Half-Life VR Has Been Datamined

Datamining of a recent update to Valve’s The Lab has revealed code for what appears to be a VR version of Half-Life. Speaking on the matter, Tyler McVicker of the Valve News Network stated that he loc...

The Best VR At PAX West 2019

Everywhere you looked at PAX West this year was a new and exciting VR game on display. Games for PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift were all being demo'd at the show, and it's a great opportunity for pla...

Oculus Quest: 10 Best Games To Play

Being the first ever headset from Oculus to be its own stand-alone console (meaning it doesn't need to be plugged into your PC to work), the Oculus Quest needs some standout titles in order to stand o...

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