20 Hilarious Teen Titans Fan Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

Whether you loved the comics or watched the TV series, Teen Titans left a huge impact on many people. They showed that the next generation of superheroes was just as capable of taking down evil as their mentors. And the series proved that cartoons could be serious and dark, but also light and fun.

I was a big fan of the TV series. I loved the anime influences, I loved the characters, and I loved how I could laugh, cry, and hold my breath, all in one episode. This is a series that changed a lot of things for cartoons and for superheroes. It brought a slightly obscure superhero group into popularity and helped us all learn to love these awesome teen heroes.

I know that many fans were incredibly disappointed when the TV series was canceled. And several were even more disappointed when the reboot turned out to be pretty different from its predecessor. So how do fans show their appreciation for these heroes? They make their own art and comics, of course! There are actually quite a few comics made by fans that play around with the characters, poke fun at some inconsistencies, and speculate how characters would react in certain situations. To people unfamiliar with the show, these comics wouldn’t make a lot of sense. But if you’re a fan, you totally get it. So here are 20 Teen Titans fan comics that only true fans would get.

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20 This Is How He Gets Raven’s Attention

Via: kora-kristou777.deviantart.com

Throughout most of the show, Beast Boy is often trying to get Raven’s attention or make her laugh. And her reactions were generally to roll her eyes or just completely ignore him. So, what would Beast Boy do? Use his powers, of course! And that’s what this comic is talking about.

Something tells me Raven would have a soft spot for cats.

I could see him becoming a cat and bugging Raven this way while she’s reading. Something tells me Raven would have a soft spot for cats. Maybe I’m just assuming since she’s a total bookworm, but I could see it. This is also very much their relationship, where Beast Boy teases and tries to get Raven’s attention, and Raven eventually giving in. It’s sweet, it’s funny, and it’s their relationship completely. Yeah, we totally ship them so hard.

Comic by Kora-Kristou777.

19 This Guy Is Everywhere!

Via: mothralina95.deviantart.com

It’s become a joke that Deadpool wanders around different universes and interacts with all the different superheroes. Considering the guy breaks the fourth wall all the time and is pretty much aware that he’s in a comic series, I could see him jumping universes often.

This comic is actually pretty hilarious because it shows that Deadpool went up against Deathstroke (Slade) and won. And the Teen Titans are both baffled and intrigued. I could see him getting along with Beast Boy and Cyborg, and he would totally be down for one of their waffle parties. And I’m sure he’d drive Robin up the wall for so many reasons. I would say that having him appear in an episode would’ve been pretty cool, but Deadpool would not make it past the censors.

Comic by Mothralina95.

18 It’s A Pretty Cool Name

Via: pinterest.com (Brittany Barrett)

Fans of Teen Titans have shipped Beast Boy and Raven practically from the beginning. And while it didn’t happen in the TV series, they do get together in the comics. Most of us fans love these two as a couple; they seem to complement each other incredibly well.

I could see Beast Boy wanting to name his kid after one of the Ninja Turtles.

I could see these two eventually getting married and having a couple of kids. And there have been a lot of fan art and comics dedicated to these two starting a family. I love this comic because it captures a scene that probably would happen between the two. I could see Beast Boy wanting to name his kid after one of the Ninja Turtles. What makes this even funnier is that the voice actor for Beast Boy also voiced Michelangelo in the 2012 TMNT series, which makes this comic a fun joke for Teen Titans fans and TMNT fans.

17 A Complicated Sibling Relationship

Via: grouchom.deviantart.com

It’s easy to say that Starfire’s relationship with her sister Blackfire is... complicated. She really has every right to hate her sister with how many times Blackfire has betrayed and conspired against her. And yet Starfire never does. She obviously doesn’t trust Blackfire, but she still loves her as her sister.

This comic is both really funny and kind of sad because it portrays a dilemma Starfire would find herself in, and she probably would spend a long time debating over what she should do. I could see Blackfire getting annoyed with this pretty quickly. Personally, I think Starfire would sacrifice her relationship with Blackfire if it meant keeping others safe. She has gone against Blackfire in the past to do so. But she will always see her sister as that: a sister.

