SypherPK Calls Out Fortnite's New Mechs

Suffice to say pretty much nobody is a fan of Fortnite's new giant mechs, and that includes streamer SypherPK.

Season X of Fortnite has been in full swing for a whole week now, so chances are most of you have had the chance to play it a fair bit. The incredibly popular game's tenth season has brought with it new locations, and even a town in which players are unable to build anything... providing Epic has patched the loopholes players managed to find almost instantly.

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The reveal that Season X brought with it the vaulting of the Baller was celebrated by most players. However, the vehicle that has replaced it is so much worse; a giant mech that Epic has dubbed the BRUTE. It is a massive robot that requires two players to operate and is effectively indestructible. If you find one, great. If you don't, not so much.

The BRUTE comes equipped with ten rockets and a shotgun. Plus, if the players controlling it should choose to do so, the mech can simply stomp its opponents into elimination instead. As if all of that wasn't enough, the BRUTE can harvest materials by simply crushing structures and objects. The overpowered new vehicles have naturally caused Fortnite players to grab their pitchforks.

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Streamer SypherPK recently had his say on Twitch. Following news that the BRUTE would be weakened slightly courtesy of a recent update, SypherPK joked that it would gradually be nerfed throughout Season X and then vaulted entirely at the launch of Season 11. This is what happened to the Baller throughout Season 9 and then into Season X. However, it would seem that Epic is going in a different direction.

The update was rolled out, and the BRUTE has not been changed or nerfed at all. So, Epic hears your complaints, Fortnite players, but it just doesn't care. We jest, of course, and the BRUTE nerfing is almost definitely coming. For those of you who like the new giant mechs, make the most of them while you still can, as we can almost guarantee that they will not remain as powerful as they are right now for much longer.

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