Telltale Will Ditch Its Aging Engine After The Last Walking Dead Episode

The final Walking Dead episode will also be the final Telltale Tool game, with Stranger Things utilizing a new, modern engine.

In a move that's long overdue, Telltale Games is going to be moving to a new game engine. The Telltale Tool that's been in use for years is going to be replaced by Unity, an engine used in many of today's games. The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be the final lap for Telltale Tool.

The Telltale Tool has been the foundation of Telltale's games long before the Walking Dead came along. Even after that series garnered the studio countless awards and franchise licenses, the Telltale Tool was there. It rendered galaxies, Gotham, and Game Of Thrones. But the engine has been showing its age as of late, and it's been affecting sales.

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This news comes from an in-depth piece by Variety, which explains that Telltale was missing out on some potential media crossovers thanks to the old engine. For instance, the Game Of Thrones game could have gotten some amazing exposure by being streamed on the HBO Now service alongside the actual show. Sadly, there was no way the Telltale Tool would support such an arrangement.

Other titles that should have been huge hits were hampered by the engine. The old technology limited what these games could do, causing the studio to be stuck on a certain way of doing things. Guardians Of The Galaxy and Batman are two worlds ripe with story potential. But tied down by the Telltale Tool, the games based on these properties fell into very familiar patterns. This caused them to hit pathetic sales numbers, perhaps even the worst the company ever saw.

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be a fitting end for the Telltale Tool, being the series that launched Telltale to great heights. But after that will come the Unity engine, and a need for something that can match if not beat Walking Dead. Enter Stranger Things. The game based on the hit Netflix show will be the studio's debut game with Unity. It also represents the start of a close partnership between Telltale and Netflix.

Unity, and the Netflix partnership, could be exactly what Telltale needs. The studio's Minecraft: Story Mode is already streaming on Netflix, showing that streaming games is something Telltale is ready and willing to do. As is finally upgrading the old hardware. Get ready. Telltale might just become a huge name in gaming again.

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