Teen Titans: 25 Weird Things About Raven And Beast Boy’s Relationship

Teen Titans confidently toes the line between children and adult entertainment. Combining fast-paced humor and thrilling story arcs, Cartoon Network's series enchanted viewers of all ages and helped introduce audiences to DC's beloved property. Teen Titans predates the adaptation by decades, and the team's dynamic shifts according to the writer placed in charge of an arc.

Assembling a myriad of side-kicks typically overshadowed by their respective comic's main heroes, Teen Titans is far from a static enterprise. Over the decades, countless characters have joined the group's ranks, although some incarnations have proven more popular than others.

With the exception of Robin, Cartoon Network's series enlists none of the original Titans. Nonetheless, this particular edition of the team tends to be viewed as the definitive version. Robin and Starfire hogged the bulk of the show's attention, with potential romances for the rest of the cast being mostly implied. Unfortunately for Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy are typically favored by fans and most writers. In fact, this relationship stemmed a passionate fandom who yearn for the day when BBRAE becomes official!

Laced with betrayal and heartbreak, Raven and Garfield's history is complicated. Depending on the era, the teenagers bring out the best or worst in each other. Does love conquer all? Or, should this romance be limited to fanfiction forums? Here are 25 crazy things about Raven and Beast Boy's relationship!

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25 The Line Between Love & Hate

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Focusing squarely on 2003's cartoon, Raven and Beast Boy started out on the wrong foot. Considering they have polar opposite personalities, it should come as no surprise that neither of them originally appreciated their teammate. Fond of pranks and refusing to use his inside voice, Garfield's obnoxious sense of humor can be offputting for certain people.

Raven is among them.

On the flip side, the Azarathian continually suppresses her emotions to ensure she maintains control over her powers. Preferring to read books than play video games, Raven appreciates solitude. While the girl seems to always know the perfect witty comeback for any situation, Raven simply finds Garfield's comedy to be annoying.

24 Platonic Friendship

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Teen Titans' cartoon birthed BBRAE. Now, in all fairness, the series came out at a time when internet fandom communities began to gain traction. Even if a property opts against including any hints of a potential romance between two characters, somewhere on the world wide web, there exists a fan who adamantly believes they are destined for each other!

That's not to say BBRAE is based solely on wishful thinking. Various releases explore the couple's potential; however, Teen Titans was not one of them. In the cartoon, Raven and Beast Boy have a platonic friendship. By the end, the superheroes share mutual respect deriving from countless interactions and character building moments.

23 Driven By A Fandom

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With the cartoon preferring to go down a less romantic route, Teen Titans Vol 3 was the first to thrust Raven and Garfield together. Inaugurating in 2003, their relationship started to become a factor towards the end of the following year. At the time, Cartoon Network's adaptation was in full swing, with certain ships gaining traction among the fanbase.

BBRAE created BBRAE. Obviously, this theory is merely conjecture, but the comics seldom hinted at the possibility of such a romance until the cartoon's inception. Teen Titans seemed happy to simply allow these two to form a solid friendship, but the fandom yearned for something more!

22 Opposites Attract

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Time to dissect a classic trope: opposites attract. In order to prove this theory beyond a shadow of a doubt, Paula Abdul teamed up with an animated cat to test whether an extra dimension can stand in the way of love.

1988 was a strange year...

On paper, Raven and Beast Boy embody this cliché. The former struggles to crack a smile, while the latter laughs at the dumbest of jokes. Clearly, these two were made for each other! Basing a relationship on a couple's differences is a surefire way to ensure a terrible time for both parties. A mismatched pair makes for entertaining television, but some common ground needs to be established.

21 Bickering Married Couple

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Teen Titans' creator, David Slack, framed Raven and Beast Boy's interactions as that of a married couple. The teenagers frequently bicker and clash over trivial things, but they share an unwavering devotion that supersedes any minor annoyances. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network's baffling decision to cancel the show meant Teen Titans was not permitted to pursue this romance to its natural end.

Raven and Beast Boy remain firmly in the friend zone, but enough hints exist to legitimize claims regarding an inevitable courtship. There is nothing stopping close friends from taking the next step.

