Half Life

Half-Life VR Has Been Datamined

Datamining of a recent update to Valve’s The Lab has revealed code for what appears to be a VR version of Half-Life. Speaking on the matter, Tyler McVicker of the Valve News Network stated that he loc...

You Should Give Up On Half-Life 3

There are almost no modern first person shooters that don’t owe some part of their legacy or mechanics to the Half-Life series in part or whole. That said, the latest installment of the series has tak...

Half-Life 3 Hoax Hypes Fans Up, Lets Fans Down

Half-Life 3 was once the most anticipated game in the entire world. Now it’s become the saddest ongoing joke in the gaming industry. It’s to the point that even the smallest hint of the game's existence can drive fans into a frenzy.

Will Half-Life 3 Ever Come Out?

Most budding game franchises have a big problem to contend with. If the first game is great, and the second game is crap, then there’s little reason to make a third game since your second game screwed...