Teen Titans: 20 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Starfire

You can’t have the Teen Titans without a certain Tamaranean princess. Well, I guess you can, but why would you want to? Starfire has been a very popular superhero ever since her first appearance in the New Teen Titans in 1980. While her appearance has changed a bit over the years, she remains the same fierce, yet compassionate warrior that everyone loves.

Starfire is also popular for her sultry appeal, wearing outfits that show off her very attractive body. She does have that rather exotic quality with her golden orange skin, flaming red hair, and glowing green eyes. I know that she was the source of many crushes back in the day. Although I have to admit some of those costumes really weren’t that practical for fighting, but to each their own.

I was first introduced to Starfire through the animated series Teen Titans. I rather liked her charming, yet slightly naïve personality, coupled with her very fierce and warrior-like temper. She was an awesome hero who could either blast you through the wall or give you a big hug, squealing with joy. I guess I just loved this idea of an incredibly powerful girl who could be simultaneously endearing and slightly terrifying.

But just how much do you know about Starfire? She has quite the rich history in comics and animation, and there have been quite a few different versions of her. So here are 20 interesting facts about Starfire that you likely didn’t know. Some of these may definitely surprise you. Do you think we missed any? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

20 Fashion Statements

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The design on Starfire has changed a bit over the years. In the comics, she has some costumes that leave very little to the imagination. I think the idea is that since she was from another world, her customs were different, and she had little need for protective clothing since her body was pretty resilient.

But the Starfire from the animated series has a much different outfit. While they kept the purple color, her costume changed to a skirt and crop top. It was much more modest than her previous outfit but still showed off that she had little need to have protective gear. I personally prefer the costume in the animated show, but mostly because I feel like she’s constantly going to fall out of her other costumes from the comics. The creators did not have physics in mind when designing them.

19 What’s In A Name?

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If you think about it, Starfire is a pretty cool superhero name. It rolls off the tongue nicely and combines beauty with power incredibly well. But you may not know that this isn’t the alien princess’s real name. Starfire’s true name is Koriand’r. In the animated series, you can hear this name when she is speaking to Galfore, her guardian, as he calls her by her name.

In the civilian world, Starfire actually goes by the name Kory Anders, a name she likely came up with for her modeling career, since it’s a bit easier to pronounce. So, I guess depending on who is talking to her, she will go by Starfire, Koriand’r, or Kory Anders. Many of her friends do call her Kory as well. Whatever we call her, we can all agree that she is one amazing lady and superheroine!

18 Tying The Knot

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Starfire has had quite a few interesting romantic relationships including Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Roy Harper (Speedy/Red Arrow), Captain Comet, and even briefly, Jason Todd (Robin/Red Hood). But did you know that she has been married? In fact, Starfire has been married not only once, but twice.

Both of these marriages were actually to Tamaranean men. The first time Starfire got married was to Prince Karras to seal a peace treaty, so it was more of a political marriage. Karras then was killed in battle. The second time, Starfire got married to General Phy’zzon out of love. Unfortunately, he also died trying to defend Tamaran from the Sun Eater. Apparently, Starfire has bad luck when it comes to marriages. Maybe she should play the single field for a while.

17 These Two May Sound Familiar

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Starfire’s voice in the animated series Teen Titans has a rather light and pleasant quality to it. It gives off an air of someone who is pretty friendly and would be pleased talk with you, but could also kick your behind if you made her angry. But you might have recognized that voice from somewhere else.

Fans of Adventure Time may find Princess Bubblegum’s voice to sound pretty familiar. In fact, the voice actress for Starfire, Hynden Walch, also voiced the Princess Bubblegum, the ruler of Candy Kingdom, a scientist, and Finn’s good friend. Hynden has voiced other cartoon characters such as Ace from Justice League, Harley Quinn from The Batman, and Penny Sanchez from Chalk Zone. I think Walch has a penchant for voicing awesome ladies that could also take you down.

16 Wedding Bells

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While Starfire has dated some other people, the person she has had the longest serious relationship with is Dick Grayson, also known as the 1st Robin and Nightwing. The two were pretty serious and in fact, they almost got married in the official timeline. The wedding ceremony was interrupted by Raven (who was evil at the moment). Dick and Koriand’r’s relationship seemed to be rocky at that point anyway, so even if they had gotten married, it’s uncertain that the marriage would’ve lasted.

In the Kingdom Come universe, the two do get married and have a child named Mar’i. But unfortunately, in this universe, Koriand’r dies and Mar’i carries on her legacy as the superheroine Nightstar. So perhaps the alien princess and the circus boy just weren’t meant to be.

15 Oh Captain, My Captain

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Starfire has quite a few titles. She’s the Princess of Tamaran, she’s a member of the Teen Titans, The Outlaws, and even the Justice League. But you can also add Commander to that list of titles.

