Switcheroo: 8 Reasons The Switch Is DOOMED (And 7 Ways It Could Surprise Us!!)

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge sales hit (so far), but there's a lot of ground to cover before anyone can call it a success.

Known initially by its codename NX, the Nintendo Switch came out earlier this year and quickly sold out – reflecting the enthusiasm of gamers around the world. The Switch is Nintendo’s follow-up to the Wii U, a console that didn’t perform nearly as well as the company had hoped it would. The Wii U was discontinued roughly a month prior to the Switch’s release, marking a new beginning for Nintendo. It all seems to be going well so far. Demand is high, and the Switch had a pretty great launch, but we’ll have to wait and see just how successful Nintendo’s newest effort will be in the long run.

While plenty of people are excited, others are pretty skeptical that this new console’s gonna stick. The Switch had its fair share of nonbelievers when it was first announced, and its release hasn’t exactly quelled all of their fears. You’re always going to have those that oppose and support a product, and this is no exception. Each side has some decent points to make, and while talking about it is fun, we won’t really know if it was a success or not for years. Here are 8 Reasons The Switch Is DOOMED (And 7 Ways It Could Surprise Us!!).

15 Doomed: The Lack Of Games

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Let’s just get this out of the way, the Switch’s library is suspect. Since it’s Nintendo we’re talking about here, there’s no doubt that the Switch will have some great games in the future, especially since 35 of the games in its upcoming library roster are exclusives. But Nintendo has to get into the habit of working with other developers more. It wasn’t rare to see the Wii U be excluded from receiving huge AAA titles in the past, and while Nintendo usually puts out a good product, the Switch needs to offer a wider range of titles in the near future in order to stay relevant. It's current slate pales in comparison to Sony and Microsoft's offerings.

14 Surprise Us: It’s Easy To Use

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Though its unorthodox design – something we’ve come to expect from Nintendo in recent years – might have caught gamers off guard at first, the Switch does seem to function pretty seamlessly. You should’ve expected it to be easy to use though, seeing as Nintendo always wants to keep their younger demographic in mind, and having something out there with too complex of an interface might’ve alienated some of its younger consumers. But whether you have it plugged into the TV or you bring it on the go, the Switch is easy to pick up and just get into. While we’re going to have to wait and see just how successful it will be, this is definitely something it has working in its favor.

13 Doomed: Another Weird (EXPENSIVE) Controller

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Nintendo is pretty well known for their strange and sometimes innovative controllers, and while that seems to be something of a company hallmark, it’s not really helping them when it comes to the Switch. The Joy Con has to be Nintendo’s weirdest attempt at controller design yet, and while the novelty of it is still burning bright, that’s going to wear off pretty soon. It would’ve been better if they’d gone the traditional route, though that would’ve meant them having to rethink the mechanics for games like 1-2-Switch. But we don’t think anyone would’ve really cried over that one. Another thing the Joy Con has going against it is the ridiculous price you’d have to pay to buy one. This thing would set you back nearly $100. Yikes.

12 Surprise Us: It’s Portability

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One thing the Switch definitely has going for it is its incredibly useful portability. Now let’s get this straight, it’s not like you’ll be able to just bring it anywhere you want and always have it able to run. The thing needs to be charged, and the battery can only last for so long. You also have to factor in how the battery will deteriorate over the years and make sure to take proper care of it. But Nintendo is offering something no one else has been able to at this point; console gaming on the go. It might have its detractors, but the Switch’s portability is a definite plus.

11 Doomed: Unavailability

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Almost as quickly as it hit the shelves, the Switch was soon gone from pretty much every major retailer, including online ones like Amazon. Now, Nintendo going and making sure to understock an in-demand product is a great marketing strategy seeing as it only creates a demand for the product in the future. But they need to go and bring on the next wave of Switch units soon. It’s true that this shortage is creating demand for the product, but it’s also frustrating and alienating potential customers. There’s no doubting that this console will sell, but you need to actually have it on shelves first. You can only dangle something in front of someone for so long until they get frustrated and move on.

10 Surprise Us: Super Mario Odyssey

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You have to love Nintendo. Only they can take a decade's old franchise and keep it as fresh and in demand as the Mario games are. While the reaction to the switch was kind of split between optimism and weariness at first, the one thing everyone could agree on was how great the new Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, looked. The game mirrors Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine in its exploration-based level design. While Nintendo isn’t short on exclusives for the Switch, this one looks to be one of their biggest console sellers next to Breath of the Wild. But as we’ve seen time and time again, if anything can sell a Nintendo console it’s a new Mario game.

