller price tag comes a smaller form factor. Although the Nintendo Switch was designed to be a combination of a home console and a handheld console, the Switch Lite is very much just a portable console.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is about half an inch shorter height wise and just over an inch shorter lengthwise than its counterpart. The Switch Lite is also slightly lighter than the original Nintendo Switch.

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8 And Smaller Screen

Because the entire console is so much smaller, something that had to be sized down on the Nintendo Switch Lite was obviously the screen. While the Nintendo Switch has a pretty big screen for handheld mode, the Switch Lite's screen is slightly smaller.

The Nintendo Switch has a screen that comes in at 6.2" while the Switch Lite's screen is only 5.5". Though smaller, the screen size is still good compared to other handheld consoles. It has a larger screen than the PSP, PS Vita, or any of the Nintendo DS models.

7 No More Joy-Cons

One important feature of the Nintendo Switch was the Joy-Cons. These controllers could be slid on and off of the console in order to change up the look of your console or so you could play tabletop or docked mode.

With the Nintendo Switch Lite, the Joy-Cons are completely gone. Joy-Cons can still be paired with the Nintendo Switch Lite, but the controllers are built in to the console now, so they don't slide on and off like they did on the original console.

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6 But There Are Color Options

The fact that Joy-Cons are gone doesn't mean that you have to have a boring, grey console. The Nintendo Switch has a black body with different colors of Joy-Cons that can be put on in order to change up the look of the console.

Though you can't do that with the Switch Lite, you still have options for the look you want with your console. The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in three different color options - yellow, turquoise, and navy blue.

5 No Docked Mode

A cool feature of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that you can use the dock that comes with it in order to connect it to your TV. This takes it from a portable, handheld console to a home console that plays on the big screen.

Unfortunately for people that were big fans of this feature, it's not possible with the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is solely marketed as a handheld console, meaning that it's not possible to dock it to a TV. Instead, it can only be played in the hand.

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4 And No Tabletop Mode

Because the Joy-Cons don't detach, players also don't have the option of playing their Switch games in tabletop mode. The Switch allowed players to remove their Joy-Cons and prop their Switch up on the kickstand in order to play on a table without holding their Switch.

But the lack of removable Joy-Cons and the fact that the Switch Lite doesn't have a kickstand on the back means that players are stuck holding their Switch Lite the entire time they're playing, For players that just want to game on the go and don't mind holding the Switch Lite the entire time, this isn't a problem.

3 More Portability

All the changes that Nintendo has made between the Switch and the Switch Lite mean that some sacrifices have been made. The Switch Lite is no longer a home-handheld console hybrid and the Joy-Cons can't be removed, but it's a good thing for some players.

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The Switch Lite is a more affordable, more portable version of the Nintendo Switch. It's perfect for anyone that doesn't already have a Switch and wants to pick one up at the lower price, but doesn't care about not being able to play in docked mode. The smaller profile means that it's easier and more comfortable to hold in the hand for playing on the go.

2 Some Games Are A Challenge

There are a lot of really cool games on the Nintendo Switch. A lot of them have great single-player campaigns and some even have the option to play local multiplayer or co-op with friends. While the Nintendo Switch Lite plays just about every single Switch game, there are some that are a little more challenging.

This new console will play any Switch game that supports handheld mode. Because the Switch was designed to be both a handheld and home console, this isn't really a problem for most games. But if there's a game out now or that comes out in the future where detaching the Joy-Cons was necessary, it won't be playable on this console.

1 But There's A D-Pad

The fact that the original Nintendo Switch didn't have a real D-pad is something that bothered many gamers. A lot of modern video games like Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Smash Bros. are a lot easier to play with a D-pad. Plus, a lot of older games have been brought to the Switch that benefit greatly from the use of a real D-pad.

While fans had to buy a third party controller to get a real D-pad before, it's not a problem anymore with the Switch Lite. Nintendo finally added a D-pad onto the body of this portable console, meaning that players are no longer stuck using the joysticks.

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