5 Games Shroud Dominates

5 Games Shroud Dominates

Shroud is a rare breed; He is a streamer who constantly emphasizes his lack of interest in competitive play, preferring to "casually" stream a variety of games – yet somehow he continues to dominate t...

Shroud Moves To Mixer From Twitch

Shroud Moves To Mixer

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has officially made the switch from Twitch to Mixer, creating shock waves across the internet. His move follows in the footsteps of Twitch's old streaming giant Tyler "Ninja"...

With Ninja Gone, Who Is Twitch's Next Star?

It’s been a weird few weeks for live-streaming platform Twitch.tv. The most recognizable name in the business when it comes to video game broadcasting, the service seems to be in something of a freefa...

How Important Are Streamers Really?

How important are video game streamers? Discussions of this nature often appear whenever one of them messes up or gets some amazing opportunity we wish we had. Many of the most popular streamers also ...

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