The 10 Most Valuable Barbie Dolls

Invented by Ruth Handler in 1959, Barbie has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. The doll was made in a time where very few girls’ toys existed and the ones that did were typically paper cut-out “dolls...


23 Weird Things About Barbie's Anatomy

Barbie truly is an icon of our time. Even if you did not play much with her as a kid, we have been shown her image on TV, online, and in stores constantly. Her face is everywhere, a classic symbol of ...


Barbie: 20 Ken Dolls That Were Never Cool

Barbie was a single woman for two years until Mattel decided to give her a boyfriend, in the form of Ken Carson. You likely didn't know that Ken had a surname, as he has mainly been known by his first name throughout his career, like Cher.


20 Barbie Dolls That Were Never Cool

Barbie has been one of the most popular fashion dolls in the world for almost sixty years now. She has maintained her popularity through every kind of cultural and social change that you can imagine. ...