Telltale Says 'Multiple Partners' Have Stepped Forward To Help Finish The Walking Dead's Final Season

With the fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Season seemingly sealed, Telltale announced that "multiple partners" are offering to help finish it.

When Telltale Games announced it would be shutting down, fans were left to wonder what would happen to their favorite Telltale game series. Whether it was The Wolf Among Us 2 that was in the works, the Game Of Thrones second season that had seemingly been abandoned by HBO, or the final season of the acclaimed Walking Dead, it seemed like the story would go unfinished. But now, for The Walking Dead at least, there's hope.

via Gameranx

If you somehow missed every piece of video game news these past few days, then you might not know that Telltale Games suddenly laid off all but 25 employees last Friday. Those 25 are only being kept on to finish adapting Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix and to put out yesterday's release of The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 2.

Official word is that Telltale will shut down after Minecraft: Story Mode is done. Fans have taken that to mean that Episode 2 of The Waking Dead: The Final Season would be the last one, ending the series on a giant cliffhanger. Then, this happened.

If there's one thing the Telltale fall has proved, it's that the gaming community can come together and have each other's backs when things go bad. While fans have been sending positive vibes to the displaced former Telltale employees, other gaming companies have been offering them jobs.

Of course, these "multiple partners" jumping in to save The Walking Dead aren't doing so out of charity so much as smart business. As I mentioned in my article about the Telltale layoffs, The Walking Dead was one of the only two Telltale games that actually turned a good profit, the other being Minecraft: Story Mode. It also won several "Game Of The Year" awards and basically made Telltale a big name.

For a game series like The Walking Dead to suddenly be in need of a publisher, it's a surefire moneymaker for whatever company picks it up. Especially with Telltale being the topic of nearly every gaming conversation at the moment. It's sad, but it's also great advertising.

As for the other Telltale series that are in limbo, I'd expect more announcements soon. You can also read on to find out what Netflix plans to do with the canceled Stranger Things game.

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