Telltale's Final Game Launch - Minecraft: Story Mode Is Now On Netflix

Although Telltale Games has shut its doors, fans will be able to experience one of the studio’s final, full games from the comforts of their own couch.

In order to “play” Minecraft: Story Mode through the streaming service, Netflix subscribers will need to use newer devices, such as smart TVs, game consoles, iOS devices with an up-to-date Netflix app, or Android devices running Android 6.11 or later. Accessing Minecraft: Story Mode from an unsupported device will instruct users to switch to a qualifying device.

Upon hitting play, viewers will be taken through a short tutorial on how to interact with Minecraft: Story Mode using their remote, controller, or keyboard, which will allow viewers to make decisions and effect the outcome of the story in a Choose Your Own Adventure-type of journey.

In 2015, eight episodes were released for the original first season of Minecraft: Story Mode, followed by a second season of five more episodes in its 2017. Currently, only the first three episodes from season one are available, but two more will be added to Netflix on December 5th.

If you have put off playing Minecraft: Story Mode, now may be a great time to finally experience the well-executed Telltale title, featuring an impressive slew of celebrity voice talents, such as Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Sean Astin, Melissa Hutchison, Ashley Johnson, Brian Posehn, John Hodgman, Matthew Mercer, David Fennoy, and Billy West.

Though the amount of interactive titles is minimal, it wouldn’t be a surprise for a franchise with the pull that Minecraft has to spark a slew of new, original titles featuring interactive content. In the meantime, we will be happy to venture back into the world of Minecraft, and reminisce on the good ol’ days of Telltale Games.

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