Capcom’s 10 Best Arcade Games, Ranked

As of this past May, Capcom has been in business for forty years, starting in the year 1979. They have had a huge impact on the video game industry from computer games to the arcade scene and of course to consoles.

Yes, We Do Want An Okami Sequel

Ōkami was never the most-popular game in the world, but its imaginative story, beautiful visuals, and clever drawing-themed gameplay made it a critical darling upon release. Now, Ōkami director Hideki...

Every Capcom “Vs.” Game, Ranked

As common as it is today, it is hard to believe that there was a time where gaming franchises crossing over was just a pipe dream. Not only did Capcom break down the wall, but they took the combinatio...

Power Stone Creator Wants Switch Reboot

Back in 1999, the N64 had Super Smash Bros., and the Dreamcast had Power Stone. But if Capcom’s Takeshi Tezuka gets his wish, the two legendary four-player fighting games will share a place on the same system.

The 10 Best Capcom Fighting Games

Capcom is known for making great games, but they are probably best known for their fighting games. In total Capcom has released 83 fighting games, and nearly all of them are fantastic. With so many ti...

Mega Man X Is Back... As A Mobile Game

Capcom is set to bring Mega Man X back soon. The devs were never thought to be through with the concept as they dip into its richness ever so often, and this latest revival will see a mobile game released.

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