10 Features A Switch Pro Should Have

With the recent introduction of the Switch Lite (still mad that it isn’t called a Lite Switch), it is clear Nintendo will be iterating on their newest console. As they should; the Switch is practically made for both upgrades and downgrades.

With this in mind, a future Switch Pro is certainly not out of the question. Today, we’ll be taking a look at ten features that a modest Switch upgrade should have.

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10 Better Battery Life

This is essentially a given considering the fact that Nintendo is releasing a new base Switch model with better battery life, but a Switch Pro should have some stronger battery to continue gaming on the go for longer.

Being able to play the system on the go without having to lug around a mobile charger would be a nice upgrade that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for a Switch Pro. We’ll all be using this feature for longer sessions with our Smash Bros. iPods.

9 Powerful CPU

Obviously, a Pro version of the Switch would require some sort of jump in CPU power. It wouldn’t be anything major—likely still not matching up to the base PS4 and Xbox One—but something a bit closer to those systems would be nice. Besides smoother running games—60 frames Breath of the Wild?—it would also allow for a slew of other upgrades that we will be discussing in… now.

8 On-Console Voice Chat

Come on, did you not expect a little bit of harping on this? A stronger CPU means more onboard power to make voice chat a reality. You can keep your awful friend codes if we can just have this.

With games like Fortnite already proving that this feature is possible on a base model, this really isn’t too much of a stretch. This is a feature that would likely make any hardcore Nintendo fan look twice at upgrading. We all bought 45 different 3Ds models, though, so that’s not actually saying much.

7 4K Output

Not necessarily anything too special nowadays, but a Pro upgrade could allow for compatible games to up-res themselves to 4K. How one longs to see Bowser’s wedding hair in 4K.

This likely wouldn’t be something that would be too often utilized... nor would it be all that practical. Nintendo games look great enough already, and 3rd party games are often not even 1280x720 on the Switch. However, it would be a nice treat if every once and a while a game surprised us. Hear me out: Mario’s already far too detailed mustache in 4K. Right?

6 Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth Support is shockingly a feature we still don’t have on the Switch. Another way to continually utilize our Smash iPods, giving us the ability to hook up devices such as Bluetooth headsets with the system is another small improvement that would go a long way. It would help make the Switch’s main hook of on-the-go gameplay just a little bit more convenient, and who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

5 Overall Better Dock

The current Nintendo Switch dock isn’t too bad, per se. However, the Pro model would be a great time to upgrade the dock ever so slightly. Maybe make it a bit slimmer, more compact, just like the actual Switch?

This would allow for even more convenience and would also help with that not so great warping issue some users faced from their dock. You could also give it the ability to power up the console a bit more for TV play. Small changes, sure, but they would go quite a long way in the eyes of fans.

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4 Streaming Capabilities

Give all the 12-year-olds that get this console for Christmas this another avenue to scream on the internet, please. While the base Switch allows for 30-second gameplay clips to be saved, a Pro Switch would give players the ability to stream to YouTube and Twitch just like the PS4 and Xbox One does.

This would be an instant buy for any already or attempting-to-be internet personalities and would help the Switch Pro find even more buyers ready to throw their money at Nintendo.

3 No App Reliance

Make the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app a base Switch user’s nightmare. Those casuals can deal with it. On the other hand, if you have the Nintendo Switch Pro, all of your online activities can be done from the console itself.

As we mentioned earlier, voice chat would be on the system, as would messaging features, party management, and anything else that app offers. Who knows what else it does? No one has it! So many possibilities! Make the Switch Pro a one-stop shop, not just one stop in a huge ecosystem of different devices needed to play online.

2 Exclusive Games

This isn’t something that necessarily is needed, but more something that would come with the territory of a Switch Pro. It is likely that any upgraded system would find itself with a very small selection of exclusive games (i.e. ports) that couldn’t be fit onto the base Switch.

This likely wouldn’t be very many games, but there is a small chance that this is the only way Nintendo fans would be able to play these games. If they must be exclusives, come on over. There’s never such thing as too many games—except on that ridiculously messy E-Shop).

1 A Better Designed Tablet

Finally, the smallest upgrade a Switch Pro could offer would be to remove bezels and any other unnecessary waste on the handheld Switch. While the base tablet isn’t bad at all, there’s always room for improvement. Make the console as screen focused as possible.

Giving handheld users a lighter and more powerful Switch that also has a bigger screen ratio is just another one of those small changes that we’ve been describing that would go a long way in making fans of the system very happy. A better-designed handheld tablet would overall just be a bonus selling point to any interested buyer of the product.

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