Apex Legends

10 facts About Apex Legends Voice Actors

Apex Legends is a new free-to-play battle royale game that has garnished more than 50 million players since its release. It only took 24 hours for it to gain more than 2 million players! Electronic Ar...

8 Reasons Apex Legends Might Be Crashing

Apex Legends beat the odds and became one of the most popular battle royale video games to date. Since its release, it has competed with the giant that is Fortnite and held its own. Unfortunately, the...

10 Reasons Why Your Apex Legends Game Is Crashing

The free-to-play Apex Legends has many things going for it and has attracted a massive following that has enabled the game to rival Fortnite and PUBG in terms of popularity. But unfortunately, this epic game has some major problems with crashing.

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