20 Born Out Of Nothing

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In 1980, The New Teen Titans hit shelves and introduced readers to a whole new line of members. As the only original members to survive the restructuring process, Robin and Kid Flash welcomed four fresh faces into the fold. Coincidentally, this series of comics marked the first time Raven and Garfield landed on the same roster.

For the following two decades, Teen Titans continued to be subjected to story arcs and the occasional revamp. Over this extensive period, BBRAE was never on the cards. At best, the duo qualified as comrades in arms; at worst, they barely tolerated each other.

19 Born Out Of Jealousy

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Teen Titans Go! is polarizing. Fans of the original series seem to view the spin-off as a slap in the face. While the show boasts its fair share of problems, Teen Titans Go! successfully amassed a substantial fanbase, one capable of rivaling its predecessor's.

Due to the spin-off's lighter tone, Raven and Beast Boy make more sense as a couple. Regardless of whether these versions of the characters compare favorably to the originals, examined on their own, these two have chemistry. In the episode, Rocks and Water, Beast Boy and Raven attempt to break-up Aqualad and Terra by pretending to be a couple. In this universe, they are both equally terrible people!

18 BBRAE Go!

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Teen Titans Go! welcomes every opportunity to reference the fandom. Quite a number of jokes require a degree of familiarity with the previous series, and the spin-off loves to spoof its predecessor's core relationships. Unsurprisingly, Raven and Beast Boy's romance is taken extremely seriously by the cartoon.

Low-hanging fruit.

Initially, the heroes seem happy to fire googly eyes in the other's general direction. Surely, Teen Titans Go! lacks the necessary focus to purposefully establish a romantic subplot! Well, life is full of surprises. Raven and Beast Boy are an official couple in Teen Titans Go!

17 An Irresistible Fandom

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As a wink to the couple's devoted supporters, Teen Titans Go! named the chapter corresponding with the relationship's official launch as BBRAE. The uninitiated may see this move as a rather shameless ploy to boost ratings; however, Teen Titans Go! has a habit of baiting and ridiculing fans with misleading titles.

We are still bitter over The Return of Slade...

BBRAE opted to take the high road. Beast Boy writes a hit song exposing his feelings for Raven, which are reciprocated by the Azarathian. The episode's second half threatened to pull the cord and break the couple up, but BBRAE endured to live another day.

16 Step Aside, Robin & Starfire

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If 2003's cartoon earnestly examined a relationship, at one point or another, Teen Titans Go! will dedicate entire episodes to mocking it. Starfire and Robin are Teen Titans' main romantic pairing, with the couple finally taking the plunge during the franchise's concluding moments. After patiently sitting through Starfire's arranged marriage and quietly waiting for the oblivious Robin to grow a backbone, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo rewarded fans with a kiss!

Teen Titans Go! turns this relationship into a joke. The spin-off tends to present Robin as a borderline dictator, with the team's leader frequently serving as the cartoon's chief antagonist. Robin is an awful human being and Starfire is only slightly better. Raven and Beast Boy are Teen Titans Go!'s Starfire and Robin.

15 Raven's Teen Titans

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An earlier entry touched upon Garfield and Raven's Teen Titans debut, but an important point was left out. Inaugurated in 1980, the Azarathian was essentially a baby compared to the remainder of the team; conversely, an incarnation of Beast Boy has been around since the mid-'60s. The daughter of a human and a sinister demon called Trigon, Raven reforms the Teen Titans as a last ditch effort to combat her father.

When Garfield first joined the club, Rachel Roth was the team's unofficial leader. Rather than with the Azarathian, Beast Boy worked for her. In hindsight, Raven used the Titans to solve her own family drama.

14 The Ultimate Price

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Backed by a competent crew of crime fighters, Raven sought to repel Trigon's onslaught against the planet. Undeniably the strongest resident at Titans Tower, the Azarathian has access to seemingly infinite powers and abilities. Unfortunately, the same and more can be said for Papa Trigon. Firmly believing the ends justify the means, Raven is not above manipulating her supposed friends to further her own goals.