Comic by Grouchom.

16 She Can Dish It Out Too

Via: kryptocow.deviantart.com

Many people assume that since Raven is a more serious person, she’s not the type of person to joke or play pranks. Raven totally has her own sense of humor, which is pretty dry and sarcastic. But that doesn’t mean she can’t tease Beast Boy too.

If she’s going to be a bit silly, she would do it around Beast Boy.

This comic shows Raven’s more mischievous side that fans know is totally there. I could see Raven poking Beast Boy with her magic, especially because she knows it would drive him nuts. But he’d also love it. Beast Boy does tend to be the person that brings out Raven’s more playful side, even though half the time she just ends up unleashing her sarcasm. But if she’s going to be a bit silly, she would do it around Beast Boy.

Comic by Kryptocow.

15 These Two Would Be Best Friends

Via: 10yrsy.deviantart.com

If you think about it, Beast Boy and Michelangelo have a lot in common. They both love goofing around and playing pranks, they’re big nerds when it comes to movies, and they’re generally pretty cheerful guys. So how would things go if these two would ever meet? Very well, probably.

I love this comic because it shows what would happen if Beast Boy and Mikey ever met. He would definitely shapeshift into a turtle because he knows Mikey would absolutely love it. Can you imagine the sheer insanity that would happen if these two teamed up? The pranks alone would be legendary. Throw Cyborg into the mix and I’m sure Titan’s Tower wouldn’t survive. Robin would probably up his aspirin dosage, Starfire would join the fun, and I think Raven would just lock herself in her room.

Comic by 10yrsy.

14 Seriously, Slade Is A Creep

Via: pinterest.com (Samantha Goldfarb)

While Teen Titans did usually manage to keep things kid-friendly, there were some moments that got pretty dark. And a lot of them tend to happen around Raven. Well, considering her whole backstory is rather dark, it’s not surprising that episodes focusing on her were a bit intense.

The implications behind that whole scene are pretty dark.

This comic brings up the question that many of us fans had in the episode of Raven’s birthday. In this one, Slade tracks down Raven and gives her a message from her father. But part of this message involved her clothes being strategically ripped in certain areas that ended up being a bit... suggestive. The implications behind that whole scene are pretty dark (Slade, why are you so creepy?), and you can’t blame Beast Boy for wondering the obvious.

13 These Two Are Surprisingly Cute

Via: ya-sui.tumblr.com

You don’t really think of Robin as being a type of father figure, but it does oddly fit. He is the leader of the Teen Titans, he’s the one who keeps everybody on task, and he’s the one who helps motivate his team when things get bad. But we really don’t see his more mentor side come out until he interacts with little Raven.

During the end of the world arc, Raven has been reduced to a small child who is frightened and has given up hope. Robin is the one who finds her and takes her with him as she tries to find the rest of his team and stop Trigon. During this, we see Robin take on a fatherly (or brotherly, depending on how you want to look at it) role toward Raven. He’s protective and he tries to help her see that all is not lost. This little relationship is what’s explored in this comic and it’s both sweet and hilarious.

Comic by Ya-Sui.

12 She Does Have That Effect On Robin

Via: pinterest.com (Just Another Rattata)

It’s no secret that Robin can get a little intense sometimes. You can’t blame him, he’s the leader of a group of superheroes and he’s also a perfectionist. To him, one wrong move could mean the destruction of his team, his family. It’s no wonder he’s pretty stressed and serious all the time.

Robin is always much more relaxed and playful around Starfire.

This comic addresses maybe one way that Starfire can get Robin to snap out of his angrier episodes, and it’s a funny idea. It’s also not out of the realm of possibilities since Robin is always much more relaxed and playful around Starfire. Him going into puppy mode would be hilarious and not unrealistic. But the truth is, when Robin is so far gone in his head, Starfire is usually one of the few people that can bring him out of it.

