TannerSlays Joins TSM's Apex Legends Roster, To No One's Surprise

TannerSlays, a Twitch streamer who plays popular battle royale game Apex Legends, is the newest addition to TSM's roster.

TSM added to their powerhouse Apex Legends team by picking up Tanner "TannerSlays" Roach, a rising Twitch streamer who has been grinding Apex almost exclusively since its February launch.

Most don't see this as a surprise, considering TannerSlays has been playing Apex regularly on Twitch alongside popular TSM members RealKraftyy and Viss for quite some time. Another streamer and well-known Apex Legends professional, Rouge HusKers, teased TannerSlayer regarding how he foreshadowed the news, cheekily replying to Tanner's Twitter post with "Grats brother! You wearing a TSM shirt 5 days a week didn’t give it away or anything."

Other fan-favorite Apex streamers joined in with their congratulations, including CLG's NiceWigg and Twitch partner LuluLovely.

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TSM currently has a massive presence in Apex Legends. Recently, their competitive roster won the X-games – the biggest event for the game yet. The main tournament squad for TSM is comprised of Albralelie, Reps, and ImperialHal (all three players stream on Twitch). ImperialHal in particular has been receiving a good deal of attention lately due to his victory in the Twitch Rivals solos tournament, cementing his reputation as a dominant force in the game.

Additionally, TSM's stream team for the BR includes both aforementioned Twitch veterans RealKraftyy and Viss, as well as Diegosaurs, another Apex streamer whose Twitch channel has experiences explosive growth since the game's launch. Adding TannerSlays to the mix will certainly keep TSM at the forefront of Apex entertainment through the foreseeable future.

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With a reputation for working hard and showcasing a consistently good attitude, it also comes as no surprise that TannerSlays has received a wave of support following the announcement. The streamer seems over the moon with the move, making a heartfelt post on Twitter.

The excitement wasn't one-sided, as TSM's announcement was filled with praise for the new addition, describing him as someone whose "positive attitude [helps] create a friendly environment for new viewers to enjoy" – and from what we've seen this certainly seems true."

Congratulations to TannerSlays on the signing and best of luck with the new team!

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