9 Doomed: It’s Kind Of Gimmicky

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The first though many of the Switch’s deferrers first thought, upon first laying eyes on the console, was something along the lines of, “Really, another gimmick console?” It’s a fair assessment for a first impression. Though the Switch does seem promising in several regards, it’s easy to just see it as yet another gimmick Nintendo is pushing on us. The Wii U kind of seemed to leave a bad taste in most gamer’s mouths. That being said, it’s not fair to simply go off of its failures when assessing the Switch. While the console does look to be doing well, we’ll have to see if it can sustain that going forward.

8 Surprise Us: Yet To Be Announced Games

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As previously mentioned, the Switch’s library boasts a good 250 plus games, so you can’t really say it lacks titles at this point. One could argue that the quality of games isn’t exactly equal to the quantity, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day. Recently, Nintendo managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi stated during an investor presentation that Nintendo hadn’t even announced all of the Switch’s upcoming titles yet. That’s pretty amazing seeing as we’re already hyped for a good chunk of the upcoming titles. If Nintendo can announce a few more solid games, Switch owners should be very happy.

7 Doomed: Weak Specs

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Well, while no one was expecting Nintendo’s new console to be a visual powerhouse, they certainly hoped for it to be better than what they got. While talking about graphics capabilities in regards to console gaming is often redundant, the Switch is well behind the Xbox One and PS4. Though it is an improvement over the Wii U, it isn’t all that much better – certainly not what you’d expect from a next generation successor. Part of this is due to its status as both a handheld and home console, which limits its capabilities. It’s fine for what Nintendo wants to do, but it might scare off other developers interested in making games for the console.

6 Surprise Us: Breath Of Fresh Air

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Amidst all the criticisms levied against the Switch, it does have one thing going for it that the last few Nintendo consoles have had work in their favor. It is an absolute breath of fresh air in the current gaming console climate. The Wii and Wii U were similar in that regard. While some have complained that Nintendo didn’t deliver a more traditional console, the Switch appeals to a lot of gamers and consumers who just want to try something new for a change. It’s certainly ambitious enough to pique someone’s interest – though we’ll have to wait and see just how well that translates in terms of a successful business. Nonetheless, the Switch is a unique console that we might all look back on fondly in a decade’s time.

5 Doomed: Online Service Plan

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It used to be that Microsoft was the only one who charged players for online services. But that’s steadily changed over the last few years, and now Sony too is charging for their online access. Now, Nintendo will also offer a paid online service plan with the Switch. Nintendo has been sketchy with the details about their online service, but since the service is set to be cheaper, it's hard to imagine their online services will be as robust as the competition. Adding insult to injury, a large swath of Nintendo's online functionality will be tied to the user's smartphone, which is sounds awfully cumbersome.

4 Surprise Us: Strong Launch

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Despite what you may have thought, the Switch had a pretty strong launch. The lack of titles available at launch might’ve had you thinking otherwise, but the console still sold incredibly well, as you can tell by its space availability in stores right now. Since its launch, the Switch sold 2.74 million units which is (roughly) equal to 20% of the Wii U’s lifetime sales. Funny enough, the Switch version of Breath of the Wild outsold the console. You could see this as fans eagerly anticipating the game and pre-emptively buying themselves a copy or them just getting collectors editions for the hell of it. Either way, if they can ride off this strong launch, then Nintendo might very well have a great console on their hands.

3 Doomed: It’s A Little Too Expensive

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Believe it or not, the Switch was once thought to be relatively cheap – though this was well before it was actually released. Some early rumors suggested Nintendo would coerce gamers into buying their console by giving in an inescapably low price. How wrong they were! The Switch is actually pretty pricey. Not just the console itself, but the accessories and controllers too. If there was one thing that would keep you from buying a switch right now, it’s the price. It’s especially bad if you’re Canadian. Pretty soon, Canadian customers will be paying $100 for a switch game. While the prices up North have been getting a little high, this is kind of a bummer and might really turn some people off.

2 Surprise Us: A “Core” Pokémon RPG

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Some of the biggest news regarding the Switch to recently come out is that there is currently a core Pokémon RPG that’s being made specifically for the console. Fans have long been asking for a console Pokémon game that expanded on what the handheld ones had to offer, and while it’s still a little too early to say, it looks as though they’re getting their wish. While we don’t know too much about the game, the hype surrounding it is only going to grow from here, and you’re going to have people buying a Switch just to get their hands on a copy. If it all goes well, this could potentially change both the Switch and the Pokémon franchise itself.

1 Doomed: Terrible Internal Storage

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Our last little bit of rain on the Switch’s parade comes as a critique of its subpar internal storage space. 500 GB is now the norm for consoles, and anything under that is kind of a disappointment. The Switch comes with 32 GB of internal memory, and that’s just terrible. You can’t have that in 2017, especially considering how much the thing costs. If you’re someone who likes to download games as opposed to buying their physical copies, then you’d best get yourself a good SD card, but even at that, that’s just an additional cost that you have to put up with. The low amount of space coupled with Nintendo kind of forcing some fans to go out there and buy extra memory might come back to bite them.

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