The 10 Greatest Wrestling Games Ever Made

As with all sports, pro wrestling has a long history of video games. Dating back as far as most fans can remember, there have been great games and poor ones. We mostly remember the good and that's wha...

WWE 2K20 Looks Like A Nintendo Wii Game

Footage from the upcoming WWE 2K20 has been revealed, and the quality of the graphics are being openly mocked on social media, as the character models look as if they belong in an early '00s wrestling game.

10 Weirdest WWE Games Ever Made

For decades, WWE has been included as a staple in the world of sports video games. Each year a new installment of their most traditional wrestling game comes out like WWE 2K20, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2...

Why Are The WWE Games So Horrible?

Along with the likes of FIFA and Madden, WWE video games have become an annual staple of the gaming calendar. This is nothing new as annual WWE game releases can be traced back as far as the late 1990...

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