Rumor: Team Fortress 2 Development On Hold

After nearly twelve years, a close source reports that the updates for the game have been almost completely abandoned.

Since 2008, Valve has pumped out a significant amount of content into Team Fortress 2, including thousands of cosmetic items, weapon counters, emotes, and promotional events that players fell in love with. After nearly twelve years, a close source reports that the updates for the game have been almost completely abandoned.

The Valve News Network, a long-time trusted source within the Team Fortress 2 community, has recently gained even more credibility thanks to correctly reporting about Half-Life: Alyx throughout its development long before becoming formally acknowledged by Valve. Now the one-man news team reports that little to no work is currently being done on Team Fortress 2, and many of the development resources have been shifted over to Half-Life: Alyx, as well as other projects.

Valve, meanwhile, has not and will likely never announce a formal end for Team Fortress 2. For one thing, players still make in-game purchases, and such an announcement would only have a detrimental effect on the sale of those items. Plus, there's always the possibility that a new concept for content will eventually arise. It would be premature to inform the player base the development has ceased, only to reverse course later.

For now, however, the unnamed source states that while there are updates in the pipeline, work has been indefinitely put on hold, primarily because of resources needed to launch the upcoming Half-Life title.

Via: glitched.africa

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Fans of the game will not be surprised to hear the news. The fact that Team Fortress 2 maintains so many players nearly twelve years following its release is astounding, but the signs have long been noticeable that the game was no longer the star it once was. The so-called “Heavy” update is now a long-running joke in that it has been planned for so long, but may never arrive.

Promotional items used to be a massive part of game releases on Steam. There are hundreds of cosmetic items that draw inspiration from themes and characters of other games. Some of these items were so highly sought after that players would purchase them with no intention of playing. They simply wanted the item clean - which is to say, be the original owners.

There is also a long-standing rumor that would explain why development for Team Fortress 2 has stopped completely, and that is the secret development of a sequel. Rumors of this kind have been floating around for years, and for a long time there was little reason to believe in them. However, now that Overwatch has been out for a while and there are no challengers on the horizon, it would make sense for Valve to attempt to reinvigorate their fanbase in an updated game that players all know and love.

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