Days Gone

10 Best Weapons In Days Gone

Days Gone is a game that tasks the player with, among other things, taking out as many Freakers as possible. It's no surprise then that the game offers up numerous weapons to get the job done!

10 Tips For Fighting Hordes In Days Gone

Freaker Hordes are perhaps the greatest threat a player will face when playing through Days Gone. While players should almost always opt to avoid triggering a horde, there are times when it’s simply i...

Days Gone: 10 Tips For Beginners

Days Gone is a long open world game that permits the player to pursue the story at their own pace and on their own time. Even with the advantage of being able to wait to tackle the more difficult miss...

Days Gone Freakers, Ranked

In Days Gone, Freakers are zombie-style creatures that roam the wasteland hunting for survivors. They’re a result of a mysterious virus that has taken over the host’s mind and driven them mad. Some of...

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