Like Father, Like Daughter.

Seizing control of the teenager's body, Trigon attempted to trick the Titans into using Raven as a punching bag, resulting in the girl's termination. Ultimately, this move played right into Raven's hand, with the superheroine utilizing her own remains as a conduit for countless Azarathian souls seeking revenge on Trigon.

13 Mind Control

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Every relationship faces challenges that threaten to irreversibly divide the duo. Whether dealing with a romantic or business associate, rules of conduct must be followed to facilitate a healthy rapport. At the end of the day, we are all human and mistakes should be expected.

However, certain actions are unforgivable.

Despite the teenager's best efforts, occasionally, Raven succumbs to her inner demon. Following The Ravagers' final chapter, the girl consumed a battered Beast Boy's consciousness and took the hero's body for a joyride. In the girl's defense, she cannot be held accountable for Evil Raven's behavior, but the demon is still part of her.

12 The Bad Seed

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Following the events of Flashpoint, DC rebooted Teen Titans as part of The New 52. Due to this timeline featuring younger superheroes, an organization dedicated to teenage side-kicks felt out of place. When the likes of Batman and Superman just about qualify as adults, the Titans seemed almost pointless.

Suffice to say, DC tried to make it work. Frequently alternating the team's roster, Raven remained sidelined until #16, when she finally made her debut as Trigon's Black Bird of Terror. An integral part of her father's plan to invade the Earth, Raven's path ultimately leads to Garfield. 2013 was a dark time for the Azarathian.

11 Raven Needs Garfield's Positivity

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Even outside storylines that specifically paint Raven in a villainous light, the teenager's negativity tends to weigh down the remaining members. Energetic and perpetually optimistic, Beast Boy is an easy target for the Azarathian. Frankly, Raven needs Garfield way more than Garfield needs Raven.

In the cartoon, Raven is a reasonably well-adjusted individual who strives to always do the right thing. Teen Titans adapted a number of the source material's darker arcs, but the protagonists were significantly softened. Prior to the turn of the century, Raven maintained her sanity by leeching off Garfield's positivity.

10 Raven x Brother Blood

Via Teen Titans (vol. 3) #11

The year is 2004. Teen Titans has taken the cartoon world by storm, while the comics are performing reasonably well. Wishing to prolong the license's momentum, DC presumably sought to combine the best elements of both iterations. Packed with lovable characters and splendid action, the TV show introduced many newcomers to the franchise.

The comics published concurrently with the cartoon steadily shift focus towards the show's characters. Prior to falling for Garfield, Raven attracts the unwanted attention of Brother Blood. Seeking to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy, the villain believed marrying Trigon's daughter should trigger the end of the world. Ultimately, the Titans save the day and welcome Raven into the unit, which happens to include a single Beast Boy.

9 More Than Coworkers

Via Teen Titans vol. 3, #34

Objecting to the proposed matrimony and refusing to hold their tongues, Titans crashed Brother Blood and Raven's ceremony. Luckily, their interruption proved to be a success and the soon-to-be bride bid farewell to her future husband. The Titans invited Raven back into the Tower, a proposal readily accepted by the teenager.

Why bother mentioning this specific story arc? Following her reinstatement, Raven began to display a more relatable facet to her personality. Wishing to nurture her human half, she attended high school under a pseudonym, Rachel Roth. Prior to this point, Raven was in no stand of mind to pursue a romantic partner; however, this gradually changed.

8 Garfield Left The Teen Titans Because Of Raven

Via Teen Titans vol. 3, #34

Set after the colossal Infinite Crisis event, a major storyline that rebooted many DC franchises, One Year Later opens with Cyborg returning to Titans Tower following a prolonged period in space. Returning to find the headquarters stuffed with unfamiliar members and some reformed villains, Cyborg is understandably puzzled by the regime change.

Briefly touched upon as part of a series of short flashbacks, Raven and Beast Boy went their separate ways during the time skip. Wishing for a fresh start, Garfield left the team to get away from his ex-girlfriend. The superhero's one-liners mask a heartbroken kid who wants to be loved!