Did you know that Koriand’r actually has a ship called the Star Fire? Apparently, its run by a bunch of slaves that she freed during the time when she was a slave. This was revealed during the series Red Hood and The Outlaws. At one point, the ship actually returns to Earth to Koriand’r because Tamaran has been taken over by Blight, and they need her. I wonder if she named the ship, or if the people she freed named it after her. Having a ship named after you would be pretty cool.

14 She Likes To Fight Around

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Since her inception, Starfire has been shown to be quite the team player. She brought great power to the Teen Titans, especially in the animated series. She also has a pretty exotic appeal of someone from not just a different country, but an entirely different planet. Overall, Starfire proved to be a great contribution to the Teen Titans and we can’t imagine them without her. But did you know that Starfire has been a part of other groups?

While Starfire was introduced to DC as a member of Teen Titans, that’s not the only group she’s been a member of. She has also been a member of the Justice League, the Outsiders, the R.E.B.E.L.S, and the Outlaws. She also helped the Green Lantern Corp battle the Psions. The girl is definitely versatile.

13 Follow The Leader

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We know that Starfire has mostly been a strong member of the Teen Titans over the years and in many different versions. In most cases, she deferred to someone else’s leadership. But did you know that there’s a version where Starfire is actually the leader of the Teen Titans?

In the DC Rebirth, Starfire was recruited by Damian Wayne to be a part of his new Teen Titans. But after a bit, things ended up going south. After Damian kicked Wally West off the team, the team moved him from leadership and named Starfire as the new leader. Personally, I think she would be a good leader for the Teen Titans. She is a princess of another planet after all, and she’s good at handling different types of personalities.

12 Her Anatomy Is A Little... Different

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It would make sense that since Starfire is an alien from another planet, her physiology would be a bit different from humans. But those differences may not be that apparent at first. While she does look fairly human on the outside (besides the orange skin and flaming red hair), her insides are a little crazy.

According to the Teen Titans animated series, Starfire has not one, not two, but nine stomachs. This actually helped her out while dealing with Mother Mae-Eye. Once the nefarious villain forces Starfire to eat a brainwashing pie (still not the strangest thing to happen to the Teen Titans), her nine stomachs apparently protected her from the pie’s effects and allowed her to take down Mother Mae-Eye and save her teammates. I wonder if Starfire has other multiple organs?

11 She’s More Durable Than You Think

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We know that Starfire and her people are pretty tough people, especially compared to humans. Since her body absorbs ultraviolet radiation, Starfire’s body has superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. So, needless to say, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of this Tamaranean princess.

But Starfire’s abilities go even further. Starfire actually doesn’t need to eat, drink, or sleep. She doesn’t even require an atmosphere to breathe. Apparently, since her body absorbs ultraviolet radiation, it provides her body with all the energy it needs. So, if her body is low on ultraviolet energy, she will need to find some way to replenish her energy. But basically, she could fly through dead space with no need for protection (and she actually does this in the episode “Transformation”).

10 A Long-Lost Brother?

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Those that have seen the animated series have seen Starfire’s sister, Blackfire or Komand’r. In the animated series, she’s shown to be the “cooler” sister, who knows quite a bit more about Earth culture than Starfire. It’s revealed that Blackfire has betrayed Starfire multiple times and has actually conspired to kill her in the comics as well. But did you know that these two sisters have another sibling?

Yep, Starfire and Blackfire have a younger brother named Wildfire (I’m sensing a pattern here). He only appears in the Teen Titans Go! comic spin-off. He comes to earth to meet up with his sisters, but it turns out to be Madam Rouge, who was part of a deception that Blackfire was planning. Starfire then cuts off all ties with Blackfire and vows to find her long-lost brother. And you thought your family had problems.

9 Popularity Contest

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Starfire is a pretty amazing and powerful superhero. She’s proven herself to be a capable and fierce warrior, yet she also is quite beautiful and kind. And she’s a pretty popular among fans for various reasons. But just how popular is she?

Well Starfire was ranked 20th in Comic Buyer’s Guide’s “Hot and [Sultry] Women in Comics” list, and she placed 21st on IGN’s “Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics.” She’s been popular ever since her first appearance. There are people even naming their kids Starfire, which all thing considered, isn’t a terrible name. I don’t blame people for liking her: She’s incredibly strong and exceptionally beautiful. Combine that with her rich history and culture, and you’ve got a pretty awesome superhero. Stay absolutely amazing, Koriand’r! Kick evil behind!

8 Not So Original

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Starfire has often been a staple in many different versions of Teen Titans. I think she provided a great diversity to the team with her alien origins. She also proved to be valuable with her unique perspective, incredible strength, and ability to fly. But did you know that she wasn’t a part of the original Teen Titans?

The very first version of Teen Titans had a pretty different line-up than what you may be familiar with, actually. It consisted of Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl. In fact, Starfire didn’t appear as a member of the Teen Titans until The New Teen Titans came about in 1980. This line-up had Robin and Kid Flash, as well as Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire.