11 Ooh, You’d Better Run, Man

Via: pinterest.com (Joey Najera)

Beast Boy’s always been a huge prankster, and he never misses an opportunity to have a little fun with his teammates, or at their expense. And he’s not above imitating his teammates and having fun with it. Beast Boy was the first person to sneak into Robin’s room and try on his outfit when Robin was off on his training journey.

So, Beast Boy would totally snag one of Raven’s cloaks and pretend to be her for fun. You can tell this is something he’s wanted to do for a long time, and I have to say he looks pretty good in Raven’s outfit. I also love that his bravado vanishes instantly when he sees Raven, who does not look very amused. Seriously Beast Boy, Raven’s pretty protective of her stuff. You may want to lie low for a while, dude.

10 This Definitely Happened

Via: shock777.deviantart.com

Beast Boy and Raven definitely have an interesting relationship. You can’t tell half the time if they like each other or if they just want to drive each other crazy. (It’s kind of a mixture of both.) Beast Boy and Raven do have this interesting dynamic where they constantly antagonize each other, but when push comes to shove, they’re there for each other in a heartbeat. That’s probably why so many people ship them.

And this little comic is adorable and shows the side of these two we all know and love. I could see Beast Boy convincing Raven to play Mario Kart, and she would totally throw a blue shell at him while giving one of her rare smiles. It’s a sweet moment hiding under their usual dynamic that would totally happen, but only if it was the two of them.

Comic by Shock777.

9 What Did You Expect, Beast Boy?

Via: blueserenity.deviantart.com

You know, I’m kind of surprised that Teen Titans didn’t really have an episode or even a scene where everyone was at the beach. Considering they live in a city that’s on the coastline, you’d think the gang would go out for a beach day or something. Though maybe Jump City isn’t into that, I don’t know.

Raven would totally have a book at the beach.

But this comic shows what would probably happen if the Titans were at the beach. Starfire and Robin would definitely be their usual cute selves, with Robin allowing Starfire to partially bury him in the sand. I don’t know what Cyborg would be up to, but he’s probably grilling meat or something. And Raven would totally have a book at the beach. The best part is that Beast Boy gets completely buried by Raven. It’s just so her and it’s totally their dynamic.

Comic by BlueSerenity.

8 Really Though, What Shade Is That?

Via: joywillcom.deviantart.com

The dynamic between Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin, can range from being dysfunctional to completely hilarious. These three really are good friends, and when their egos aren’t getting in the way, they get along pretty well. And if they all team up together to have some fun, things can get pretty crazy.

This comic shows what happens when Cyborg can get even Robin to loosen up. I could see these two doing something like this where they wonder exactly what shade of green is Beast Boy’s skin. And I could see them compare paint swatches. They would totally do it because they know it would drive Beast Boy nuts, and because Robin is probably genuinely curious. That seems like the type of information he’d want to have in his records.

Comic by Joywillcom.

7 These Two Probably Would Be Friends

Via: ceshira.deviantart.com

If you think about it, Artemis and Raven have a lot in common. They both have a less than stellar family life, they’re slow to trust others as the result of their pretty bad childhoods, and they both have potential love interests that often annoy them half the time. It would be interesting to see these two interact.

They’d either drive each other crazy or they’d click incredibly well in their differences.

This comic shows what would probably happen if the two were ever to meet. Artemis’s more aggressive personality may not mesh well with Raven’s more nonchalant and sarcastic demeanor. They’d either drive each other crazy or they’d click incredibly well in their differences. Either way, I can imagine the two getting together to complain about the guys that annoy them that they secretly like.

Comic by Ceshira.

6 Nice Try, Starfire

Via: ghost085.deviantart.com

Raven is fairly particular about how she does her hair. Usually, when we see her, she has it in the same style: fairly short and framing her face. It works well for her, so why bother changing it? But we do have a few times when her hair changes. When she faces up against Trigon, her hair grows out much longer. But she still cuts it down to her preferred style.

