Video Games

10 Things Every Gaming Room Needs

Gamers take their playtime seriously, so they need a space dedicated to this art, this craft, this pastime, this hobby and this lifestyle. There are tech gadgets that enhance video games. There are pi...

Top 10 Games Never Released In North America

In the earlier days of gaming, Japanese game publishers would frequently choose to exclude the North American market when they released a game. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen as much today since pub...

10 Best Video Game Podcasts

In a world of endless ways to consume all kinds of digital media, podcasts are fast becoming the number one go-to source for all your video game news, commentary and industry insight for the on-the-go gamer.

The 10 Best Video Board Games, Ranked

Video games are fun and immersive experiences. However, many of them don’t begin and end while playing on a specific console. Some franchises have been popular enough to get board game adaptations tha...

The Final Fantasy Gift Guide

When it comes to RPGs, there is no franchise quite like Final Fantasy. This long-running series has delivered numerous games set in different worlds with new characters. With so many beloved gameplay ...

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