• For the second consecutive year, Team Canada took home the top prize at the Canada Nationals for Rainbow Six Siege 1 / 8

  • The competition at the 2019 Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) was fierce, and in the end Team Canada dominated their opponent, Team Yes 2 / 8

  • Over the course of each game, Team Canada was able to defend without issue and attack effectively 3 / 8

  • Team Yes did reasonably well on defense, but failed in all attacks on the Bank and Consulate maps 4 / 8

  • With that said, Team Yes still showed tremendous skill and put up a great fight, coming close to taking the second round in overtime 5 / 8

  • Overall, the tournament looks to have been a great success 6 / 8

  • Check out the full article for more on the exciting conclusion to the Rainbow Six Canada Nationals! 7 / 8

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