You can tell that Raven’s not happy with this new hairdo.

This comic explores what would happen if Starfire got ahold of Raven’s hair. While Raven may look pretty adorable, you can tell that she’s not happy with this new hairdo. I could see Starfire doing something like this. And even though Raven has made quite a few strides in opening up to people, I think we should leave her hair alone for now.

Comic by Ghost085.

5 How Do Guys With Masks Handle That?

Via: akewataru.deviantart.com

Throughout most of the Teen Titans series, the villain Slade has this big presence. His manipulation skills are impressive and he even is able to force Robin to do his bidding and be his apprentice. So, there aren’t very many moments where Slade is anything but intimidating.

But this comic takes a rather interesting look at Slade and answers the question of what would happen if he sneezed with his mask on. And it isn’t pretty. I wonder how he actually does handle that. It can’t be pleasant to have to sneeze in your mask. Does Slade just take great pains not to sneeze? Does he just suffer when it happens? Or does he just have a stash of tissues on hand? This are questions I didn’t know I needed answers to.

Comic by Akewataru.

4 So That’s Her Secret

Via: megs-ils.deviantart.com

You know what’s not fair? How most superhero women seem to have the perfect hair even when they’re out fighting crime. Seriously how do they do that? I suspect there’s something more at play here. And Starfire is no exception. She has this long gorgeous flowing red hair that never seems to lose volume. How does she do that?

She’s totally nonchalant about how she handled her flat hair and everyone else is a little freaked out.

Well, according to this comic, she manages it through her powers and rage. What I like the most about this comic is that she’s totally nonchalant about how she handled her flat hair and everyone else is a little freaked out. Considering how sweet Starfire normally is, it can be pretty jarring when we see her get angry and totally let loose with her powers. It’s just another reminder that you should never make this lady angry.

Comic by Megs-Ils.

3 Raven’s Totally Thought About Doing This

Via: chamzi.deviantart.com

Raven and Starfire have a pretty interesting friendship. They couldn’t be more different, but they eventually come to understand each other and grow to be pretty good friends. (Getting your bodies switched as the result of a supervillain probably helps with that.) But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their issues.

While Starfire being upbeat nearly all the time is usually pretty nice, I could see it bugging Raven. And she does value her quiet time, something that Starfire doesn’t really get. So, this comic shows something Raven would probably do. I’m sure that Raven knows this is just how Starfire is, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I could think of a few people I would want to do this too.

Comic by Chamzi.

2 Can He Turn Into That?

Via: pinterest.com (Kaylie Yelick)

Out of all the teen villains, I think one of the more interesting ones is Jinx, especially since she eventually joins up with the Titans. The Titans have had a few run-ins with her, but surprisingly, we don’t get a lot of interaction with Beast Boy and Jinx. Which is a shame. I think these two would bring some great comedy.

It’s too bad we didn’t get these two interacting more.

And that’s where this comic comes in. I could see Jinx totally being that person that would ask Beast Boy to transform into different animals. While I don’t know if he can actually turn into a unicorn (not sure if he can do fantasy creatures or not), I think he probably would. It’s too bad we didn’t get these two interacting more because I think they would have an interesting dynamic.

1 Seriously, DC, Get Your Act Together

Via: shortpacked.com

Starfire was a pretty popular character in the Teen Titans series, and I can see why. She was incredibly strong and not afraid to fight, but she was also kind and compassionate. Her fascination with the customs of Earth were always entertaining and her way of speaking was pretty endearing. All in all, Starfire was a likable and interesting character.

They seem to have taken away most, if not all of her personality.

And then the new DC comics came out with the latest version of Starfire, which leaves a lot to be desired. They seem to have taken away most, if not all of her personality and replaced it with her wanting to get it on with everybody. And this comic calls DC out on it hard. Come on, it’s the 21st century and people are over seeing female characters getting reduced to a fantasy. I thought you were better than this, DC.

Comic by Shortpacked.

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