7 Choices For Voices

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I think we all agree that Hynden Walch did an amazing job voicing Starfire. She brings this soft quality to Starfire that makes her rather likable and approachable. But her voice can also be tough when she is angry or fighting. Starfire is a warrior who could blast you to Kingdom Come or give you a bone crushing hug, and her voice conveys that.

But did you know that the character could have been voiced by Tara Strong? This voice actress is quite the veteran in voicing cartoon characters, and she initially auditioned for the part of Starfire. Since she was the voice of Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls, they initially considered her. But Hynden Walch blew everyone away and she was chosen instead. But don’t feel bad for Tara; she ended up being cast for the part of Raven when she tried out a much lower and raspier voice for the character.

6 She’s Always There

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We mentioned before that Starfire has been quite the staple in the Teen Titans. And I believe this is true for the animated series. Starfire simultaneously brought humor and an epic quality to the series. Her super-strength and power were always fun to watch, and her struggle to learn Earth customs were entertaining and endearing. It’s no wonder that she become a rather popular character for fans (though some did find her annoying).

So, it’s not that surprising that Starfire appeared in 63 episodes of Teen Titans. The show had 66 episodes, so Starfire was almost in every single episode of Teen Titans, except for three. I say for a female character in a superhero series, that’s pretty awesome! You keep fighting on, Starfire! Show those boys how it’s done!

5 Something’s Missing Here...

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Since Starfire is an alien, it would make sense that she does have a few different physical features from the average human. In the animated series, her skin is rather orange, and she has very bright red hair as well as green eyes that glow when she’s powered up. But there’s one other thing that’s different about her in the series that kind of happened by accident.

This version of Starfire was actually animated with no belly button. The weird thing is that her animation model does have a navel, but if you look at Starfire in the show, she doesn’t have a belly button, and it stays consistent throughout the series. Apparently, at some point, someone forgot to animate her with a navel, and they decided to go with it.

4 That’s A Strange Condition

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Just because Starfire is an alien from a different planet, it doesn’t mean she can’t get sick or have other ailments. But her illnesses are a bit unique. In fact, Starfire has a rather interesting allergy that, while rather dangerous, proved to be pretty helpful to the Teen Titans.

It’s revealed in the episode “Apprentice I” that Starfire is allergic to metallic chromium, a rare metal that’s often used as a power source. According to her, the condition is actually pretty common on Tamaran. Her symptoms are flu-like with a runny nose and sneezing. The only problem is that when Starfire sneezes, it gets pretty...explosive. She essentially creates an explosion with a starbolt from her nose every time she sneezes. Granted, it does help the Teen Titans track down Slade and his new device.

3 Flame On!

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Starfire’s hair has become pretty iconic, no matter what version of her you’re familiar with. While the hair has gone back and forth from curly to straight, it has always been long and bright red. But did you know that in the comics, Starfire’s hair is sometimes made of flames?

In some versions of Starfire, her hair can be quite fiery, literally. In the comics, her hair can leave behind a fiery red contrail during flight, which makes it look even longer than it is. This seems to only happen when she’s flying, or when she’s powered up. We don’t really know the physics behind this, so it’s probably a Tamaranean thing. I wish my hair could be made of flames, as long as it didn’t hurt or anything. I wonder if Starfire’s teammates freaked out when they first saw her hair become fire?

2 These Two Didn’t Interact That Much

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In the animated series, the Teen Titans dealt with a wide variety of villains, but none were as prevalent as Slade. This guy made quite a few appearances in the show and made a pretty powerful impact on the Titans, especially Robin and Raven. Slade is known for taunting his enemies, trying to throw them off emotionally or psychologically. He did this to each member of the Teen Titans...except for two.

Oddly enough, Cyborg and Starfire were the two members that Slade didn’t go after. He never really taunted them when he was fighting them. In fact, I don’t think he really talked to them at all. I guess he wasn’t that interested in the two, or his focus was on the other team members at the time. But considering he was after Robin, it was surprising he didn’t go after Starfire to get to Robin. Maybe he didn’t know just how much the Tamaranean princess meant to him.

1 She’s More Of A Cat Than You Think

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When you look at Starfire, does a certain animal come to mind? In the show, Starfire has actually been turned into a cat a few times, and you can’t help but notice that the form kind of suits her. Well, Starfire may have more in common with cats than you think.

The truth is, her people, the Tamaraneans, are actually a people descended from a race of cat-like creatures. So, while they aren’t strictly cats, they do retain a bit of the appearance of them. It does make sense since her people are very fierce warriors. And Starfire is very strong, but also very nimble and lean. She’s got all the qualities and instincts of a cat. I think it would be cool to be descended from a race of cat beings. Does this mean she can see in the dark?

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