7 Raven Pretended To Leave Because Of Garfield

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Similarly, Raven left the team around the same time as Garfield. While the superheroine cited their failed romance as the main reason for her sudden departure, this was nothing more than a smokescreen designed to trick the team's leftover members. In reality, Raven learned a secret regarding one of the Titans and wished to investigate further.

Now, in all fairness, the break-up destroyed Raven, but she decided to conclude this chapter of her life. Garfield is a seasoned fighter who can handle himself in most situations, but Raven's existence is one shrouded in unrelenting darkness born out of a dire family tree.

6 Raven & Beast Boy Did Not Get Over It

Via Titans #5 (2008)

Published alongside Teen Titans' third volume, 2008's Titans announced its arrival with a thrilling opening storyline that forced the former couple to deal with their pent-up anger. Once again, Trigon was the main instigator behind the attack, with the antagonist staging psychological and physical attacks against the team's individual members.

Regret turns into resentment.

On the surface, Raven and Garfield pretended they were over their doomed relationship. Unfortunately, they failed to convince the Children of Trigon, who harnassed their rage as a tool of destruction. Overcome by bitterness, BBRAE nearly destroyed itself.

5 Teen Titans' Ross & Rachel

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Along with adhering to the opposites attract trope, BBRAE turned its attention to another overused cliché that tends to plague long-running couples.

Will they or won't they?

For the best part of a decade, Raven and Beast Boy refused to settle down as a couple. With the exception of a short honeymoon period right after they started dating, the comics applied every trick in the book to separate these lovebirds. The general consensus seems to be that the chase is far more interesting than the actual affair, and Teen Titans embraced this belief. If creators opted against wasting years on promoting a potential pairing, audiences might be more receptive to romantic subplots involving beloved characters.

4 Raven Rejects Beast Boy

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A person can only endure so much rejection and heartbreak before it takes a toll on their psyche. Continuing from the previously mentioned Titans storyline, the team tricks Trigon's children into stealing their own father's power, which leads to Raven finally sealing her parent for good.

With the group back in the swing of things, Garfield discovered the resolve to ask Raven out on a date. Unfortunately for the changeling, she did not feel the same way. Rejected by his teammate and dealing with a tiny existential crisis, this brushoff led to Beast Boy maturing into the Teen Titans' leader. What does not break you, makes you stronger!

3 Love Is Worth The Risk

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Did this rejection spell the end for the couple? Following Raven's denial, Beast Boy focused on advancing his own career as a hero and Titan. By this point, neither member qualified as a "teen," but adulthood helped bridge the chasm preventing these two from succumbing to their natural desires.

Even though the jokes remained part of his arsenal, Beast Boy gained a touch of maturity which was sorely absent throughout his teenage years. When it comes to Raven, at long last, the Azarathian felt comfortable enough to permit some light to invade her world.

2 Beast Boy Pops The Question!

Via Teen Titans Go: Matched episode

Teen Titans Go! cannot be trusted. The cartoon loves to subvert expectations. When it comes to delivering a punchline, nobody is off-limits! Teen Titans Go! plays with the audience. Presumably, the show's writing staff spend their free time scouring through forums and Reddit, in the hopes of locating a post worth mocking.

Matched centers around a love program that pairs Raven with Beast Boy. Throughout most of the episode, Beast Boy tries and fails to attract the girl's attention, but things escalate quickly during the segment's climax. Out of nowhere, Beast Boy successfully proposes to Raven, leading to a choir of wedding bells and a shotgun ceremony. Is this for real? No.

1 Raven's New Love Interest

Via Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

The comics were rebooted shortly after Raven and Beast Boy reignited their romance. The New 52 demonstrated little interest in revisiting this subplot, and its successor appears to be following suit.

DC Rebirth is all about that Raven x Robin ship.

Stepping away from the comics, DC's ongoing animated universe has been dropping subtle hints of a possible partnership forming between Damian Wayne and Raven, although nothing has yet to be confirmed. Justice League vs. Teen Titans establishes a bond linking the two troubled souls, while Garfield spends most of the movie delivering unfunny jokes.

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