Teen’s Anti-Cheat Program Has Helped Ban More Than 14,000 CS:GO Players

HestiaNet, an AI program developed by CS:GO player and ethical hacker 2Eggs, is playing a significant role in weeding out hackers.

As obvious as this may sound, no one likes cheaters and hackers in video games — especially competitive video games. Aside from having an unfair advantage in the form of god-mode, unlimited ammo, or wall-hacks, cheaters can drain all the fun out of the game, causing people to quit and find a new lobby.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is notorious for its cheaters, so much so that when the game went free-to-play last December, the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system banned more than 600,000 players for cheating (within the month of December). Of course, that did not stop other people from hacking the game in order to give themselves an unfair advantage later on. Now, one frustrated player has managed to create his own AI program in the battle against CS:GO cheaters, hoping that something can be done about them.

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Called HestiaNet, the AI program was developed by CS:GO player and ethical hacker, 2Eggs. The way HestiaNet works is by reviewing footage of the reported cheaters, analyzing the data, and then giving a verdict while using the Overwatch system. The AI program then stores the accused cheater's information in a database. The database itself is reviewed to check for VAC bans in regards to the reported players, and if the players were indeed banned, HestiaNet makes a note of it and adds the information to its network pool in order to increase overall accuracy.

So far, out of 17,659 reviewed cases, 15,356 were reported, from which 15,104 have resulted in a ban. From a statistical standpoint, the AI program certainly demonstrates its accuracy and manages to perform its job well.

This isn't the only accomplishment HestiaNet's creator is known for. Last month, 2Eggs was awarded $11,450 for helping Valve identify some of the security bugs and risks within its system. 2Eggs is also responsible for creating FACEIT ban logs and Minerva ban logs for FACEIT, an independent competitive gaming platform for online PVP gamers.

Hopefully as more time passes, 2Eggs' HestiaNet will be able to detect and weed out more cheaters, thus creating an even playing field for those who wish to play CS:GO without any problems.

Source: The Loadout

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