15Worst: Completely Pointless VR Mode

Via Eventhub

When it was first announced that Tekken 7 would be receiving a VR mode for the PlayStation, fans of Sony's virtual reality headset welcomed the news. If executed correctly, the fighting genre would be a good fit for the VR even if you're just limited to using your fists and

head movement. However, Tekken 7's implementation of VR is nothing of the sort, in fact, it's a literal waste of space and the game's resources.

The game's VR mode is nothing more than a theater viewer offering a different perspective in the game's practice mode until boredom sets in. If boredom doesn't set in first, then the feeling of stomach-turning nausea will instead. VR mode in Tekken 7 really is a huge waste of potential, made all the more frustrating by the positive preview's citing Namco's near perfect utilization of VR in the upcoming Ace Combat 7.

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